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Great Time - Watch Teacher Gift Idea

I’ve been eyeing these watches on every visit to Michael’s (which is a lot!) and the last time I was there they were on sale 2 for 1. So, obviously I stocked up. I thought they’d make great gifts, although I didn’t really have anyone in mind. I just knew for that price they were coming home with me. Let’s note that this is NOT a sponsored post by Michael’s, I just like to have a well stocked gift drawer in my arsenal. You can find a wide assortment of jelly watches here as well. Great Time - Watch Teacher Gift Idea

Last night was my daughter’s dance recital and as I was running through ideas of little gifts we could gift her teachers I remembered this stash of watches.

Last year I made a printable as an end of year teacher gift that went with a watch. The little saying on it has never been one of my favorites, so I decided to play with the word TIME this time around. Which I think leaves this printable open to be used for so much more than just school teacher.  Dance Teacher РPiano Teacher РChurch Teacher РSwim Teacher. What other type of teacher would this work for?

Great Time - Watch Teacher Gift Idea

I used the template from last year to create this year. But these watches are way different from the ones I used last time. The holes at the bottom of the tag are intended for the watch to be done up in the back. These jelly watches lay flat really well. So I moved tome things around and came up with having the slits in the middle.

Great Time - Watch Teacher Gift Idea

With the watch laying flat, the card easily slips into a long envelope. If you don’t want to bother with an envelope you can use washi tape to secure the watch in the back.

Great Time - Watch Teacher Gift Idea

I left the background white so it can be printed on different colors of cardstock to go with difference colors of watches. We printed on teal cardstock to put the white watches with and they were super cute.


Both the bottom and middle opening versions are available on this download:

Download Black

You can find last year’s watch printable here:


Mother's Day Handprint Flower 2016

I’m a sucker for anything handprint from my girls. I love seeing the growth from year to year through their hands. You probably know this because I like to post project and gift ideas using handprints. Of course I had to make another Mother’s Day Handprint Flower Printable for 2016.

These always make a fun gift for grandmas too because it’s one of a kinda artwork from their favorite children.

They are quick but can be messy so I suggest having some wet wipes nearby. Also, clothes that are okay to have paint on them, and a surface that could get paint on it. ūüėČ


Other then the suggestions above, you’re going to need the free printable, which you can download below, some paint, a paper plate to put the paint on, and a paint brush.


Paint your child’s hand so that you can control the amount. Then they can place the hand on a stem.


You can also let them use their creativity to make flowers with their fingers or thumbs.


This can get on the messy side so beware and have your wipes handy.


I loved watching how she made each flower.



A fun little action shot of her showing me her painted thumb.


And there you have it. You can have each child complete one page each, or have each child do only one flower. This project is so fun and each one is unique.

To download the 3 stem option click below

Download Black

And to download the 4 stem option click below

Download Black

All printables are property of The Crafting Chicks, LLP. Not for resale or commercial use. If posting please link back. And if you download it’s good karma to leave a comment.

This post may contain affiliate links.

Hello, if you are coming over from Skip to My Lou, please scroll down for the download!

Science Teacher Gift Idea - Periodic Element Thank You

Teacher Appreciation week is coming up and I’ve been trying to think of a thoughtful gift to give when I saw these Method Pink Grapefuit Cleaners caught. These are my all time favorite cleaner (they’re even on my Amazon subscribe and save). Nothing freshens up a room like a citrus scent! And well, kids are messy and smelly so I figured teachers will appreciate it as much as mom’s do. When giving teacher gifts I aim for a consumable, something they can enjoy and use up so it doesn’t create clutter. And I try to not give treats or food, unless I know what their favorites are.

Science Teacher Gift Idea - Periodic Element Thank You

Pick up a couple bottles of this, get one for you and one for the teacher! Download the printable of choice, I have a Thank You and a Best Teacher one to choose from, have your student write a sweet message, tape it on and your Periodic Element Teacher Appreciation Gift is ready to go!

Science Teacher Gift Idea - Periodic Element Thank You

The made up Periodic Elements go right along with the fun science pattern on the back and sides of the wrapper.

Science Teacher Gift Idea - Periodic Element Thank You

Download the Best Teacher Tag Below:

Download Black

Science Teacher Gift Idea - Periodic Element Thank You

Download the Thank You Element (as seen on Skip to My Lou below:

Download Black

Periodic Element Teacher Gift Idea - Scientific Thank You Printable

Find more teacher appreciation ideas below:

teacher appreciation

RedBox Teacher Gift

sm teacher kit pinnable

Teacher Emergency Kit

Pencil Posies Flower Topped Pencils

Your teacher will love this fun Mint Themed Teacher Gift - what a cute way to thank a teacher for a job well done!

Well, hello again! I’m Keri from Shaken Together¬†and I love stopping by each month to share an easy recipe, a quick craft or a seasonal gift.¬†With Teacher Appreciation Week and the end of another school year approaching, I thought I would share a thoughtful and inexpensive gift idea that is perfect for your favorite teachers!

Mint Themed Teacher Gift

Mint Themed Teacher Gift with a cute "I was Mint to be in Your Class" paper flag!

I love love love themed gift giving! Here are a few of my favorite ways to do a themed gift:

  1. Pick a Color РFor example, I found all sorts of white items to tuck in our White Christmas Teacher Gift
  2. Pick a Cute Phrase – like “Thank you for the mark you make” I used for our Sharpie Teacher Gift
  3. Pick a season, event, word or uniting idea РOne of my favorites was a basket full of pampering items for hands (lotion, nail polish, nail file, etc.) for our Hands Down We Have the Best Teachers Gift

Today, I got lucky and used a cute phrase and a color!! Bonus Рthis gift cost less than $10, so it is affordable even if you have multiple teachers to buy for!

To make our¬†cute mint themed teacher gift, here is what you’ll need:

Hunting down all of the minty items to fill this bucket was the best part of this Mint Themed Teacher Gift!

  • Small metal bucket (or any other small basket or container)
  • Box of Junior Mints
  • Small packet of Mint Bath Soak
  • Minty gum
  • Tic Tacs
  • Mint green nail polish – This one from Sally Hansen is even called Mint Sorbet ūüôā

Here are a few more mint themed items that you can use for a Mint Themed Teacher Gift:

  • Mint lip balm
  • Mint foot lotion
  • Mint chocolate candy or truffles
  • Mint colored office supplies
  • Mint colored socks
  • Mint hot chocolate packets

The hunt to find the minty things for this gift was my favorite part … I was wandering up and down the aisles of my local Target scoping out all of the fun finds!¬†Once you’ve tracked down everything you are going to put in the gift, just tuck everything in the bucket.

Quick tip: place the biggest items standing up vertical in the back of the bucket to create some height and a foundation to lean and tuck the other items around.

Quick Tip when filling our Mint Themed Teacher Gift - tuck the larger items vertically in the back of the bucket to create height and a foundation for the other items!

All of the minty treats and treasures tucked in our Mint Themed Teacher Gift!

Once all of the mint items were¬†tucked in the bucket, I thought it would be cute to add a stamped paper flag with the phrase “I was mint to be in your class!”

Stamp a paper flag with "I was Mint to be in your Class" for a cute touch for the Mint Themed Teacher Gift!

To make this cute paper flag, grab a piece of mint colored scrapbook paper cut as pictured below, a paper straw (or skewer or lollipop stick), washi tape and some bakers twine. Use the washi tape to attach the paper flag to the paper straw. Then, tie a small bow around the straw with a length of bakers twine.

A few basic craft supplies make a paper flag to tuck in our Mint Themed Teacher gift!

Finally, stamp or write your minty message on the paper flag:

  • I was MINT to be in your class
  • Thank you for your commit-MINT
  • Your’e worth a MINT
  • You MINT so much to me this year

Add the paper flag and this Mint Themed Teacher Gift is ready to give! SO cute, right?!

Our Mint Themed Teacher Gift is a thoughtful and inexpensive way to say thank you to a great teacher! Perfect for Teacher Appreciation Week!

Here are a few more great ideas for Teacher Gifts!

Orange You Glad It's Almost Summer Teacher Appreciation Gift from Shaken Together

Orange You Glad it’s Almost Summer Teacher Gift

Fruit Bowl Teacher Gift + Printable Tags from Shaken Together

Fruit Bowl Teacher Appreciation Gift + Printable Tags

Monogram Marquee

Monogram Marquee Teacher Gift

sm plant teacher gift 4

Plant Teacher Gift + Printable Poem

 See you all again next month!!

Add a little extra special touch to your gift wrapping this Christmas by making your own Stamped Tissue Paper.  So cute and easy to make!

Stamped Tissue Paper - great for Christmas gift wrapping

Hello there! ¬†It’s me again, Katie from The Casual Craftlete blog. ¬†Last year I shared some adorable Stamped Christmas Gift Bags and I thought this year I would make my own Stamped Tissue Paper. ¬†Since¬†I already have a ton of ¬†rubber Christmas stamps in my craft supplies, I figured I would try and use them to come up with a super easy craft. ¬†How cute is that stamped tissue paper?! ¬†It adds so much fun and whimsy to gift wrapping.

Easy Stamped Tissue Paper for gift wrapping

If you haven’t noticed already, the hot tread this holiday season is plaid. ¬†Let’s just say I am definitely jumping into the trend head first because I am mad about plaid. ¬†I bought these super cute plaid gift bags and boxes at Target. ¬†Since plaid is a bold and busy pattern, I decided to keep my stamped tissue paper very simple by using only black ink. ¬†You can use any color ink and even add glitter if you like.



Rubber or Acrylic holiday stamps

Tissue Paper

Scissors, if you need to cut the tissue paper

Simple Holiday Gift Wrap

The great thing about making your own stamped tissue paper is that you can create all different kinds of designs and patterns.  I love mixing two stamps to create one easy pattern.

I have two tips when it comes to using an ink pad and stamps:

  1. Do NOT press the stamp into the ink pad.  Instead hold the stamp in your hand and gently press the ink pad onto the stamp.  This will prevent any smudges.
  2. Use a baby wipe or wet wipe to remove the ink from your stamps when you are done.  Clean up is easy.

Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas

I just love how my stamped tissue paper turned out! ¬†I can’t wait to give these presents to my family and friends this Christmas.

Cute Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas

Thank you for letting me share my super easy and cute craft with you today.  Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and a very Merry Christmas!

Stitchn_Kitchen_Christmas_Blog_Tour-01 We are so excited to be a part of¬†the¬†Riley Blake Stitch ‚Äėn Kitchen Blog Tour.

Today I’m going to be sharing a fun Hand-Stitiched Berry Kissmas Pillow.

Hand-Stitiched Berry Kissmas Pillow

I have loved hand-stitiching for many years now. These are so easy to whip up in an afternoon. Here’s what you’ll need to “cook up” your own “Berry Kissmas” pillow.


Hand-Stitched Berry Kissmas Pillow
“Making” Time: 1 afternoon
Ingredients For the Hand-Stitching:
Stitchable Pattern–Download below
Emboirdery Floss to match your fabric
Background fabric, I used Riley Blake Basics in Skin color.
Ingredients For the Pillow:
4 different fabrics, I used Lost & Found Christmas

For the embroidery:

Download the pattern.

Download Black

  1. Transfer your pattern onto your fabric. I always do this by printing and then tapping the pattern to a window. Tape your fabric on top of the pattern and trace with a pencil.
  2. Use a basic backstitch to make the wording and the mistletoe steams in green.
  3. Use a french knot for each of the red berries.
  4. Once your done with your hand-stich, cut it to a finished size of 9 1/4 x 5. Set aside for now.


For the pillow:

  1. Cut out 2 strips of fabric 11 5/8 x 2 5/8, for the top and bottom.
  2. Then cut out 2 strips of fabric 7 1/4 x 2 5/8 for the sides.
  3. Attach the top and the bottom first, rights sides together, using a 1/4″ seam to your embroidery, leaving the longer ends on opposite sides. Press.
  4. Attach the sides, placing the right¬†sides of the fabric together, using a 1/4″ seam to your embroidery. Press Merry-Kissmass-Pillow-front
  5. Cut a backing out 14 x 9 3/8. Merry-Kissmass-Pillow-fabric
  6. Place right sides of fabric together and sew pillow together, leaving a space to stuff the pillow and then hand stitch closed.


That’s it!


Now you have a really cute pillow to keep or give away!



Now since this is a¬†Stitch ‚Äėn Kitchen Blog Tour, I need to leave you with a yummy recipe.

I can hardly talk about “kissmas” without thinking of Herseys Kisses. We love them at our house and I’m happy to share a yummy recipe with you.

These are our Cherry Cordial Chocolate Crinkle Cookie.


So yummy and soft inside, with just the right amount of cherry.


Hop on over to get the recipe.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Hey Ya’ll! Merry Christmas to all of you. I’m Kiki from Kiki and Company here to share a quick little project and printable with you to make gift giving this year a cinch! Do you give gifts to your kids teachers, your neighbors, friends and even the dog next door? Sometimes it feels like the list is forever long, right?! Making gifts that are memorable, but quick and simple are key. This one today will be perfect to anyone you need to say Merry Christmas + Thank You to!

Polar Bear Jar and Tags



How cute are they? To make them is super simple.


  • Free printables
  • mason jars
  • twine
  • glue
  • something to put in the jars

Polar Bear Jar and Tags. Cute!



  1. Download, Print and Cut out the free printables
  2. Fill your jar with something yummy. I wanted to go along with the white and red theme, so I chose mints, but you could use anything!
  3. Place printable hearts circle on top of lid before securing closed.
  4. Glue bear to the front and then the ends of the sides in the back.
  5. Glue pouch together and punch a tab out. (This is optional.)
  6. Add card to the pouch and add twine to the back of it.
  7. Tie around jar and you are ready to give.
  8. The pouch is big enough that if you want to add a gift card, you can!

Polar Bear Jar and Tags. Love these!


How cute is that card?! These are super fun and easy to put together. I hope you find the perfect people to give them to.

Polar Bear Jar and Tags...super cute!

Polar Bear Jar and Tags. So fun!



To download this freebie, click on the link below:

Polar Bear Tags

Polar Bear tags


Hope you have the Merriest Christmas around!

20 Favorite Handmade Christmas Gifts - teacher gift, neighbor gifts, ornaments, pillows, christmas decor, diy nativity, scarf, and so much more!

Handmade Christmas gifts… one of our favorite things!¬† We love the thought and effort that goes into a handmade gift.¬† But that doesn’t mean the gift has to take days and days to make.¬† We’ve gathered 20 of our Favorite Handmade Christmas Gifts.¬† (These won’t have you burning the midnight oil.)¬† They are so fun and personal, you’re going to love them!

20 Favorite Handmade Christmas Gifts

DIY Pocket Hand Warmers from I Heart Naptime

20 Favorite Handmade Christmas Gifts - teacher gift, neighbor gifts, ornaments, pillows, christmas decor, diy nativity, scarf, and so much more!

Free Stitchable ‚ÄúUnto Us a Child is Born‚ÄĚ from U Create

20 Favorite Handmade Christmas Gifts - teacher gift, neighbor gifts, ornaments, pillows, christmas decor, diy nativity, scarf, and so much more!

Rosemary Infuse Olive Oil from Pepper Design

Rosemary infused olive oil

Hand Stitched Tree Ornaments from The Crafting Chicks

hand stitched tree ornament

DIY Christmas Plates from Simply Kierste

diy christmas plates

Vintage Truck Christmas Pillow from The Crafted Sparrow

vintage truck christmas pillow

DIY Etched Soap Pump from Design Mom

diy etched soap dispenser

Christmas Stovetop Potpourri and Gift Tag from Yellow Bliss Road

christmas stovetop potpourri

DIY Striped Pillow from Infarrantly Creative

diy striped pillow

Homemade Bath Salts from The Idea Room

Bath Salts

50 of the BEST Neighbor Gift Ideas from The Crafting Chicks

50 of the BEST Neighbor Gifts!

Easy DIY Nativity from A Girl and A Glue Gun

diy nativity

DIY Ninja Turtle Ornaments from The Crafting Chicks

DIY Ninja Turtle Ornaments

Christmas Peppermint Striped Candlesticks from Simply Kierste

diy peppermint stripped candlesticks

Mason Jar Lid Tree Ornaments from Suburble

mason jar lid ornaments

Stamped Christmas Gift Bags from The Casual Craftlete

stamped christmas gift bag

Crocheted Winter Blanket Tutorial from Dream Crafter

crocheted winter blanket

Hand Stamped Wooden Spoons from The Idea Room

hand stamped wooden spoons

Jersey Knit Scarf from The Crafting Chicks

Jersey Knit Scarf

I am Brave from Barn Owl Primitives

I am Brave home decor

20 Favorite Handmade Christmas Gifts - teacher gift, neighbor gifts, ornaments, pillows, christmas decor, diy nativity, scarf, and so much more!

We all have stressors during the holidays and this month the Michaels Makers were asked to come up with creative and fun holiday hacks and tips to help relieve some of that stress and make holiday entertaining and prepping fun!

Quick Holiday Gift Ideas with Michaels

We were given 5 common holiday hiccups to choose from and I went with Quick gift ideas for teachers, the post man, a friend, a co-worker, etc. ¬†I had a lot of fun coming up with clever, easy, & cute gift ideas that anyone will love. ¬†Plus they are all quick and easy to throw together. ¬†With just one stop shopping at Michaels…making Holiday shopping a breeze!

Gift Idea #1:

A Coloring Kit!  These adult coloring books are all the rage!  We are loving these Coloring books (but big kids can use them too…even my 6 year old likes to help me color mine).  I found the best selection of these coloring books at Micheals.  I loved this Four Seasons one.  They are all so pretty!  I think this would make a great gift to give to a friend or co-worker.

Quick Holiday Gift Ideas with Michaels I made a cute printable tag to go along with this gift!  Wishing you a COLORFUL Christmas.  You can Download it HERE. sm colorful christmas 6 Tie up the coloring book, colored pencils (I love this set I found at Michaels), and add a pretty bow with the tag. sm colorful christmas 1

Gift Idea #2:

A Hot Cocoa kit for two!  I found these burlap bags at Micheals for $1.99…and new they would make the perfect way to wrap up and deliver my Hot Cocoa kits in!

A great thing to add to the Hot Cocoa Kit gift is a yummy Chocolate Covered Hot Cocoa Spoon!  So easy and fun to make!  

Just take Wilton candy melts, melt according to package…dip your spoons, ¬†sprinkle peppermint and sprinkles for a yummy added touch to the gift!

This would make a great surprise to leave for the mailman, the milk man, the bus driver, etc.   Its a quick treat to share:)

Add my free Printable “WARMEST HOLIDAY WISHES” tag to tie up the bag. sm hot cocoa gift 3 sm hot cocoa gift 1 sm hot cocoa spoon 5 sm hot cocoa spoon 1 sm hot cocoa gift 4

Gift Idea #3:

Cookie Kit Gift! ¬†Sharing a sweet and quick gift idea today. ¬†You can throw this together in seconds and add my free printable ‚ÄúSweet Christmas‚ÄĚ tag. ¬†This would make a great gift for teachers, or a neighbor.
sm sweet christmas 6 At Michaels Craft Store I found these ceramic mini loaf dishes, cute cookie cutters and pretty Wilton sprinkles. sm sweet christmas 3 sm sweet christmas 7 sm sweet christmas 5 sm sweet christmas 4

·         Michaels has tons of holiday project ideas and instructions on their, including gift wrapping, home décor, last minute gift ideas, hostess gifts and more.

·         Check out the other four holiday hack topics and the unique ideas all of the makers came up with on Michaels’ blog, The Glue String.

AND…you can even share your own Michaels Holiday Hack using the hashtag #morejolly.

12735_SO_1201_Dec_Michaels_Makers_m (1)


Coloring Book Gift Idea & Free Printable We are loving these Adult Coloring books (but big kids can use them too…even my 6 year old likes to help me color mine). ¬†I found the best selection of these coloring books at Micheals. ¬†I loved this Four Seasons one. ¬†They are all so pretty! sm colorful christmas 5 I can’t wait to share these coloring books with family, friends and co-workers. ¬†I made a sweet COLORFUL tag to go along with these. ¬†Wishing you a…COLORFUL Christmas. (Download Below)
sm colorful christmas 6 Tie up with a pretty bow…they are too pretty and don’t even need wrapping paper! sm colorful christmas 1 I also will use this cute free printable tag I designed with coloring books for my daughter’s friends. ¬†Loving these sweet “Hello Kitty” Christmas coloring books. sm colorful christmas 3 Roll up the coloring books and tie with a cute ribbon and the tag.
sm colorful christmas 2 sm colorful christmas

Personal Use Only Please.  Copyright The Crafting Chicks, LLP. Download Black

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