Hello! My name is Crystal Wilkerson & I’m so excited to have this opportunity to guest post for the Crafting Chicks!  I’m a stay-at-home mom, graphic designer, scrapbooker & organizational enthusiast. I’m also just trying to make it through the daily maze of home, work, & family responsibilities like the rest of you. In my constant effort to try to stay on top of the chaos (always a work in progress), I’ve discovered a binding system that I absolutely love. Today I’m excited to share that system with you!

This system is often referred to as the “rollabind” system, however it can actually be found under several different names/brands. You may have heard of a few of them: Martha Stewart’s Discbound SystemStaple’s ArcLevenger’s Circa, & Rollabind. While I am not affiliated with any of these brands, I’ve experimented with all of them & definitely have my favorites that I’ll be sharing with you.

My Favorite Binding System


This is made possible through the combination of their unique punch & circular discs. You can easily add, remove, or rearrange your papers at any time!

One of my favorite punches is the Arc Desktop Punch (pictured above) from Staples. You can easily punch up to 8 pages at a time.

If you’re looking for something that can punch through laminated material or plastic, then you’ll want to go with Levenger’s Circa Leverage Punch (15-page capacity). I recently purchased this & have loved using it to create laminated covers like the ones seen below.

Levenger also has a slim Portable Punch that is great for traveling (1-3 page capacity).

My Favorite Binding System


The reason for this is because you add the discs individually. This gives you the ability to make it as big or small as you’d like depending on how many discs you use. I have made binders of all sizes for all kinds of purposes!

You can find ready-made covers in a variety of colors & materials. One of the most popular covers seen all over Pinterest (and one of my personal favorites) is the Martha Stewart Discbound Notebook in Faux Leather (pictured below on the top right). It comes in a beautiful light turquoise color. It was unavailable for a while but is finally back in stock again! Staples & Levenger also have a variety of quality covers to choose from called Arc Notebooks & Circa Notebooks.

You can also make your own covers by laminating your own design or you can use a cute piece of scrapbook paper! Below are some notebooks I made to keep on my desk while I’m working. I’m including the download for you to make your own! Just print out on a piece of white cardstock, laminate, bind, & enjoy!


My Favorite Binding System


The smallest discs can hold up to 50 papers, while the largest discs can hold up to 450 papers! There is also a variety of styles & colors to choose from. My favorite discs are from the ones pictured below from Levenger. They are made out of 100% lightweight aluminum & look beautiful!! You can find them HERE. They are a little pricey, but keep in mind that you will never need to throw these away. You can literally keep reusing them for years to come.

Martha Stewart & Arc have more affordable discs that come in a variety of colors. The quality isn’t as good as Levenger as they are made out of plastic, but they still work great & look good too! Hobby Lobby has also recently come out with a fun line of discs & planner accessories called Create 365 by “Me & My Big Ideas”.

You can also find lots of accessories that work with your binders like tabs, page protectors, rulers, notebook paper, etc! The possibilities really are endless!


Last year I created my life planner utilizing this binding system. I’ve been working on a new version for 2016, but have yet to finish it due to the craziness of my life lately.  However, If you’d like to try out my planner from last year, I’m doing something I’ve never done before & it’s just for Crafting Chicks readers! From now until my new planner becomes available (which should be very soon), you can grab last year’s version for 90% off! And the best part is, 90% of the pages are not dated, so you can use them forever! I’ll post a picture of the cover of my planner below, but you can see it in it’s entirety by clicking HERE & HERE. And you can purchase it HERE. Be sure to enter the coupon code: CRAFTINGCHICKS to get it for only $3.99!

My Favorite Binding System


 Each year I like to sit down and evaluate what I’ve accomplished and what I need to do better. Some people do this as a resolution, some use a Word of the Year. It hit me this past year that my girls could really benefit from setting goals and feeling a sense of accomplishment once they reached a goal. So I came up with this little printable. Helping Kids Set Goals Worksheet that is a free download for you to use with your own children.
I’m excited because this year we were able to team up with Horizon Organic, to show how easy it is to teach children to plan out goals, and especially find a way to eat healthy while doing it.
Here’s how we started!
For the first section on the printable I asked my girls, “What is 1 thing new you’d like to try this year?” We are working on eating healthier as a family, but sometimes they don’t want to try the new veggies or fruits I bring home. They decided that they wanted to try new foods. (It kinda counts as more than one new thing, but if it’s helping them eat healthier, hey I’ll go for it.)
 The second question I asked is, “What are 2 ways you can serve others?” I love incorporating service into their thoughts. So much of a child’s mind revolves around themselves. I’ve learned that as a parent, if I ask them to serve they are more than happy to and end up LOVING the resulting feelings. It’s never too young to teach them how to serve.
The third question on the sheet is, “What are 3 things I want to learn?”  We got a variety of answers from each girl. From learning to sew, to learning how to play the flute. We will see how much I can help out with those
The 4th question is, “What are 4 things I want to get better at?” I think it’s important for children to work on being better at something. Weather it’s sports, reading, writing or coloring, there is always room for improvement.
The final question to ask, “Where are 2 places you want to go?” You can keep this in reason or have them reach for the stars. Our girls settled on Disneyland and a hike we’ve wanted to try as a family.
My girls had such a fun time working on this. They even invited friends to do a sheet too. I’m having them post the goal sheets next to their beds so they can be reminded and work on their goals through out the year.

Here’s the printable for you to download a Kids Goal sheet for your children. Download Black

Remember all printables are property of The Crafting Chicks, LLP. For personal use only. Not for resale.

Make sure to visit Horizon Organics on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram to stay up to date on feeding your family healthy foods. You can even sign up for their newsletter.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Horizon Organic. The opinions and text are all mine.

One of my New Year’s resolution is to plan better. To take control. To be proactive and not reactive.

In order to be proactive at home I know that I’ll need to have a plan. I used do pretty well at flying by the seat of my pants, but have recently realized that there might be a better way for me. So I’m going to give planning a chance. I made up this simple chart to help me. There is so much packed into this bad boy that I’m actually giddy over it! I’ve taken some ideas I know will work and some I think may work for me and combined them on one sheet of paper to hang on my fridge. The idea is that Sunday mornings I’ll print a new one and start plotting out my week.

Week at a Glance

week at a glance scheduling help

There’s a box for every day of the week, duh. And a box for notes. Right now it is being used as my shopping list.

There’s a line for me to plan a menu in advance. I’ve never been a meal planner and I know even trying to plan a week at a time is setting myself up for failure, so as long as I have the next day filled out before I go to bed it will be doing its job. By having a dinner plan before 3 pm will put me in control of that situation.

The next line is for housework. This is my take on the FlyLady system. Everyday I’ll pick an area to spend 10 minutes working on and eventually my house will be immaculate (ha!). Even if it isn’t immaculate it will be better than it was before. Its all about the baby steps!

The dots at the bottom are to keep me accountable to myself. The top 2 are for exercise. Each dot represents a half hour, The next line of 5 is for my servings of fruits and vegetables and the bottom 8 are for glasses of water. I’ll put a check mark in the bubble to keep track. Hopefully there are no empty bubbles at the end of the day.


So there it is, my effort to plan ahead while still allowing the flexibility I know I need. Feel free to download your own weekly planner and join me in being proactive in 2016!

Download Black

This post is sponsored by American Crafts and may contain affiliate links.

Family Motto

We’re about a week into the new school year. After a few days we noticed that one of our kids was really grumpy about school. As I was talking to him he mentioned how he only liked to do fun things, and that school is not fun. He is a really smart kid, but school is hard for him. After my rant of “life isn’t fun” I came up with our family motto for the school year.

Family Motto Because, while we don’t expect him to have the top grades in his class or to bring home 100% on every spelling test, we do expect him to try his very best (whether or not it is fun)!

Family Motto

To be sure he never forgets, I’ve hung these signs around the house, and even slipped one in his daily school planner.

Family Motto

To make them, I printed off the motto with a copy machine and ran them through the Minc Machine. Easy as pie.


And while the family motto received a lot of eye rolling, he thinks the Minc is pretty awesome.


And I think he’s pretty awesome too!

Psst… has the Minc Machine and foil Starter kit for just $95! That’s a great price if you’ve been wanting one.

If you’re family needs a little reminder to do their very best, you can download our motto below.


I’m curious, do you have a family motto?


Plan Your Plate Game

Have you seen these cute sectioned plates for kids? I am in LOVE with them. I got them from Super Healthy Kids a little while ago and when we opened them my girls began to place food in the correct section.  I should mention we had just gotten home from vacation so we were lacking on fresh fruit so my daughter improvised with what she could find.


I got a kick out of it at least.

I discovered that they loved playing with these plates and discovering where foods fit on the plate.  So I got some fun printables together and made this game to keep them busy while I cook dinner. They do end up pulling it out a lot more often though.

Start by downloading the printables.


If you don’t have the cute section plates from Super Healthy Kids, I’ve got a printable version for you below.

Healthy Plate Download

Then you’ll need some fruit and dairy prints below.

Fruit and Dairy Download

Veggies and Grains

Veggies and Grains Download

and finally Meat and Nuts

Meat and nuts Download

Once you’ve got them downloaded start cutting away! I even recruited my girls to help cut.


Now you’re ready to play.

Pile all the food in the center of the players. They can start building the plate that they want.



My girls were building so fast that it was hard to get pictures without movement.



They will plan their plate and then place all items back in the center and race to do it again.

I love that they get to learn as they are playing. And I can be close by but don’t have to supervise too closely! Win-Win!


Keep your little monsters busy on a rainy day with this easy Monsters Inc. inspired play dough.

Monsters Inc Play Dough Tastefully Frugal for The Crafting Chicks

Hey crafty readers! It’s Sydney from Tastefully Frugal here again to share another fun activity to do with your kids. Last month we celebrated my baby’s second birthday (seriously where does the time go)! I wasn’t planning on having a party for him but two weeks before his birthday he started saying he wanted a “Mikey-owski” party; in two year old language that meant he wanted a Monsters University party. They’ve seen both Monsters movies but Monsters University is definitely their favorite.

Only having a few weeks to plan I decided to go with super simple ideas for the food and treats. I’m not a big fan of sending home goodie bags filled with candy and cheap toys; kids are already on a sugar high from the party itself and the last thing parents need is for a melt down when their $.25 toy breaks. As a thank you to our guests I like sending home one treat and one toy or game. For our Star Wars Party I made Death Star Oreo Truffles and Pool Noodle Light Sabers. For our Monster Party I opted for Monsters Rice Krispie Treats and play dough.

Monsters Inc Play Dough Tastefully Frugal for The Crafting Chicks

Both of my boys love playing with play dough and it’s so easy to make it fit perfectly with my stress free party plan. I used a basic salt dough play dough recipe and added neon blue and green for the colors. I will tell you you are going to use a lot of food coloring to get the bright colors. Between making these and the Monster Cupcakes I used almost an entire bottle of both the blue and green (but it was totally worth it)! If you have a rainy day (or super hot day) in your forecast make a batch of this play dough ahead of time; your little ones will love it!


1 cup flour

1/3 cup salt

2 tsp. cream of tartar

1 cup water

1 Tbsp. oil (I used coconut oil but you can use canola oil too)

neon food coloring


Add all of your dry ingredients (flour, salt and cream of tartar) to a medium sauce pan. Stir to combine with a wooden spoon.

Add water and oil and turn heat to medium-low.

Continually stir until it starts to get thick (about 1-2 minutes).

Before it starts to get really thick add your food coloring. For Mike Wazowski I used 44 drops of neon green food coloring (I added drops 10 at a time until I got the desired col0r) For Sulley I used 32 drops of neon blue, again adding drops 10 at a time.

Stir, stir, stir. You want to make sure you’re constantly stirring so the color gets spread evenly.

When the dough starts to not stick to the side anymore you are done.

Let dough cool on wax paper or foil for 30 minutes.

Knead a few times and store in an air tight container.

We had our party a month ago and my boys play with their dough every few days and it’s still soft and squishy!

Monsters Inc Play Dough Tastefully Frugal for The Crafting Chicks

If you want to print your own labels for the dough click here for Mike Wazowski and here for Sulley.

Monsters University Party Ideas

To check out all the rest of our Monsters University Party details click here.

See you next time!

Fingerprint Bugs

Fingerprint Bugs!

I’m excited to kick off Bug Week here on our Little Red Hen Summer Survival Series. These Fingerprint Bugs are so simple and fun for the kiddos. I loved watching to see what my girls would come up with.  Here’s what you’ll need.


First off, download the fingerprint bug jar printable below. I printed these off onto some card stock so the stamps would not leak through the paper.  You could do regular copy weight if you’d like.
Download Grab some stamps or you could even use finger paints. I had a fun variety of stamps from Close to My Heart.

If you also have a nice fine tip black pen or maker they work well for adding finishing touches to the bugs.

Start by reading your favorite bug book. We read Bugs Galore

bugs galore

This book gave my girls some fun ideas on what bugs to add to their fingerprint bugs.


Then I gave them the paper and stamps and they were off.


Of course girls have to add flowers right?



I was so amazed at their ability to make these bugs come to life.  They made each jar a little cozy home for their bugs. The best part is it kept them busy for a solid 30 minutes. I’m sure I could print more sheets out and they would keep making bugs.


Stay tuned the rest of this week as we celebrate all things BUGS!


sm mother hen bugs

Be sure to check out the other bug projects as part of our Bug Week!

DIY-Paper-Camera-for-kids As many of you know we are honored to work with Michaels as part of the Michaels Makers. Michaels is offering a kids’ summer crafting program, Passport to Imagination, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10 am – noon from June 14-July 31 at every Michaels location across the U.S.  Passport to Imagination takes kids on an imaginary seven-week summer road trip from the beach to main street and more! We were excited to join in celebrating Main Street Week. micheals-passport-to-imagination

Main Street USA reminds me of fun street shops and great photo opportunities with family.  My girls are always wanting to take pictures and would love to have a camera of their own.  I decided to make DIY Paper Cameras with them and we even added some pictures that they could stick inside so it feels like they are taking real pictures.


To start you will need to download a Paper Camera Template.


I found this template online but could never find a source. I pulled it into Photoshop and enlarged and added a few touches that I wanted, like the picture window and top button.  My girls couldn’t wait to get their hand on these.


And Pictures for your Paper Camera. These are some stock images that reminded me of fun places around the world. You could also use family or neighborhood photos.  The size is 3×2 if you would like to make your own pictures.


Once the you have downloaded, print each paper on a nice heavy card stock. I like using Image Plus card stock for color printing at home.


Hand the DIY Paper Camera over to your kids to color and you can cut out the pictures.


Once the camera’s are colored, have the kids cut them out.  Have them cut along the thick black outside lines.


folding-paper-camera The gray lines on the sides are fold marks. Depending on the children’s ages you may have to help fold a little more. my 6-year-old did a pretty good job, but the 4-year-old needed help.


My girls all wanted a camera strap, “like mom’s,” so I got my trusty hole punch and made the necessary holes in each side.

camera-strap-on-paper-camera Slid a piece of baker’s twine in through the holes and tied a knot and made sure the knot stayed inside the camera body.



Now comes the fun part, putting the camera together.  Now I remind you that I found this template online with no credit, just an uploaded image that went nowhere.  Well, there were no instructions on how to put them together, but I did my best. And I think each camera went together differently.  You may have to fold and use an exacto knife on some parts or cut and fold the extra long sides a bit.  I will tell you that my favorite way to secure it ended up being scrapbook adhesive mounting squares which you can snag at Michaels. They held everyone together the best and were easy to use.


To add the pictures to the back, we just used some washi tape.  I know seems really simple. But it hold the pictures in place for the 5 seconds that my girls want the pictures on, and makes swapping pics really easy.


You could probably put some velcro on the back and do it that way but we liked the ease, and look, of the washi tape.


Now let them at it.

taking-pictures-with-paper-camera Watch the creativity blossom as your kiddos take picture after picture.  We went on a walk and I loved to hear their snaps and clicks.





Aren’t their camera’s so cute? I love how each one captures the personality of it’s owner. My oldest, all grown up and wants a camera like mom’s. Middle daughter still loves pink. And my baby is so colorful and full of life.

I also love how their outfits fit their personalities too.  Each outfit is from Gymboree  which offers cute, coordinate looks that help your little ones enjoy the little and big moments this summer—from craft time to beach time. 

I also love that Gymboree has proudly watched kids learn and grow through the power of play and has seen firsthand the desire from Mom for cute, comfortable, long-lasting, coordinated style at an everyday great price.

#CraftInStyle Instagram Weekly Sweepstakes

We’re hosting a 7-week weekly Instagram sweepstakes, encouraging Mom to share a photo of her family getting crafty and inspired by each week’s summer destination. The weekly winner will receive a $100 Gymboree gift card, a $100 Michaels gift card and craft supplies!

All you have to do is:

  • Follow @Gymboreeand @MichaelsStores on Instagram
  • Post a picture of how your family crafts in style
  • Tag your photo with #CraftInStyleSweeps

Hi everyone! I’m Kiki from Kiki and Company and am so excited to be here this week for Fairytale Week. Growing up, I LOVED Fairy Tales. I loved to be read to, love to read them myself and eventually loved watching them as movies too! This summer, I am trying to add to my collection of fun things for my kiddos to do inside and thought this would be a perfect time to make a fun Fairy Tale Match game so that we could review them together!

Fairy Tale Match from kiki and company.


Playing this is a really fun way to involve kids of all ages, but also a great time to share some of your favorite Fairy Tales with them too! I had my 3 year old, 6 year old and 9 year old all playing at the same time…and it was FUN.


To make this game is SUPER simple.


  • free printables at the end of this post
  • glue (I used a spray glue)
  • scissors


  • Download, Print and Cut out free printables
  • Spray glue on wrong side of patterned side and place red polka dot paper on back
  • Smooth out any bumps quickly and make sure to seal sides well
  • You are done!

Fairy Tale Match from kiki and company. LOVE it!


To download these freebies, click on the link below:

Fairy Tale Match

I hope you have the happiest summer and make amazing memories with your kids!


I’d love to see you over at Kiki and Company where you can find some other summer posts:

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DIY Summer Matching Game

DIY Summer Matching Game. Perfect for car rides!


sm mother hen fairy tales

There’s a whole week all about Fairy Tales, be sure to check out the other posts in this series!

Hi there ya’ll! I’m Ali from Dream Crafter and I am so excited to be sharing this fun summer activity with you today and I’m extra excited to be a part of this Summer Series. What a genius idea! I am all about easy activities that keep my kids busy during the summer months!

Today I am sharing a printable Under the Sea Sounds Bingo card with you.

under the sea sounds bingo

My kids had so much fun with this because its a little different twist on the original Bingo. You need your ears to play!

A lot of people think that the ocean is a quiet place where the only sound is the waves crashing on the sand. But many of the oceans creatures make noises! I was actually surprised at how many of these creatures make noises (and which ones don’t make any noises at all!…Like, did you know that the shark and the octopus literally do not make ONE sound!) Crazy right?!

So here’s how ya play:

Start by printing any of the 4 Bingo cards below. Just click, download and print.

Bingo Card 1 / Bingo Card 2 / Bingo Card 3 / Bingo Card 4

Next, you are going to need to get out your laptop or mobile device and open up tabs for each of the following sounds so they are ready to go when you’re playing the game. Just click the Names below to get the sounds!

Seagull / Fish splashing in the water / Emperor Penguin / Beluga Whale / Oystercatcher (this is a bird) / California Seal / Dolphin whistles / Toadfish / Damselfish / Bottle-nose Dolphin / Killer Whale / Harbor Seal / Blue-footed Booby / White Whale (Same as the Beluga whale. Trick your kids!) / Waves / Dolphin clicks / Elephant Seal / Walrus / Sea Lion  / Wind / Lobster / Brown Pelican / Clam (the only sound a clam makes is the bubbles it emits when it closes!) / Snapping Shrimp

listening bingo

Some of these links even have videos that might be fun to watch with your kids!

Randomly choose a sound and see who wins the Bingo game! Five in a row wins!

swedish fish bingo

Even though my kids are too young to read, the game went just fine. I asked them to tell me what animal they thought it was. Then I would tell them the animal and we would talk about it for a minute and I would show them which square to cover on their paper. If your child is deaf or hard of hearing, there are still LOTS of videos to watch about each animal and can still be easily played.

under the sea sounds bingo 2

And of course we had to use Swedish Fish as our Bingo markers. What else? And the best part of the game? Eating the candy!

eating bingo

Enjoy your summer and keep those brains going! As Miss Frizzle always says, “Take chances, make mistakes and get messy!” Wow…I watch way too much Magic School Bus. 🙂


sm mother hen banner the ocean

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