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Bathroom Organization - Storage ideas, diy shelves, shower organization, medicine cabinets... love these ideas!

Christmas decorations are down and it’s time to get organized!  The bathroom is one of the easiest rooms to organize.  We’ve got some great ideas for you!  Storage, DIY shelves, even ideas for kids bathrooms.

Bathroom Organization

Quick and Easy Tips for Kids Bathrooms from The Crafting Chicks

Bathroom Organization - Storage ideas, diy shelves, shower organization, medicine cabinets... love these ideas!

IKEA spice racks for storage from Suite Revival

Bathroom Organization - Storage ideas, diy shelves, shower organization, medicine cabinets... love these ideas!

Custom Vanity from The Crafting Chicks

Bathroom Organization - Storage ideas, diy shelves, shower organization, medicine cabinets... love these ideas!


Full Length Mirror Sliding Storage Cabinet from Ana White

Sliding Mirror Shelves

10 Ways to Take a Bathroom from Drab to Fab from The Crafting Chicks

Take a bathroom from drab to fab

Shelf above the door from My So-Called Home

Bathroom storage

Medicine Cabinet & First Aid Organization from Simply Kierste

Medicine cabinet organization

Organizing the shower from The Crafting Chicks

Shower organization

DIY Bathroom Cabinet from Liz Marie Blog

DIY Bathroom Cabinet

Gabriel Wall System from Ana White

DIY Bathroom Wall System

Hi, my name is Havalah from Sisters, What! and I’m so excited to be here as part of the Deck The Halls series. Real quick, a few things nonsensical things about me: I eat burritos everyday, I like to tip toe and I love tickling little people. Anyway, today I’m sharing with you a wood plaque with my favorite Christmas song on it, Silent Night. I know it’s one of the number one songs sung, but I just love the words and the peace it brings.
I got this 8×8 wood plaque at Joanns a while ago with the intent of doing something, but it got lost and forgotten on the island of misfit crafts (name that movie). However, I was digging through the misfit crafts and suddenly thought of the perfect use for it. I originally planned it as Thanksgiving Gather Sign (see it here), but after I did the gather side, I hated to have the other side empty and useless. I used my silhouette to cut the stencil out, but you can easily free hand it as well.
DIY Silent Night Wood Plaque
Round wood plaque
Vinyl or contact paper forstencil
Download Silent Night Stencil  –>>Silhouette File or JPEG Printable 
If you are using the cut out stencil, then place it on your plaque. Then paint. I painted my letters white and it was too light to read, but I had already taken off the stencil at the point. So I ended up putting the contact paper letters over the painted letters and it turned out better than expected.


Here are some of my other favorite Christmas Projects:

Glad I could stop by today.

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Jingle Bells Burlap Wreath
Create a simple yet stunning jingle bells holiday wreath, with only a few supplies!

rustic-burlap-wreath-with-bells port4

Hello there! I am Shonee from Hawthorne and Main. The place to find all sorts of rustic modern home decor as well as our adventure is remodeling an old 1950’s home, ourselves. I am so excited to share in The Crafting Chicks’ Deck the Halls series. Wreaths are such a simple way to add a festive look to your home. With Christmas right around the corner, I decided to show you how to make this easy jingle bells burlap wreath.


-Wire Wreath (dollar store)
-Burlap Ribbon
-Bells (dollar store)
-Hot Glue Gun

rustic-burlap-wreath-with-bells land1


To start, wrap the burlap ribbon around the wire wreath. Use some hot glue to secure the burlap in place.
I like using the wire wreath because it helps to add some great texture to the overall look of a wreath.

rustic-burlap-wreath-with-bells land2

Now that the base of the wreath is done, it’s time to embellish!! My favorite part!

Using the hot glue, add the bells to the wreath. I originally bought 4 bells but the wreath looked best with only three. Play around with the placement. After the bells are secured with the glue, wrap the rope around the wreath to give it a little more interest and texture.

Add a ribbon or use a door hanger to hang it on your front door.

Now you have a fabulous wreath that you can display all winter long, not just for Christmas, yay!

rustic-burlap-wreath-with-bells land7
rustic-burlap-wreath-with-bells land3 rustic-burlap-wreath-with-bells port6

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Hello! I am Katie Adams and I blog over at The Crafty Blog Stalker.

Create a fun and fabulous pennant banner using Jen Hadfield Home + Made papers and accessories. Paper crafts make great home decor!

I am super excited to be a guest blogger on The Crafting Chicks. Today I am going to be sharing a tutorial for this super cute 3D Decorative Deer that is perfect for your holiday decor.


Rudolph, the Red Nose Reindeer. Had a very shiny nose…

I couldn’t stop singing this song the entire time I was making this fun 3D Decorative Deer. I love Christmas and quite honestly I’ve been listening to Christmas music since September. I know this reindeer doesn’t have a shiny nose, so instead, I think this reindeer’s name is Prancer.

I love to make my own decorations for Christmas because it gives me time to think of memories from past Christmases. When I was really little we had a 3D reindeer that was made of wood, I think my oldest sister painted it. It was one of my very favorite decorations and I would put it together and take it apart over and over again.

Now I have my own. It isn’t as sturdy as the wood one I played with as a little girl, but it still evokes the same memories.

Supplies Used:

  • Cricut Explore
  • Foam Board
  • Holiday Wrapping Paper
  • Craft Knife
  • Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive
  • Red Glitter Glue

This project started when I was browsing Cricut Design Space for some holiday inspiration. I came across this file called Deer Standup Icon. Isn’t it cute?

MediumComposite That is when I had my idea to trace the cut-out onto foam board to make him a bit more sturdy and dress him up with wrapping paper.

I wanted my reindeer as big as I could get it while still using my 12×12 cutting mat. I ended up stretching it to where the file would have to be cut out on two sheets of 12×12 cardstock. The body on one and the front and hind legs on the other.


Here are my pieces once cut out. These became my pattern pieces.


I used my pattern pieces and traced around them onto my foam core board.


With a craft knife, I went around each line and cut the piece out. This was the most time-consuming part.


I did have to cut the slit on both of the leg pieces a little bit wider than marked, and when assembled my cute little reindeer already looks awesome!


I decided to cover my reindeer with wrapping paper because I would need 4 sheets of matching scrapbook paper, and I wasn’t sure I had that. But I knew I had enough wrapping paper.

Did you know that you can run wrapping paper through your Cricut? You totally can, but I would recommend using a mat that doesn’t have a lot of stickiness left to it. Wrapping paper is much thinner than regular paper and if you have a new or super sticky mat, it will be difficult to remove the wrapping paper without tearing it.


Put your Cricut on the paper setting, and cut.


I kept my file the same size as my pattern pieces and just cut them out of the wrapping paper. Then I went back in and mirrored the file and cut out another set so I could cover both sides of the reindeer.

To adhere the wrapping paper pieces to the foam board, I used Multi-Purpose Spray adhesive. I thought of using liquid glue, but I didn’t want my paper to bubble because it was wet. The spray adhesive worked perfectly.


To hide the stark white edges I applied some Red Glitter Glue all the way around each piece.


I put a bead along all of the edges and spread it out using a thin paint brush, only focuing on one small area at a time.


To dry, I balanced each piece on top of a couple acrylic paint jars. I did this so the glitter glue wouldn’t drip and dry the pieces to my table.


I let the glitter glue dry overnight. The next morning I assembled my majestic reindeer, Prancer. I couldn’t be more pleased with how my 3D Decorative Deer turned out.


What was your favorite Christmas decoration you played with growing up?


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Hi everyone! This is Stephanie from The TipToe Fairy. I’m so excited to be sharing a fun DIY here at The Crafting Chicks. You can visit me for more fun DIYs, craft, recipes and more HERE. Now onto the fun!

Have you seen those tomato cage Christmas trees? They have lights wrapped inside. I just think they’re so cute, and a super easy DIY for yard art this Christmas.

DIY Santa Hat Tomato Cage Christmas Decor - an easy yard art display! | The TipToe Fairy

I bought 10 tomato cages over on Amazon and that is what I’m using to decorate the yard this year. Each is about 3 feet high. I got this idea to turn some of them into Santa hats. I made one today, and I just love it. I think this would be cute for outside, next to a tablescape or even next the fireplace. Let’s get started!


  • 1 tomato cage
  • 1 string of 100 mini lights (indoor/outdoor use)
  • white pipe cleaners, cut in half
  • red pipe cleaners, cut in half
  • 1 6-inch styrofoam ball
  • 5-6 zip ties
  • 1 roll of 21-inch red deco mesh
  • 1 roll of 6-inch white deco mesh

DIY Santa Hat Tomato Cage Christmas Decor - an easy yard art display! | The TipToe Fairy

In the picture I have an extra roll of white deco mesh in 21 inch length, but I did not end up using it.

To make these decorations, you’ll need to work with the tomato cage upside down with the points facing up. Then, gather the points and zip tie them together.

DIY Santa Hat Tomato Cage Christmas Decor - an easy yard art display! | The TipToe Fairy

Next, you’ll gently bend the cage over to one side so it looks like a santa hat.

Now take the styrofoam ball and squish it down onto those pointy ends as far as it will go down, probably about 2-3 inches.

DIY Santa Hat Tomato Cage Christmas Decor - an easy yard art display! | The TipToe Fairy

Next, string the lights around and around the tomato cage down to the bottom. I used zip ties placed here and there to hold the lights.

Cut the white pipe cleaners in half and set aside.

DIY Santa Hat Tomato Cage Christmas Decor - an easy yard art display! | The TipToe Fairy

This photo is showing how I tied the deco mesh on with brightly colored pipe cleaners. I just used those colors so you could see what I was doing. I replaced them with white pipe cleaners so they wouldn’t show.

Take about a 6-inch length of deco mesh and pinch it together and wrap the pipe cleaner around it. You will do this for the entire roll of deco mesh. I was able to go around the cage about 3 1/2 times.

DIY Santa Hat Tomato Cage Christmas Decor - an easy yard art display! | The TipToe Fairy

This is what it will look like after you’ve used all the 6-inch deco mesh.

DIY Santa Hat Tomato Cage Christmas Decor - an easy yard art display! | The TipToe Fairy

Next, take the red pipe cleaners and cut them in half. Then, wrap one here and there all the way up and around the tomato cage to the top.

DIY Santa Hat Tomato Cage Christmas Decor - an easy yard art display! | The TipToe Fairy

Now this is a little tricky to explain. But, I’m hoping the picture shows exactly what to do. Start at the top of the cage and tie the raw edge with a pipe cleaner. Then, wrap the deco mesh around the tree. Then, a little further down, you’ll bunch up a piece of red deco mesh and tie it with a pipe cleaner. Then, wrap the deco mesh around the entire cage at that spot to cover the tie.

Do this every time you tie the deco mesh, then wrap an entire loop around the cage to hide it. This way you’ll get a smooth look to the cage and hide the ties. I thought this was the best way to keep it looking smooth like a santa hat.

You should have plenty of deco mesh to wrap around a couple more times, before tucking in the raw edge and tying it to the bottom of the cage.


Now if you want to put these in your yard, I use three of these garden staples per Santa hat to secure it to the ground so it won’t blow away.

DIY Santa Hat Tomato Cage Christmas Decor - an easy yard art display! | The TipToe Fairy

Each Santa hat ends up being about 3 feet high. I hope you enjoy making these as much as I do.

Tag me on Twitter or Instagram if you make one so I can see it!

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Hi Crafting Chick fans! I’m Kara, and I’m happy to be participating in this “Deck the Halls” series. I blog at Creations by Kara where I share recipes, crafts, and thrifty DIY home decor ideas. I love Christmas music, and I’ve been listening to it since the beginning of November. (Don’t throw snowballs at me.) I have so many favorite Christmas Carols, and today I’m sharing a game that features several of them.

I love playing games, so I’m often asked to bring game ideas to Christmas parties. So you can bet that any time I play a fun game, I take note of it in case I need to use it later. I have a binder stuffed full of ideas from parties over the years.

This Christmas Carol Game is perfect for any size of Christmas party! Many, many years ago I played a mixed up Christmas Carol game at a neighbor’s Christmas party. I kept a copy in my Christmas binder just in case I ever needed it. This year I decided to take out that old dog-eared paper and re-type it so we could play it again. I even had my family help me update it with a few new titles.
Some of the songs are pretty easy to figure out, but some of them are a little more challenging. They are all pretty silly, so it’s good for a few laughs. Hope you have fun playing it at your next Christmas party! To download the Christmas game, just click the link below. The answers are printed on the second page.

Free Christmas Carol Game

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and that you take time to relax and spend time with the people that matter the most to you!


For even more Christmas fun, here are a couple more free Christmas Games:

Free Christmas Games Don’t Eat Santa! / Christmas Songs Pictionary

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Hi everyone!

My name is Sarah, and I blog over at Becoming Martha – a place where I share a lot of fun ideas for crafts, simple DIYs, parties, and since I’m a busy mom, things for the kids, too! I am so excited to be here today, showing you this great tutorial for a fun and easy way to make a Christmas play dress for your little one.

Make thie adorable Christmas dress in under an hour with just a pillow case and a tank top!

The idea came to me when I saw these fun candy cane striped pillow cases for $2. I thought they would make an adorable dress bottom, but I have such little sewing experience that I didn’t want to construct a top. Dealing with necklines and armholes seemed like a big task to me. Instead, I grabbed this plain white tank top (for $3!) to use on the top. Doing this made the dress so easy that I’m convinced even the most basic of sewing levels could complete it. I really and truly can’t sew much besides a straight line, so you can believe me on this one. But if you don’t, just read through this tutorial, and hopefully you will be convinced!

Simple Christmas Play Dress

To make your own Christmas play dress, you won’t need very much. Your supply list will look like this:

  • pillow cases (standard size) – I also used a plain white one underneath because the stripes were a little see through.
  • tank top or t-shirt
  • iron on vinyl
  • co-ordinating thread
  • wide ribbon (optional)
  • hemming tape (optional)

I took a picture of every single step, so to save space, I’ve grouped them together into main body and sleeve steps.

Make thie adorable Christmas dress in under an hour with just a pillow case and a tank top!

Step 1: Using a dress that fits your child, measure how long you want the skirt to be. Leave an additional inch for hemming. The hem of the pillow case will be the hem on the bottom of your skirt (hooray for saving time!) so make sure you cut the excess off the closed pillow case end.

Step 2: If you are using a liner, cut the liner about an inch (or a hemline) shorter than your printed fabric. You may also want to iron it, which I was too lazy to do, as you can see.

Step 3: Set your sewing machine to the longest straight stitch it has, and run the skirt (both layers) through the machine. Don’t backstitch at the beginning or end. Leave long tails at both ends so you can gather the fabric by pulling on the bobbin thread (the bottom one) until the fabric gathers. Spread the gathers out evenly.

Step 4: Cut your tank top using your dress as a guide (I always cut 3 inches down from the arm hole) and pin it to the skirt, right sides together. Run it through your sewing machine again, cut any loose or long threads, and flip the right way out. (PS – see the holes along the bottom of my top? Yeh… I kinda ran it through with the wrong side of the shirt facing the skirt… My seam ripper and I got pretty close that afternoon. But no biggie, it was covered up by the new seam.)

Make thie adorable Christmas dress in under an hour with just a pillow case and a tank top!

When you are finished these steps, your dress will look like the image above. If your shirt has sleeves or you want to make a tank dress, you could stop there, but if you want simple flutter sleeves, just follow these three simple steps:

Make thie adorable Christmas dress in under an hour with just a pillow case and a tank top!

Step 1: Fold the excess fabric from the pillow case in half and cut a small shape like the image above. When unfolded, it will look like a really skinny C. Use your first cut as a pattern for your second. I cut my sleeves to be the height of the arm hole.

Step 2: Sew a straight stitch along the curved side of the sleeve, backstitching both ends. The straight edge will be gathered, so follow the process above for gathering. (If you aren’t sure how to gather, I highly suggest watching a YouTube video – that’s how I learned.)

Step 3: Pin to the inside your shirt, lining the center of the sleeve up with the shoulder seam. Run it through your machine one last time.

Make thie adorable Christmas dress in under an hour with just a pillow case and a tank top!

And ta-da! You have a dress! You could stop here, but while we’re at it, I wanted to dazzle mine up a bit. I used some red iron on vinyl and cut out the phrase “ho ho ho” with my Cricut Explore. (The image is from their image library in Design Space if you want to use the same one!)

Make thie adorable Christmas dress in under an hour with just a pillow case and a tank top!

Once the vinyl is weeded, position it on your shirt, and using an iron on with the steam off, adhere it to the top of the dress. Always follow the iron on instructions, because usually they call for a layer of thin fabric between the iron and the vinyl. I use a (wait for it…) pillow case.

Make thie adorable Christmas dress in under an hour with just a pillow case and a tank top!

The only step I don’t have a picture of was adding the ribbon around the waist. It was a last minute addition, and not neccessary. The only reason I added it was because the tank top was quite as fitted as I had hoped – plus, who can say no to a pretty bow? I didn’t have any red thread, so I used hemming tape to fuse the ribbon to the dress.

Make thie adorable Christmas dress in under an hour with just a pillow case and a tank top!

My little sweetie just loved her dress, and she loved telling everyone that I made it even more! She even wore it to school today when she was “Ami du Jour” (friend of the day) so she could show it off.

So are you convinced? I hope you feel confident enough to make own yourself, and if you do, I would love to see it! Tag me on instagram – you can find me at @becomingmartha.

And if you want more simple ideas for Christmas, you have to see my nativity scene snow globe ornament and mini wood slice wreath. They both look so elegant, but are really easy to create.

nativity ornament 7 Create this wood slice wreath and impress the neighbours with your fancy new door decor this holiday!

Thanks so much to The Crafting Chicks for having me here and I hope you all stop by to visit me at Becoming Martha soon!

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Jingle Bells Christmas Ornaments are easy to make and they are super cute too!

Deck the halls with these festive Jingle Bells Christmas Ornaments. So easy even the kids can do it. Great teacher or neighbor gift idea.

Hi there! I’m Diana from The Girl Creative and I’m so excited to be over here at the Crafting Chicks sharing these simple and festive jingle bells Christmas ornaments with you.

This idea was actually inspired by a a Christmas ornament that was given to my sister when we were still in high school. She had a friend who would make their circle of friends a handmade Christmas ornament each year. Every year it would be something different and one year it was a jingle bells Christmas ornament. I’ve always wanted to make one and would you believe it’s taken me over 20 years to get to it!


Large Bells

Silver Pipe Cleaners


Hot Glue Gun

Jingle Bells Christmas Ornament-supplies

The steps are super simple and you can bang out a bunch of these in no time.

Jingle Bells Steps1-5

Step One: Bend your pipe cleaner in half and twist to make a loop. This is how you’ll hang it on your tree.

Step Two: Thread one end of the pipe cleaner through the little loop on the bell, fold end over and twist to secure. Snip the other end of the pipe cleaner so it’s shorter and add a second bell on the other end of the pipe cleaner. Twist the end of the pipe cleaner to secure.

Step Three: Take a second pipe cleaner and add a bell to it just like you did in step 2.

Step Four and Five: Place the third bell with the others so that it hangs the lowest. Take the opposite end of that pipe cleaner and wrap it around the first pipe cleaner right under the loop.

Jingle Bells Christmas Ornaments

Once you are done, finish it off with a bow. I didn’t tie a bow because I’m not that great at it. Instead I took a piece of ribbon and folded it over on each end to look like a bow. I secured it by wrapping a small piece of pipe cleaner around the middle of it. I then hot glued it onto the jingle bells Christmas ornament right under the loop and called it done. So simple and so cute!

I’d love for you to stop by my blog and check out a few of my favorite Christmas posts.

crafting chicks collage

Rustic Christmas Decorating Ideas // Christmas Bingo in English and Spanish // Christmas Desserts


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Scavenger Hunt for Christmas

Hi guys! I am Stephanie from Somewhat Simple and I am excited to share with you a fun (and EASY!) Christmas tradition my family loves— a Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt!

This was an idea we adopted a few years ago and it is a simple way to enjoy your neighborhood Christmas decorations.



  1. Download and print the free printable scavenger hunt lists. There are 4 pre-made lists in the printable pack and since my kids are still little, I kept the lists super simple! Feel free to adjust the difficulty of this for your group by using the blank sheet at the end. It has spaces for you to come up with your own ideas for older kids and adults. (This would be a fun group date activity or adult game for an Christmas party!)
  2. Divide into teams and jump in the car!
  3. Drive through your neighborhood looking at all the Christmas lights and decorations. When you see an item on your list, check it off. The first person/team to get all their items checked off WINS! To make this activity last longer, we usually adapt the rule that you can only mark off one item per house.

… and that’s it!

Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt Printable


Merry Christmas!

somewhat simple logo

I’d love to have you stop by Somewhat Simple and see what else we have going on!

Here are a few more Christmas ideas you might enjoy:

Somewhat Simple Christmas ideas

Christmas Eve Traditions for Couples || Christmas Treats in a Can || Christmas Stockings for Couples

Follow our every move on Facebook, Twitter , Instagram and Pinterest!

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Talofa, all you Crafty Chick crafters! A big thanks to the “Chicks” for inviting me to share a holiday craft with you all today.

Last month while driving home from church I spied some freshly cut birch tree logs in the bulk curb pickup pile. Much to the chagrin of my entire family I immediately pulled the car over and quickly began loading up the minivan. Of course no one helped me…they just slumped below the windows out of recognizable view.
(They had no problem with incriminating pics though).


I love the white bark of birch tree.


It looks fab stacked in a basket next to the fireplace but wait…

Chop saw collage with logo

Using my miter saw I cut several disks about a 1/2 inch thick.

My plan was to make holiday coasters out of them…

Birch Tree Christmas Crafts

which I did…but then I got to thinking. They would also make great Christmas tree ornaments.
Using some Painters Paint Markers I doodled different designs on them.

Paint Marker Collage with logo


I cut a smaller branch up and noticed there was a natural hole in the middle of each one.

IMG_5211 with logo

Perfect for threading some twine and stringing them up as garland.


Hold on to your hats folks, the fun doesn’t stop there…

IMG_5206 with logo

How about some birch tree gift tags?


So what have we learned today?

1. There’s a whole bunch of stuff you can make out of a single birch tree log. Perfect rustic holiday decor.

2. When you see a pile of garbage on the street, stop. Have at it. You’re saving it from the landfill.

3. Load your car up as quickly as possible and make no eye contact with your fellow-church goers driving home.

4. Give your family the stank eye for not helping you when you get back in the car.

Thanks Crafting Chicks for letting me get my craft on with all your readers today!

Come on over to my blog, 4men1lady and see all the nifty stuff we like to rescue, DIY and craft!
Also, follow us on Instagram for all our minute-to-minute adventures.

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