Pirate Party Table

I recently put together a quick and easy Nautical Party Tablescape using the Recollections™ Craft It™ party décor items from Michaels. All the decorations came together in less than a half an hour, thanks to the convenience of the line. Now that’s a really big deal, cause you know the “party moms” out there? The ones who start planning birthday parties 6 months in advance and spend hours and hours creating and decorating for that party? Whelp, I’m not that mom. So the fact that this went together so quickly with so little effort is a really big deal! I’m all about the shortcuts!

Nautical Party

The cake topper was made with 2 skewers, a piece of bakers twine with flags from the line attached with glue dots.

Pirate Party

The same flags were attached to skewers to create these donut kabobs. I think the crumb donut holes look like they’re covered in sand

Quick Ideas for Nautical Party

The blue banner was create from a pack of patterned triangles that I attached to baker’s twine with mini clothespins

Quick Ideas for Nautical Party Nautical Party Tablescape Play Like a Pirate Party

Play Like a Pirate bottle wrappers add another fun and quick touch to this simple party.

Download Black

25 Party Ideas for Boys - Superhero, dinosaur, star wars, minecraft, pirates, laser tag, lego, night games, minions, rockets, army, sports, ninja... the post has so many ideas for birthday parties!!

Party Ideas for Boys

We’ve got so many fun party ideas for you today!  These are mostly geared towards boys… but I know more than a few girls would love them too!!  If you’re planning a birthday party or just need an excuse to have some fun with your kiddos… we’ve got a great post for you!

Laser Tag Party from Anders Ruff Custom Designs

25 Party Ideas for Boys - Superhero, dinosaur, star wars, minecraft, pirates, laser tag, lego, night games, minions, rockets, army, sports, ninja... the post has so many ideas for birthday parties!

Minecraft Party from Jenuine Mom

Boy Party - Minecraft

Night Games and Glow in the Dark Party from The Crafting Chicks

Boy Party - Night Games

Army Party from Kaylee Eylander

Boy Party - Army

Construction Party from What a Ride

Boy Party - Construction

Lego Party from Frosted Petticoat

Boy Party - Lego

Skylanders Party from The Crafty Woman

Boy Party - Skylanders

Messy Boy Party from Jeanne Winters

Boy Party - Messy Party

Nerf Gun Party from Michelle Paige

Boy Party - Nerf Party

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Party from One Creative Housewife

Boy Party - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Party

Safari Party from The Crafting Chicks

Boy Party - Safari

Toy Story Party from The Suburban Mom

Boy Party - Toy Story

Superhero Party from Arena Five

Boy Party - Superhero

Firetruck Party from Paper and Cake

Boy Party - Firetruck

Sports Party from The Crafting Chicks

Boy Party - Sports

Star Wars Party from All Betz Are Off

Boy Party - Star Wars

Minions Party from Living Locurto

Boy Party - Minions

Puppy Shop Party from The Crafting Chicks

Boy Party - Puppy Shop

Thomas the Train Party from Kristine’s Kitchen

Boy Party - Thomas the Train

Paint Party from Hostess with the Mostess

Boy Party - Painting

Jake and the Neverland Pirates Party from Events to Celebrate

Boy Party - Pirates

Ninja Party from A Little of This, A Little of That

Boy Party - Ninja

Dinosaur Party from Place of my Taste

Boy Party - Dinosaur

Camping Party from 11 Magnolia Lane

Boy Party - Camping

Rocket Party from Unskinny Boppy

Boy Party - Rockets

25 Party Ideas for Boys - Superhero, dinosaur, star wars, minecraft, pirates, laser tag, lego, night games, minions, rockets, army, sports, ninja... the post has so many ideas for birthday parties!!


We love a good challenge. So when Michaels asked us to come up with a DIY Costume you bet we were game!

Now my 7-year-old told me she wanted to be a fairy, so I went in looking for anything that could make her look magical on Halloween. But I also wanted something that wouldn’t just get set aside once October was over. Here’s what I came up with. I’m so in love with how it turned out.

DIY Fairy Costume


I walked in Micheals and began my search. I found these beautiful fairy wings and knew I hit the jackpot. A quick stop by the fabric and sewing section, (did you know they have fabric?), and I was all set.  I made 2 different color fairy costumes for 2 of my girls. I can’t decide which one I love more.


I decided that I wanted to make a quick skirt for the girls. I love this Simple Skirt Tutorial on MADE. So easy and fast, but super cute! And the best part is that they can wear them over and over. They aren’t just for dress up!


I decided to double layer the glitter tulle over top of the cotton. WARNING: You will have glitter everywhere. I think I look like a fairy after sewing these, but they are so stinking cute!


Once your skirt is done you’ll just need to add the wings, and of course the magic wand. I found these adorable wands for $1 by the foam crafts at Michaels. SCORE!


I had a hard time getting her to hold still to take pictures. She was ready to fly away.


Still haven’t decided what you’re going to be? Check out the other 49 DIY costumes from the Michaels Makers and you might just find the perfect one for you, your kiddos or your beloved pet this Halloween– they’re to die for!

21 Party Ideas for Girls! - Princess, Frozen, Rock Star, Fashion Show, Movie Star, Minnie Mouse, Baking, American Girl.... this post has it all!

Party Ideas for Girls

We’ve got such a fun round up for you today!  21 Fabulous Party Ideas just for Girls!  Fashion shows, Project Runway, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Frozen, Girly Camping, Fairy Gardens, Mermaids… this post makes me want to be 10 years old again!  We know you’re going to love it!

Girly Camping Party from Kara’s Party Ideas

Girly Camping

Frozen Party from Two Sisters Crafting


Under the Stars Party from The Party Teacher

Under the stars

Cinderella’s Royal Ball from The Shopping Mama

Cinderella's Royal Ball

Project Runway Birthday from Just a Frugal Mom

Project Runway

Mermaid Birthday from Pigskins & Pigtails


Fairy Garden Party from Evermine Occasions

Fairy Garden

Doc McStuffins Party from The TipToe Fairy

Doc McStuffins

Pet Adoption Party from Paige’s Party Ideas

Pet Adoption

Rock Star Party from Kara’s Party Ideas

Girly Rockstar

Dr. Seuss Party from The Crafting Chicks

Dr Seuss

Beauty Party from Life Frosting

Beauty Party

Rapunzel Party from Crafty Texas Girls


Fabulous and Fancy Birthday from The Crafting Chicks

Fabulous and Fancy

Fashion Show Party from Glitter and Gloss

Fashion Show

Movie Star Party from Dimple Prints

Movie Star

Minnie Mouse Party from A Girl and a Glue Gun

Minnie Mouse

Princess Tea Party from The Crafting Chicks

Princess Tea Party

American Girl Party from Pinafores and Pinwheels

American Girl

Sofia the First Party from Homeketeers

Sofia the First

Paris Bakeshop Party from The Crafting Chicks

Paris Bakeshop

Hi! My name is Emily and I blog all the things (but mostly food…and mostly desserts) over at Is This Really My Life. I absolutely love when Crafting Chicks put together an awesome series like this summer’s Mother Hen’s Summer Survival Guide. And then I love it even more when they ask if I’d like to participate.

Heck to the yes!

Don’t tell, but I pretend the Crafting Chicks have adopted me. All the time.

I was super excited to come up with a recipe to go with a garden theme. I was pretty sure it would be cupcakes because my daughter’s birthday is in August and she’s all about the cupcakes. But what kind of garden-y cupcakes would an 8-year-old love? Butterfly cupcakes, of course!

Butterfly Cupcakes - unbelievably easy to make and so much fun to eat!

You know what I love most about these butterfly cupcakes? They’re crazy easy even if you make the cupcakes and frosting from scratch. For this batch I used a boxed mix because my homemade cupcakes tend to sink (I have yet to get them right) and no one was the wiser. I paired them with my favorite homemade vanilla frosting, which I colored a light blue for the sky.

The pretzel wings (white fudge Flipz + colored sugar) took only a couple minutes to make and are seriously tasty— I highly recommend making a few extra so you can snack on them while assembling the cupcakes. Or you can take the extras and dip them in the leftover frosting. I won’t judge.

To make the wings, simply lay out your sets of pretzels and lightly mist with water. Gently sprinkle colored sugar over the pretzels covering them as best you can. Let dry before placing on cupcakes.

Butterfly Cupcakes - how to easily make glittery wings.

For the butterfly body, I found these super cute colored pearls at my local grocery store. They are Celebration by SweetWorks and were packaged individually. But you can use any pearls or mini candy or fancy frosting tip if you’d like.

Butterfly Cupcakes - unbelievably easy to make and so much fun to eat!

I was hoping I could prop up the wings a bit but the pretzels were too heavy and the frosting too fluffy, but I think they still turned out adorable. Livi was super happy with them, and that’s all that really matters.

Butterfly Cupcakes - unbelievably easy to make and so much fun to eat!

Butterfly Cupcakes
Makes approx. 2 dozen.


  • 1 box rainbow chip (aka funfetti) cake mix plus ingredients to make cupcakes OR your favorite homemade recipe
  • 3/4 cup unsalted butter, room temperature
  • 3 cups powdered sugar
  • 2 T milk
  • 2 tsp vanilla
  • 1/8 tsp salt
  • 3 to 4 drops blue food coloring
  • 48 white chocolate-dipped pretzels (I used white fudge Flipz)
  • Colored sugar
  • Colored pearls
  • Black or brown frosting for the antennae


  1. For cupcakes, mix and bake cake mix according to package directions. Cool cupcakes completely before frosting.
  2. While cupcakes are baking and cooling, prepare your sparkly wings. Lay the pretzels flat side down on paper towels (see photo above) and lightly mist with water. Sprinkle colored sugar on the pretzels covering them as best you can. Let dry before placing on cupcakes.
  3. For frosting, beat the butter on medium speed for about 2 minutes until creamy. Add powdered sugar, milk, vanilla, salt and food coloring and beat on high speed for 3 minutes. Add more sugar if frosting is too thin, more milk if too thick. Frost cooled cupcakes.
  4. To assemble butterflies, place colored pearls in a line down center of cupcakes. Attach a set of wings as shown and finish them off by piping antennae on the top.


If you love cupcakes as much as I do, I’ve shared quite a few cupcake recipes on my site including these seasonal peach cobbler cupcakes. Mmm…

Peach cobbler cupcakes - a hint of peach flavor in the cupcakes and peach preserves in the center.

I love being social! Feel free to connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and YouTube!

Hi crafting friends! I’m delighted to share a fun WEATHER snack today about rainbows and clouds! It’s a fun treat that kids can assemble themselves in under 2 minutes!

Rainbow Kids Snack

But first, let me introduce myself…I’m Kristen Duke, and I share the ideas in my head over at Capturing Joy. If you need photo tips, want to see my favorite family recipes, travel adventures, or check out our home tour, I’d love to have you! I live in Austin Texas and have 4 fabulous children and a handy husband that helps me with the projects in my head.
Kristen Duke Logo and Headshot

Now, back to the rainbow snack. I altered an idea I saw from a kindergarten site, and got my girls involved in the process.

Here is what you need:

  1. graham crackers
  2. blue frosting
  3. marshmallows
  4. rainbow airhead

graham crackers and marshmallows for rainbow snack

I made them first, to make sure it all went as I thought it would in my head. I used 2 sizes of marshmallows for fun, you can just use one if you’d like.

rainbow weather snack

In order for the rainbow airhead to stand up, it helps to have a thicker layer of frosting, and putting the marshmallow clouds down first to “book end” the rainbow and hold it in place. I also trimmed down the rainbow just a touch so it wasn’t too long.

Rainbow Snacks

My 6 year old daughter was able to whip hers together, easy, and she thought it was so fun!

marshmallow rainbow snack

She loved the 2 sizes of marshmallows

weather snack for kids

She also really loved eating her creation!

rainbow graham snack

If you’re talking about weather, or just want to make a fun snack with your kids, try out the Graham Cracker Rainbow Snack!

graham cracker rainbow snack

Thanks for having me, Crafting Chicks!

I’d love you all to come on over and visit Capturing Joy, or find me on your favorite social media, I love Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook!

Here are a few posts that I’ve shared that you may also like:

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Baked donuts are a fun thing to do in the kitchen with the kids. No hot oil is involved so it is safe!

Baked Donuts

Hi! I’m Leigh Anne from Your Homebased Mom and I’m excited to be here today as part of the Crafting Chicks. I hope you will stop by for a visit over at my blog and check out all the pretty and delicious I am sharing over there.

I love spending time in the kitchen with kids. They are always so excited and eager to try something new. Because none of my children live at home any longer I have to borrow people’s children to play with in the kitchen. They don’t seem to mind.

This summer I asked three of my favorite sisters what they wanted to learn how to make in the kitchen and donuts were at the top of their list. I decided baked donuts were the way to go rather than fried donuts. It was also a hot summer day and baking seemed a better choice than frying. Whenever I am cooking with kids I like to have all the ingredients lined up for them out on the table.

Baked Donuts Ingredients

Kids love to measure ingredients and cracking eggs is always a popular activity.

Baked Doughnuts

We made a sour cream donut. The sour cream helps make them nice and moist.

Baked Donuts

After the donut batter is mixed up we filled the donut pan. This recipe made about a dozen donuts, may depend a little on how full they fill the pan. We placed the batter into a large zippered plastic bag to make the filling process easier.

Baked Donut Batter

Close up the bag and clip off a corner of the bag and let the kids fill the donut pan. No worries if they aren’t filled perfectly even – they will have fun doing it and when you are cooking with kids that is the first and most important rule – have fun!!

How-to Bake Donuts

The pan should be about 2/3 full of batter. They will puff up as they bake.

Baked Donuts Recipe

Let them cool on a cooling rack before icing. While they are cooling mix up your glaze. You want it just the right consistency so it stays on the donuts but is nice and smooth.

Dipping Baked Donuts into glaze

Have all your toppings ready to go so you can add them as soon as you have glazed your donut. Glazed Baked DOnut

We had rainbow sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, mini M & M’s.

Baked Donut Toppings

I think decorating the donuts was the most fun for the kids!

Sprinkles on Baked DOnuts

It was fun to see the kid’s personalities reflected in their topping choices. Some them just added one topping and others added them all to one donut!

Sprinkled, Glazed Baked Donuts

The girls little brother was also there patiently watching and waiting for a turn to decorate a donut! I think he actually had more fun eating handfuls of the toppings!!
Baked Donuts Of course the best part of any cooking project is the eating!

Baked Donuts

Have fun with the kids in the kitchen this summer and make Baked Donuts!

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Baked Donuts }Kids Can Cook

Prep time: 

Cook time: 

Total time: 

Serves: 9 donuts.

  • 1 C sour cream
  • 2 egg
  • 1½ tsp vanilla extract
  • ½ C canola oil
  • 1 C sugar
  • 2 C flour
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • ½ tsp salt
  • 1½ C powdered sugar
  • 3-4 Tbsp milk, enough to make nice dipping consistency
  • ½ tsp vanilla or other flavoring of choice
  • sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, mini M & M's
  1. Preheat oven to 350 and grease donut pan.
  2. Mix together sour cream, egg, vanilla, oil and sugar in a bowl.
  3. Add in flour, baking soda and salt and stir until combined.
  4. Place batter into a large zippered plastic bag. Close and snip off corner.
  5. Squeeze batter into donut pan.
  6. Fill pan with batter (about ⅔ full) and bake for 12-15 minutes or until golden brown and top springs back when touched.
  7. Remove from pan and allow to cool on wire rack.
  1. Mix together powdered sugar, vanilla and milk. Add enough milk to make a nice dipping consistency.
  2. Dip donuts and then sprinkle with desired toppings.
  3. Eat!


Kids Can Cook Baked Donuts Baked Donuts with the kids in the kitchen!

This post is sponsored by American Crafts. All opinions are my own.

I'm Going There Someday Foil Temple Print

I’m Going There Someday Foil Temple Print

I’ve been playing around with the Heidi Swapp™ Minc™ machine and I’m in love with it! It is so much fun! My girls watched in amazement as I would place a piece of paper covered in foil in the sleeve, run it through the machine and voila! A beautiful foiled picture would emerge! Too fun!

I decided to make a temple print for my daughter’s rooms so they can see it everyday.


I found a clipart silhouette of the Salt Lake City, Utah Temple. I then added the “I’m going there someday,” to the bottom in a script and also a fun block font.


It was tricky to decide on the foil color so I did a few different ones and ended up loving them all but the silver with the turquoise stole my heart.


Block Font Script Font


I Whale-y Love You Notebook

I think I’m in love! My daughter was wearing some whale pajamas this week and I kept saying, “I Whale-y Love you!” We both laughed and then I had to do something about that cute little saying. So here you go. My answer is this “I Whale-y love you!” notebook.

I used my Cricut to cut out the vinyl and it was so super easy. I’ll even share the Cricut file here for you so you can jump in your Cricut Design Space and make one too.


First off you’ll need to snag a cute notebook with a plan cover.  I found these cute craft paper ones at Michaels. They came in a 3 pack so you can make some for gifts.

Next, I used the Brights Sample pack of vinyl from Cricut. I loved the Teal and Pink together. Such fun bright colors.


Use the Cricut to cut it all out. Use some transfer tape to place the vinyl on the notebook in the way that you like. I would like to mention how much I LOVE my Cricut Tools especially the weeder tool. It’s my favorite.


And there you have it. A cute notebook dressed up with a little vinyl. Ready to write in or gift to a friend.

If you have been wanting a Cricut now is the time! Make some eggnog and hang some lights because it’s Christmas in July at Cricut! In addition to great sales on Cricut Explore machines and digital items, it’ll make you very merry to know that Cricut is also re-releasing retired cartridges in limited quantities, including: Songbird, Very Merry Tags, Christmas Cards, Dinosaur Tracks and 50 States.

They are also offering an  extra $10 off Cricut Explore Air Everything Set with code EVERYTHING10 and an extra 20% off any digital item with code 20DIGIT15.

Take advantage of this huge sale today and have all your crafting projects ready to go in time for the winter holidays! Plus, you’ll get free shipping with the code JULYSHIP!

Happy crafting!

As a child, I always wanted to see a Moon Rock. There’s just something fascinating about the moon and outer space. So when my son started asking questions about that big ol’ rock in the sky, I decided to make our own version with these DIY Moon Rocks.

This easy play recipe takes some Moon Sand and adds a bit more moisture to make it moldable to form into rocks. We made them black with some shiny glitter to simulate the sun reflecting off the surface of the moon.

DIY Moon Rocks

DIY Moon Rocks

What you need to make DIY Moon Rocks:

  • 4 cups baking soda
  • 1/4 cup water
  • Gold and Silver glitter
  • Black food coloring

In a large plastic bin, mix together the baking soda and water. Add lots of glitter and some food coloring and stir together.

You can let your kids explore this easy Moon Sand for a bit (warning: their hands will get messy because of the food coloring!), or you can go right to making your rocks.

Mold the sand with your hand to shape it into rocks. We pressed our fingers into it to form craters on the surface.

Allow to dry overnight.

DIY Moon Rocks 3 copy DIY Moon Rocks 2 copy

The rocks will be brittle, but kids will love examining them!

They’re much prettier than the Moon Rocks retrieved by astronauts aboard the six landing Apollo missions. Those rocks are stored at the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

My son loved learning about the rocks, and how they have to be kept in Nitrogen so that they won’t get moisture. We talked about how adding moisture to the Moon Rocks would change their composition and cause them to fall apart. We even tried adding some water to our own DIY Moon Rocks!

Now that you’ve made Moon Rocks, share photos with us on our Facebook page. Then, head over to our blog for even more space activities for kids!

sm mother hen space


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