St. Patrick’s Day

sm leprechaun mask header Sharing a Leprechaun Mask idea just in time for St. Patrick’s Day.

These leprechaun masks are a hoot!  I used to teach preschool and first grade, and my students made them every year!  We would wear them for our treasure hunt!  Originally my mom made these for her 3rd graders…I get all my creativity from that classy lady! sm leprechaun masks hl 2 We made some Leprechaun masks this year to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  I also made a printable leprechaun mask pattern to share with our readers.  You can read about the awesome St. Patrick’s Day printable pack HERE. sm leprechaun mask 3 After cutting out the printable mask pattern, we use pencils to curl the leprechaun beard.  Top off with a fancy shamrock to the hat! sm st patricks day leprechaun mask My kids think the huge nose on the leprechaun mask printable is hilarious! sm leprechaun mask horz sm leprechaun mask logan Love these cute little leprechauns of mine!  I laugh every time they put on their leprechaun mask! sm leprechaun mask h 2 sm leprechaun mask hl sm leprechaun masks h l 3 sm leprechaun mask 2 For another fun idea for kids this St. Patrick’s Day, check out these Leprechaun Photo Props! sm st patricks day photo props You can purchase our fun St. Patrick’s Day Kit…and just print!  You will find over 40 pages-17 activities of great ideas to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  Great for preschools, school parties, and families.
St. Patrick's Printable Pack

sm leprechaun photo props header St. Patrick’s Day is so fun for kids.  Sharing a cute idea for Leprechaun photo props.  If you are planning a St. Patrick’s party, or just hosting a family activity, these are such a fun way to add fun to the party!

We love to take silly pictures on St. Patrick’s day, with the kids all dressed in green.  These St. Patrick’s Day photo props will make our photos even more fun this year. sm st patricks day photo props
For these leprechaun photo props, you will need:

-pictures of hats, beards, mustaches

-paper straws (I love the black and white)

sm leprechaun photo props 2 Love the little hats, beards and mustaches.  Just add them to a fun paper straw, or stick. sm leprechaun photo props 1 How cute are these silly leprechauns! sm leprechaun photo props 3
You can find these Leprechaun photo prop printables in our St. Patrick’s Kit!  17 fun ideas are part of the kit too!  You can read more about our kit and the details on the fun activities HERE! St. Patrick's Printable Pack
50 Free Prints 728 x 90

Rainbow Seeds Free Printable I love springtime and can’t wait for it to get here.  March is such a fun month.  We’ve pulled out one of our favorite picture books by Lois Ehlert.  Planting a Rainbow. We love it for springtime with all the vibrant colors.  This book teaches how bulbs and seeds grow into beautiful flowers and plants.  I love the art by Lois Ehlert.   planting a rainbow We made a rainbow windsock and “rainbow seed” packs to go along with the story.  These rainbow seeds are also a fun treat for St. Patrick’s Day.  Just use skittles.  You can add M&M’s too.  Just any brightly colored candy.
rainbow seeds I made a fun little printable to go with the “rainbow seeds.”  Just fill your plastic sacks with the bright colored candy and attach the rainbow tag on top with a staplers.  Makes the cutest treat topper. rainbow seeds printable printable rainbow seeds tag Download below.  PERSONAL USE ONLY PLEASE.  All downloads and printables belong to The Crafting Chicks, LLP.
rainbow seeds treats

Download Black Check out other fun Rainbow Ideas on The Crafting Chicks:

Rainbow Treasure Hunt

This rainbow hunt is so much fun!  Follow the adorable rhyming clues to the treasure.  You could even hide the “rainbow seeds” for part of the treasure. sm st patricks day lucky hunt

Rainbow Kid Snack

This adorable Rainbow Kid’s Snack is so much fun.  Let the Kids make one this St. Patrick’s Day…or any day!  Just a few simple ingredients to make the cutest treat ever! rainbow kids snack

Rainbow Layer Cake

This yummy and pretty rainbow cake is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day or just for fun!  Perfect for a Rainbow themed birthday party too. Love the vibrant colors and the cream cheese frosting. 6 Layer Rainbow Cake

And don’t forget our St. Patrick’s Day Printable Pack.

St. Patrick's Printable Pack

St. Patrick's Day Cupcakes Top of the Mornin’ To Ya!  Sharing some cute St. Patrick’s Day Cupcakes with you!

I think St. Patrick’s day is so much fun!  We have a few traditions of a green lunch or dinner, maybe a little treasure hunt, and wearing our green!  Last year we made these cute cupcakes for our St. Patrick’s day dinner. sm st patricks cupcakes 4 I found these green striped cupcake liners and shamrock toothpicks at Michaels Craft Store.  I found the chocolate gold coins at Harmon’s. sm key lime cupcakes 1 I used my Key Lime Cupcake Recipe for our St. Patrick’s Cupcakes.  They are so easy to make and yummy! sm key lime cupcakes 3 After the cupcakes cool, add your frosting, green sprinkles, shamrock or gold coin.   sm st patricks cupcakes 2 A fun trick…to keep the cupcake liners nice and bright, try baking your cupcakes in plain white liners.   When your cupcakes have cooled, you can add them to your festive cupcake liner. sm st patricks cupcakes 3 What are some of your favorite treats to make for St. Patrick’s Day?  My kids love these green St. Patrick’s Day Cupcakes.    sm st patricks cupcakes 1

We are looking forward to March and Springtime.

Check out some of our other pretty cupcakes and treats for Spring time!


Try making these Adorable Easter Basket cupcakes.  I love how they look like mini baskets…with a bow on top.  Of course don’t forget to add the coconut grass and mini Cadburry eggs! sm easter basket cupcakes header

sm easter basket cupcakes 2


These butterfly cupcakes are so sweet!  All you ned are some pretzels and Sixlets to make the cutest butterfly cupcake around!  Perfect way to celebrate spring. Butterfly-Cupcakes-1

Chocolate Candy Easter Baskets

These mini chocolate candy baskets are so sweet and yummy!  Perfect treat for those easter get togethers.  There is just something so cute about these bitesized baskets. homemade Easter chocolate baskets


St. Patrick's Day Favorites - printables, treats, decor, garland, wreath, class party, preschool, games, kids activities

St. Patrick’s Day is such a fun holiday!  Our kids just love getting ready for that little leprechaun.  We’ve got a round up of our favorite printables, treats, games, and activities.  So much fun all in one post!

St. Patrick’s Day Favorites

St. Patrick’s Day Printable Pack from The Crafting Chicks

St. Patrick's Day Favorites - printables, treats, decor, garland, wreath, class party, preschool, games, kids activities

Modern St. Patrick’s Day Wreath from Or So She Says…

St. Patrick's Day Favorites - printables, treats, decor, garland, wreath, class party, preschool, games, kids activities

Rainbow Ric Rac Skirt from Simple Simon

Rainbow Ric Rac Skirt Tutorial

Pot of Gold printable from The Girl Creative

You're the Pot of Gold printable

Rainbow Kids Snack from Capturing Joy

Rainbow Kids Snack

You’re As Good As Gold Service Project from Or So She Says…

You're as good as GOLD service project

Lucky Coin Printable from The Crafting Chicks

Lucky Coin printable

St. Patrick’s Day S’more Snack Mix from Creations by Kara

St Patrick's Day S'more Snack

Paper Strip Garland from Eighteen25

DIY Paper strip garland

Pinch Protection printable from Eighteen25

Pinch Protection printbale

Shamrock Garland from The Happy Scraps

Shamrock Garland

Crossword Puzzle from Tastefully Frugal

St Patrick's Day crossword puzzle printable

Word Search from Lil’ Luna

St Patrick's Day word search printable

St. Patrick's Printable Pack

We are so excited to introduce you to our St. Patrick’s Day Printable Pack.

St. Patrick’s Day is one of those holidays that can be celebrated with family and friends and what better way to celebrate then with this printable pack of games and activities.  sm st patricks whole kit

This pack includes 17 printables that are sure to provide you with everything you need to pull off a fun and memorable St. Patrick’s Day activity as a  family!

You could use this pack for a St. Patrick’s Day themed meal, a St. Patrick’s Party at your home, a joy school or home school group, or just for fun around the house. Our kids have loved to play each of the games and we know yours will too.

sm st patricks do a dot

sm st patricks day shamrock walk

sm st patricks day roll a leprechaun

Each St. Patrick’s Day Printable Pack contains:

  • Don’t Eat the Leprechaun–This is our spin on “Don’t Eat Pete,” with fun St. Patrick’s images.
  • Leprechaun Masks– Kids will love to make these silly Leprechaun masks.
  • Leprecahun Memory Game–Kids will want to play this game over and over even after St. Patrick’s Day is over.
  • Roll A Leprechaun: This game is a hoot to watch and see who can build a Leprechaun the quickest.
  • Pot of Gold, Butterfly, Leprechaun Face, and Rainbow Play Dough Mat–Kids will love using play dough to make designs on these play dough mats.
  • Do A Dot Shamrock and Rainbow–Do A Dot Markers are used to add color to these sheets. Kids will have so much fun using these.
  • St. Patrick’s Headbands game: See who can guess the quickest, who/what they are. This game is a hoot.
  • Rainbow Cupcake Toppers, Place cards, Napkin Rings and Treat Bag Toppers–The easiest way to host a St. Patrick’s day meal. Everything you need in this fun pack.
  • Shamrock Walk: Get out some fun music about love and watch the kids jump from Shamrock to Shamrock and do the action of the Shamrock they land on.
  • Leprechaun Photo Props–Get ready to take some fun pictures as everyone gets to be a leprechaun.
  • Lucky Treasure Hunt Clues–You’ll get 8 generic clues and 2 blank ones to build a fun treasure hunt for the kids in your life. Watch as they race from clue to clue to find the treasure.

That’s 37 pages of fun for you and your family!

sm st paricks day playdoh mats

sm st patricks day match

sm st patricks day lucky lunch

sm st patricks day cupcake toppers

sm st patricks day lucky hunt

sm st patricks day treat tags

sm st patricks day leprechaun mask

sm st patricks day photo props

sm st patricks day hedbanz

St. Patrick's Day Printable Pack Don't Eat the Leprechaun

You can purchase this pack for only $5.99

St. Patrick's Day Printables

Be sure to check our newsletter, Facebook page, and Chicks Picks Facebook page for a coupon code to save on this pack!

Hello Crafting Chicks Readers!

We are so excited to be here today sharing a super simple “Rainbow Ric Rac Skirt” Tutorial.   Recently my little girls are into anything with rainbows so, with St. Patrick’s Day coming I thought it was a great excuse to make them a rainbow skirt.

Rainbow Ric Rac Skirt Tutorial

Plus it will be fun to wear through out the spring and then again for Cinco de Mayo!  And it’s sooooooo easy to  make.

Let’s get started.

All you need to make this skirt is an adult size white t-shirt, some 1″ elastic, a variety of ric rac colors, and matching thread.

Rainbow Ric Rac Skirt Step 1

Then to make the actual skirt just follow this simple T-shirt to Skirt tutorial.

Tshirt-Skirt-Tutorial 725

BUT….before you add the elastic into the waistband STOP and complete the following steps first!

Starting at the bottom hem of your skirt add your first row of ric rac.  Fold under your ric rac at the beginning and ending of the row so that the raw edges will be tucked away.  Also over lap the ending of your ric rac row over the beginning.  (When you do this it will look like the photograph below.  I usually start and end my rows on the back or side of my skirt rather than the front.)

Rainbow Ric Rac Skirt Step 2

With this skirt I used the skirts bottom hem stitching as my guide for placing the bottom row of ric rac.  Sewing it directly on top of that hem.

Next I pinned my next row up in place and stitched it to the skirt.

Rainbow Ric Rac Skirt Step 3

I continued sewing on one row at a time from the bottom to the top (making sure to match my thread to my ric rac) until my rainbow was complete.

Then I returned to the steps in the T-shirt to Skirt tutorial, added my elastic to the waistband and was finished!

Rainbow Ric Rac Skirt Finished

This really is such an easy afternoon project and my girls love it.

*NoTe:  I know, this isn’t a true rainbow…my 4 year old wanted “a big pink stripe” instead of a purple one…and then I wanted to add a silver lining to the bottom. 🙂

*NoTe AgAiN:  Don’t have ric rac?  Use grosgrain ribbon!  (You can usually find the entire rainbow of colors at the Dollar Store!)

Hi crafting friends! I’m delighted to share a fun WEATHER snack today about rainbows and clouds! It’s a fun treat that kids can assemble themselves in under 2 minutes!

Rainbow Kids Snack

But first, let me introduce myself…I’m Kristen Duke, and I share the ideas in my head over at Capturing Joy. If you need photo tips, want to see my favorite family recipes, travel adventures, or check out our home tour, I’d love to have you! I live in Austin Texas and have 4 fabulous children and a handy husband that helps me with the projects in my head.
Kristen Duke Logo and Headshot

Now, back to the rainbow snack. I altered an idea I saw from a kindergarten site, and got my girls involved in the process.

Here is what you need:

  1. graham crackers
  2. blue frosting
  3. marshmallows
  4. rainbow airhead

graham crackers and marshmallows for rainbow snack

I made them first, to make sure it all went as I thought it would in my head. I used 2 sizes of marshmallows for fun, you can just use one if you’d like.

rainbow weather snack

In order for the rainbow airhead to stand up, it helps to have a thicker layer of frosting, and putting the marshmallow clouds down first to “book end” the rainbow and hold it in place. I also trimmed down the rainbow just a touch so it wasn’t too long.

Rainbow Snacks

My 6 year old daughter was able to whip hers together, easy, and she thought it was so fun!

marshmallow rainbow snack

She loved the 2 sizes of marshmallows

weather snack for kids

She also really loved eating her creation!

rainbow graham snack

If you’re talking about weather, or just want to make a fun snack with your kids, try out the Graham Cracker Rainbow Snack!

graham cracker rainbow snack

Thanks for having me, Crafting Chicks!

I’d love you all to come on over and visit Capturing Joy, or find me on your favorite social media, I love Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook!

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17 St. Patrick's Day Activities and Crafts

17 St. Patrick’s Day Activities and Crafts

St. Patrick’s Day is such a fun day at our house. My kids love the excitement of a mischievous little leprechaun, and of course the hunt for treasure is always fun! I enjoy adding simple things to our day, like green food coloring, and watching them go crazy over here. Here are 17 of our favorite St. Patrick’s printables, games, crafts, and activities to help bring joy and a little luck into your home!   These ideas are easy ways to make this holiday a fun one for your family.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


1. Lunch Set – Place cards, napkins rings, and bottle wrappers

2. Treasure Hunt Clues

3. Cupcake Toppers

4. Treat Toppers

sm lucky bingo 1


5. Lucky Bingo


6 Layer Rainbow Cake

6. Rainbow Cake



7. Lucky Day

8. Lucky HedBandz

9. Don’t Eat The Shamrock

10. Pot O Gold



11. Shamrock Soda


Clover necklace for St. Patricks Day

12. Shamrock Lei



13. Lucky Charm Notebook

14. Rainbow Treasure Hunt

15. Happy St. Patrick’s Day Tags

16. Leprechaun Trap

17. Green Scattergories

For other fun St. Patrick’s Printables…17 Amazing ones!  (Details for the St. Patricks Kit)

St. Patrick’s Day Mega Kit in our Crafting Chicks Shoppe!

St. Patrick's Day Printables


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