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Easy Valentine Decor - mantel inspiration, wreath, diy, signs, pillows, centerpiece, love letter station - I love all of these simple valentine ideas!

Have you started decorating for Valentine’s Day?  We’ve rounded up easy Valentine Decor ideas for you today!  These are simply adorable!  I just love the pop of red this time of year brings!

Easy Valentine Decor


Valentine Throw Pillow from Diary of a Quilter

Easy Valentine Decor - mantel inspiration, wreath, diy, signs, pillows, centerpiece, love letter station - I love all of these simple valentine ideas!

Love Sign from Aqua Lane Design

Easy Valentine Decor - mantel inspiration, wreath, diy, signs, pillows, centerpiece, love letter station - I love all of these simple valentine ideas!

DIY String Art from Green Wedding Shoes

DIY String Heart

Love Tree Centerpiece from The Crafting Chicks

Love Tree Centerpiece

You + Me on a tree from Three Scoops of Love

You and Me

Felt Heart Valentine Holders from The Crafting Chicks

Easy Valentine Decor - mantel inspiration, wreath, diy, signs, pillows, centerpiece, love letter station - I love all of these simple valentine ideas!

Hanging Love Letters from Jennifer Decorates

Easy Valentine Decor - mantel inspiration, wreath, diy, signs, pillows, centerpiece, love letter station - I love all of these simple valentine ideas!

Valentine Mantel Inspiration from The Crafting Chicks

Mantel Inspiration

Striped Love Sign from Simply Kierste

DIY Striped Love Sign

DIY Handwritten Pillowcase from Life PreKARIous

Handwritten Pillowcase

Mantel Inspiration from Kim Six Fix

Mantel Inspiration

DIY Love Letter Station from The Crafting Chicks

DIY Love Letter Station

Mantel Inspiration from Craftaholics Anonymous

Mantel Inspiration

Glittery Valentine Candy Dish from The Crafting Chicks

Glittery Valentine Candy Dish

Mantel Inspiration from Remodelando La Casa

Mantel Inspiration

Wall Stickers on Glass Window from My House My Home

Wall Stickers on glass window

Burlap Heart Wreath from Where the Smiles Have Been

Burlap heart wreath

Easy Valentine Decor - mantel inspiration, wreath, diy, signs, pillows, centerpiece, love letter station - I love all of these simple valentine ideas!

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Hey guys! It’s Kari from Life PreKARIous. These easy DIY Cardboard Santa hats are so fun and easy to make! Can you believe it’s almost Christmas?! These hats are seriously so simple and will only take you a few minutes to put togeher! I’ve seen a ton of different Christmas trees made out of these cardboard cones. These hats are a fun little addition.

DIY Cardboard Santa Hats

You willl need a couple card board cones from the craft store, some felt, pom poms, faux fur, and hot glue.

For the Santa hat, using hot glue, cover the cone with red felt first.

DIY Cardboard Santa Hats

It’s ok if the felt doesn’t go all the way to the edge. Next, you’ll add the faux fur around the bottom and at the top.

Use the same process to make the fun elf hat, too. I used red and green felt and pom poms instead of faux fur.

DIY Cardboard Santa Hats

These would be so perfect for a holiday mantel or entry table! I might even add a fun reindeer one using brown felt, a red pom pom for the nose and pipe cleaners for the antlers!

Merry Christmas!

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This post is sponsored by Dispy Dabber, but all opinions are my own.


If you are anything like me putting Christmas decor away is a whole day project. I feel like I need to clean out, dejunk, and scrub down anything that had Christmas decorations. Maybe it’s because I have a clean slate once all the Christmas decorations are down. I wanted to share with you my favorite things to do to get my home cleaned after the holidays. And really, this would work anytime you want to refresh.

First off I made this bright printable checklist that you could store in with your Christmas decor. That way you will have it from year to year.

Download Black

I love to enlist the help of my kids in getting everything cleaned up and put away. It’s nice for them to have responsibility. It also helps them take ownership in our Christmas decorations and the rest of the house when they get a chance to help put things away and place things where you want them to go.


I especially love their help with the tree.

tips-for-cleaning-up-after-Christmas On the printable above I have explanations on what to do and why you’ll want to do it. When it comes to the touch-up paint, you might be saying, “Are you kidding me?” I’m really not and let me tell you why.


We found this amazing product, Dipsy Dabber–It’s a gamer changer.


You pour your paint in the can.


Add a little sample color on the label.


Write all the paint information on the label.


Now all you need to do is clean and spackle the wall and once it’s dry, use your Dipsy Dabber to touch up that paint.


It’s so easy my 9 year-old wanted to do it. She was pretty dang good at it.

Wanna see it all in action. Check out this video from Heather Cluff.

Dibsy Dabber wants our readers to be able to try out the Dibsy Dabber. You can enter code “dipsydab” at check out to save 10%. Offer ends on 12/21/2015.

But we want also wanted to do a giveaway! Three readers will each win a 10 pack. Enter below.

Dipsy Dapper

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DIY Gold Circle Garland Sharing this pretty gold circle garland today!  So easy to make…and just in time for New Year’s or any celebration coming up in 2016.  I used it as part of my Christmas decor too.  I love how it turned out and it was SOOOOO simple to make! sm gold garland 7 To make the Gold Circle Garland, you will need:

-2 inch gold sparkly circles (you can use a circle punch, I used Sparkly gold paper and cut the circles with my Cricut explore)

-Thin gold string (I used stretchy string)

-Hot Glue & hot glue sticks sm gold garland 6 sm gold garland 5 You will need to glue two circles together with the thin gold string inside.  I placed each circle about 1 inch apart. sm gold garland 3 Keep gluing and adding circles.  You can make your garland as long as you would like…just buy a few spools of the gold string and extra gold paper. sm gold garland 1 sm gold garland 2 I love how pretty it looks in my home. sm gold garland 7 It goes perfect with my Felt & Gold Celebrate banner. sm banner 12

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This post is sponsored by Pottery Barn Kids. All opinions are my own.

Quick Easy Tips for Kids Bathrooms

As a mom, I find myself trying to find easy, quick ways to keep my house clean. The bathroom is one of those rooms that can go from clean to destroyed in 1 second. I’ve put together some of the quick and easy tips for kids bathrooms that I’ve found can help my kids become more accountable for their bathroom.

Bright Decor with Good Basics

One my best tips is using good towels. I think kids even need good towels. Good quality towels are game changers!
I love the ones from Pottery Barn Kids. The colors are so bright and they all go well together. You can mix and match to get a great look for boys and girls. Make sure that you get styles that the kids can grow with because these towels will last you a few years.


When you go for a shower curtain, get a basic color like white. That way you can use it for years to come and change out your towels and other decor.

Also, look for ways to use things that your kids keep in the bathroom as decor. For example my girls love their big bauble jewelry, so I threw it in one of these jars and I LOVE the look of them as decor. They can get to the jewelry to wear and use, but it has a home and a place to be, and also adds fun color to the space.

Everything Accessible and Easy to Clean-up

Make sure everything has a place. I’ve found if we don’t have a place for something like, toothpaste or a hairbrush, then it just gets set somewhere. So find a place for all the things your kids use.

Try as hard as you can to not have anything on your counter other than soap. This is a great way for your kids to know that the bathroom isn’t clean. If you don’t allow anything but the soap they will know what they need to clean up and put away.



Create Storage

Storage for kids is essential. Everything needs a home!

Once again, use jars to store bath time essentials. My girls love bath bombs and they can use them for a bath every once in a while. Having them in a jar makes great storage but also adds to the decor.  Kids-bathroom-supplies

I’ve also loved putting the clean towels on the storage shelves. Easy for them to grab when getting out of the tub or shower, but not taking up space under my sink. That’s valuable real-estate to me.

I also use the towel hooks instead of a bar to give us more room. Then the kids can easily grab their towels and hang them up.

Here are some other places I made storage: Kids-bathroom-bows

Having girls, you know I have hair things. I used a Command Strip cord hook for the ribbon bow holder. The girls are able to snag their choice and then put it away super easy. And I don’t have to worry about the ribbon holder walking away somewhere.


Headbands are another hair staple at my house. I found this storage container that fits them perfectly. We take out a headband and can easily put it away. I also store other hair supplies like elastics and bobby pins in food storage containers so they aren’t lose in the bathroom drawers.


When I said under my counter was valuable real-estate you might have laughed. But honestly I need the storage under there to hide things that I don’t want seen but need to be used, like this step stool.  Not so easy on the eyes but necessary. Maybe one day I’ll buy the cute ones from Pottery Barn Kids. 😉

So of course I had to add a fun video of my daughter and our little morning routine. Video was done by the talented Heather Cluff.

What other tips would you add?

This post contains affiliate links.

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Stitchn_Kitchen_Christmas_Blog_Tour-01 We are so excited to be a part of the Riley Blake Stitch ‘n Kitchen Blog Tour.

Today I’m going to be sharing a fun Hand-Stitiched Berry Kissmas Pillow.

Hand-Stitiched Berry Kissmas Pillow

I have loved hand-stitiching for many years now. These are so easy to whip up in an afternoon. Here’s what you’ll need to “cook up” your own “Berry Kissmas” pillow.


Hand-Stitched Berry Kissmas Pillow
“Making” Time: 1 afternoon
Ingredients For the Hand-Stitching:
Stitchable Pattern–Download below
Emboirdery Floss to match your fabric
Background fabric, I used Riley Blake Basics in Skin color.
Ingredients For the Pillow:
4 different fabrics, I used Lost & Found Christmas

For the embroidery:

Download the pattern.

Download Black

  1. Transfer your pattern onto your fabric. I always do this by printing and then tapping the pattern to a window. Tape your fabric on top of the pattern and trace with a pencil.
  2. Use a basic backstitch to make the wording and the mistletoe steams in green.
  3. Use a french knot for each of the red berries.
  4. Once your done with your hand-stich, cut it to a finished size of 9 1/4 x 5. Set aside for now.


For the pillow:

  1. Cut out 2 strips of fabric 11 5/8 x 2 5/8, for the top and bottom.
  2. Then cut out 2 strips of fabric 7 1/4 x 2 5/8 for the sides.
  3. Attach the top and the bottom first, rights sides together, using a 1/4″ seam to your embroidery, leaving the longer ends on opposite sides. Press.
  4. Attach the sides, placing the right sides of the fabric together, using a 1/4″ seam to your embroidery. Press Merry-Kissmass-Pillow-front
  5. Cut a backing out 14 x 9 3/8. Merry-Kissmass-Pillow-fabric
  6. Place right sides of fabric together and sew pillow together, leaving a space to stuff the pillow and then hand stitch closed.


That’s it!


Now you have a really cute pillow to keep or give away!



Now since this is a Stitch ‘n Kitchen Blog Tour, I need to leave you with a yummy recipe.

I can hardly talk about “kissmas” without thinking of Herseys Kisses. We love them at our house and I’m happy to share a yummy recipe with you.

These are our Cherry Cordial Chocolate Crinkle Cookie.


So yummy and soft inside, with just the right amount of cherry.


Hop on over to get the recipe.

Thanks for stopping by!

*This post may contain affiliate links.

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This post is sponsored by Pottery Barn Teen.

Decorating for a Teen Boy

Boys are interesting creatures. They don’t really care about decorations, and at the same time they have a lot of opinions about what’s going in their room! And finding decorations isn’t easy. Go ahead, search pinterest for a ‘teen boy bedroom’ and you’ll find there aren’t a lot of options. There are a lot of stereotypes of what boys are, but what do you do when your teenager isn’t really a football star and comics aren’t his thing? I’m going to share how we decorated for a guy who is kinda geeky and kinda still figuring out what he likes.


The apple must not have fallen far from the tree (no pun intended), because these vintage Apple posters once hung in my husband’s bedroom. We dug them out from under the bunkbed in my husband’s old room, dusted them off, and framed them. Ghandi, Jim Henson, and Thomas Edison are great role models for a kid finding his way in the world. And I’d much rather have his walls filled with them than other posters, if you know what I mean.


I think all bedrooms should have a chair. This Cushy Club Chair may be the favorite spot in the house. It’s perfect for chilling in. Above the chair we hung the schematic drawings for the slinky patent. Again a little geeky, but still fun.

Teen Boy Room

Over the years I’ve learned that the less flat surfaces my oldest son has the better. He is limited to this shelf and the side table. It’s enough space to set the book he is reading and his glasses for the night, but not enough space to collect too much stuff.  All of his clothes are in the closet, so we don’t have to deal with a dresser or even a desk collecting stuff. On the shelf we have his karate belts in the glass jar, baseball figurines and his favorite pinewood derby car.

pillows Teen Boy Room pocket

I love the details on this duvet. I could’ve gone with a plain duvet, but think the pocket and rivet adds another dimension to the bed.

Teen Boy Room

I sure hope he won’t mind his mom hanging out down here, because I really like how it turned out.



Pottery Barn Teen: Shelf, Duvet, Chair
TJ Maxx: Plaid Pillows, Side Table, Rug
Latter-Day Home: Keep Right Sign, CTR Pillow
Target: Lamp
Ross: Sheets
Michaels: Poster Frames, Glass Jar


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Hey guys! It’s Kari from Life PreKARIous! I am so excited to show you this easy wooden Rudolph, today! It’s the perfect edition to your holiday entryway or mantle!

Easy Wooden Rudolph

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Wood (I used a 2″x12″ board and cut it the height I wanted.)
  • 2 branches for antlers
  • a pendant lamp cord (I found mine at IKEA for only $5!)
  • red light bulb
  • drill and drill bits
  • wood glue

First, cut your board to the desired height. Mine is about two feet tall. Then, decide where you want the nose to be and drill a hole for the end of the lamp cord. My lamp cord is an inch and a half.

Easy Wooden Rudolph

If needed, use glue to keep lamp cord in place. I was able to just screw mine in so I didn’t end up needing glue.

Easy Wooden Rudolph

Next, drill some holes on the top of the board for the antlers. Use wood glue in the holes to hold the branches in place.

Easy Wooden Rudolph

Finally, screw in your light bulb and turn it on!

Easy Wooden Rudolph

It’s so simple and will go great along side any other holiday decor!

Follow me on Instagram to see all the other holiday stuff I’ve got goin’ on!

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Jingle Bells Burlap Wreath
Create a simple yet stunning jingle bells holiday wreath, with only a few supplies!

rustic-burlap-wreath-with-bells port4

Hello there! I am Shonee from Hawthorne and Main. The place to find all sorts of rustic modern home decor as well as our adventure is remodeling an old 1950’s home, ourselves. I am so excited to share in The Crafting Chicks’ Deck the Halls series. Wreaths are such a simple way to add a festive look to your home. With Christmas right around the corner, I decided to show you how to make this easy jingle bells burlap wreath.


-Wire Wreath (dollar store)
-Burlap Ribbon
-Bells (dollar store)
-Hot Glue Gun

rustic-burlap-wreath-with-bells land1


To start, wrap the burlap ribbon around the wire wreath. Use some hot glue to secure the burlap in place.
I like using the wire wreath because it helps to add some great texture to the overall look of a wreath.

rustic-burlap-wreath-with-bells land2

Now that the base of the wreath is done, it’s time to embellish!! My favorite part!

Using the hot glue, add the bells to the wreath. I originally bought 4 bells but the wreath looked best with only three. Play around with the placement. After the bells are secured with the glue, wrap the rope around the wreath to give it a little more interest and texture.

Add a ribbon or use a door hanger to hang it on your front door.

Now you have a fabulous wreath that you can display all winter long, not just for Christmas, yay!

rustic-burlap-wreath-with-bells land7
rustic-burlap-wreath-with-bells land3 rustic-burlap-wreath-with-bells port6

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Deck the halls with boughs of holly AND this colorful, modern Fa La La Paper Banner this holiday season! Super simple and perfect for your mantel, desk or any spot that needs a little holiday cheer!

Deck the halls with boughs of holly and this simple, modern Fa La La Paper Banner!

I’m Keri from Shaken Together and I am so excited to be hanging out with the chicks for their fun Deck the Halls series! With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to haul out the decorations and definitely deck the halls! And what better way to do that than with a simple, modern paper banner?!

Deck the halls with boughs of holly and this simple, modern Fa La La Paper Banner!

Since I needed a fairly short phrase for this banner, I decided to use Fa La La from “Deck the Halls”! You could also use ‘Ho Ho Ho’, ‘Merry’ or even ‘Christmas’!

You’ll need just a few supplies for this banner:

  • Red/white striped banner (I picked this up in the party section of Target for $4)
  • Assorted Christmas papers – solid colors or patterns
  • Craft punch – this one makes 3.5 inch scalloped circles and it is one of my favorite crafting tools
  • Adhesive
  • Letters – chipboard letters, letter stickers, letter stamps, etc. (I used Thickers from my local craft store)
  • Brown ink pad (optional)

Deck the halls with boughs of holly and this simple, modern Fa La La Paper Banner!

First, I punched out six scalloped circles from my Christmas paper.  If you don’t have a punch, use a small bowl or glass to trace circle on your paper and cut them out with scissors. I used a brown ink pad and ran it around the edges of the punched circles. This is optional but it does define the edges of the circles a bit and adds a little character. (You can see this in the picture below.)

Next, I used scrapbook adhesive to stick the circles to six of the banner flags. I also decided to flip the banner flags between the words to make it easier to read.  Luckily, my banner was solid red on the other side!

Deck the halls with boughs of holly and this simple, modern Fa La La Paper Banner!

Once the circles were attached, I added the adhesive letters in the center of each scalloped circle.

Deck the halls with boughs of holly and this simple, modern Fa La La Paper Banner!

Finally, using the string that was included in my banner, I put the banner together and it was ready to hang! (And can we talk about that super cute white pom pom garland?! $3 in the Target Dollar Spot!)

Deck the halls with boughs of holly and this simple, modern Fa La La Paper Banner!

Anyway, this Fa La La Paper Banner is so bright and colorful … pop it on your mantel, string it across your desk at work or anywhere else that needs a dose of Christmas color!

Deck the halls with boughs of holly and this simple, modern Fa La La Paper Banner!

How about a few more of my favorite simple Christmas projects?!

Eat Drink and Be Merry party pouches from Shaken Together

Eat, Drink & Be Merry Party Pouches

DIY Confetti Glassware from Shaken Together

Easy DIY Confetti Glassware

White and Gold JOY Letters from Shaken Together

White & Gold JOY Letters

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