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How to edit your iPhone photos

Hello again! Michelle here and today I’m talking about Photography and making the most of your iPhone photos. I know that you probably have thousands of photos that mean the world to you on your phone right now… I currently have 11,244 photos and 525 videos!!! omgoodness and I have to admit that those are all from this past year!

I use two cameras every single day. My Canon 5D Mark iii and my iPhone 6 (I’m holding out for whatever amazing phone comes out this fall). There are so many apps and filters and resources for photography on the iPhones of today, but I wanted to share with you my process for my iPhone images. There is a fine line between being obsessed and taking 40 shots for that one awesome image… or just taking a couple good images and still being present and involved in the activity that is happening around you. My goal is to never become so involved in getting an image that I’m not present with my family. There is of course a time for both instances of course. There are times that I become a little crazy and my family lets me know. So….. what do I do from taking a photo to posting it on my Instagram account?

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I use the built in camera of the iPhone to take my photos. I use the “photo” setting. I’m a wide angle kind of girl and I love to get as much into the frame as I can. I feel like the square setting limits a lot of what I can pull into the frame. There are camera functions within many of the photography apps, like VSCO, Instagram and countless others that you can use as well.

Taking Your Images

I look for light when I’m going to take my photo. The most beautiful photos include natural light, whether they are outside or inside my home. Turn your subject so that the light is most flattering on them. Avoid very harsh light and raccoon shadows in the eyes.

Editing Images

I try to be spontaneous with my picture taking on my phone and not focus too much on editing them. I also keep my edits simple and clean. I have three favorite apps that I use for editing.

My first go to app is Photoshop Fix. I use this for the most irritating issue… that angry 11 between my eyebrows or a pimple, scratch, or jelly goo on one of the kids’ faces. Use the healing brush, click and poof it’s gone! If you are a Lightroom user, there is also a Lightroom app.

Next I use an app to edit the look of my image; color, contrast, brightness and sharpness, etc. My favorite app to use is VSCO. I use some of the VSCO presets in Lightroom when editing my photos from big girl camera, so there is some consistency when using the app. VSCO gives you a wide variety of tools to use for your images, including the vertical and horizontal tilt of your photos… for those people who for some reason can’t always take a photo straight. That would be me! Here are two examples and my settings in VSCO.

This morning we ventured to the awesome donut shop in town and this little guy was overwhelmed with the cookie monster in front of him.

How to edit your iPhone photos

All of my color images were edited with the A7 preset and I used the X2 preset for my black and white edit. Once I choose my preset or the filter that will be on the image, I then make the fine adjustments that are found under the tools. For the above two images I made the follow adjustments. Clarity +1, Shadow Save +1, Sharpen +1, Fade +1, Highlight Save +3, Tint +1, and Skin Tone +1.  Most of my adjustments were very minor. The only difference on the black and white version was a little added in grain of +2

How to edit your iPhone photos

This image is one that I used on Instagram to show what my car office looks like when I’m waiting for the kids at rehearsals and practices. This image was also the A7 preset with the following adjustments: Contrast +1, Highlights Save +3, Saturation +1, Sharpen +2, Clarify +2.

How to edit your iPhone photos

I’m a huge sucker for sun flare. Some avoid it like the plague, but I love love love a beautiful huge sun flare. This image was also done with the A7 preset. I went a little more drastic with my adjustments to bring out the sun flare more dramatically. Shadows Tint +7, Temperature +1, Highlights Save +6, Clarity +6 and Saturation +1.

I will also use Pic Tap Go for a quicker edit and also Instagram. In Instagram, I typically don’t use the filters at all but instead use the tools similar to VSCO to edit the images. In the end, the goal is to make your image look as close to real life colors as possible while adding a little extra oomph and interest. Avoid filters that make you look like an oompa loompa or an alien. Scroll through the multiple filters and find your favorites. Using consistent filters for editing will give your photography a consistent and clean look.


Since I have 11,244 images, backups are essential. Make sure that your iCloud is up to date and is backing up your images continuously. I’m terrified of a crash. I also use my external hard drives to periodically backup my images as well as an online backup system. I pay a small $3 fee each month with iCloud for an increased amount of storage.

I hope that you have fun doing quick and consistent edits of your iPhone images… and remember to be present and involved in the activities and get in those photos! Come visit me at Michelle Lea Creative.


How to edit your iPhone photos

Childhood Photography: Capturing the Details

Hello The Crafting Chicks readers! I’m Michelle from Michelle Lea Creative. I spend my days as wife, mom to 3 awesome kiddos, photographer, graphic designer, and chauffeur. I’m so excited to be sharing a little post on photographing your little ones today.

I have been in love with photography since I was very young. I love to get lost in the story of an image and a few years ago, I realized how much I love my snapshots that capture the details of the moment or the current stage.

It can be hard to remind ourselves to get the details, but I promise you once you start looking for those moments they will appear without having to think about it. When you look at a photo you are naturally drawn to the eyes first and then the connection between the subjects… so we can miss some of the amazing little details of a moment. I love to document my little ones in a way that will tell the story of their childhood. My children are constantly asking “what was I like at x age, what did I like, or say, or do?” I think of my photos as a way for my children to know their story…. long after I am gone and can no longer tell it to them. I want my images to speak when I can’t… and now I’m crying haha. So what do I mean by the details?

My daughter had talked her Granny into buying these Crimson (cause we are OU fans and it’s crimson and creme of course!) hightop Converse for Christmas. She just loves them and this was the perfect day to capture them flying through the sky with the bright blue Oklahoma sky and whispy clouds behind them. Her shoes are the first thing that pop out at you in this photo.
IMG_9932 copy
Think outside the box when you are pressing down the shutter. I will get down on the ground, roll around, climb on top of something…. or even lay on the ground under my child swinging if it will get the shot that I want.

Childhood Photography: Capturing the Details

Another type of details shot that I like to capture are our daily routines… small glimpses into their lives and what they like. Here we are at breakfast with my youngest. You can still see his face in the reflection of the glass. I purposefully had his reflection in the frame, but it isn’t what you are drawn to first. It’s his little hands concentrating on eating his waffle. When I am inside my home, I open all of the windows and I will guide the kids to an area where the light is flowing in. I will raise my ISO and adjust my settings to get as much light into the image as possible.
IMG_8099 copy
We are in a little bit of a Thomas the Train obsession these days… just a little. He adores this Christmas present. I will use a wider aperture to keep in focus what I want to highlight in the photo.
IMG_8156 copy
This is my oldest, with his cell phone… in the middle of a photoshoot with Mom. I would kill for a photo of the big cell phone my parents had when I was little, or that big flip phone that I took to college with me!! Who knows what technology will look like when he is in college or taking photos of his children.

DSC_2102 copy

Let me say that life is not perfect! You’re house will not be perfectly clean or put together for the magical photo all the time. I challenge you to look back at your childhood photos that mean the most to you. They are probably slightly out of focus, bad angle, lighting… a million things, but they represent you and that is all that matters. My house is not perfect (reference the desk below), but it has love and that is the overall emotion that I want my children to remember. They won’t see the imperfections that I see. So take photos, as often as you can and write your history for your children to remember, when you are no longer here to tell them.

IMG_8432 copy

And get yourself in the details Moms and Dads, holding the hands of your children!

IMG_0516 copy

DSC_9113 copy

Thank you for letting me stop by and share a little bit of photography love with you today! Come visit me at Michelle Lea Creative or on Instagram. I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark iii that is my fourth baby and all of these images were shot with my 50mm 1.4 lens.
50 Free Prints 728 x 90

Photo Story Template with 9 Photo Squares sm family 1

Photos make me so happy!  I maybe take too many but I love capturing each stage of my little ones.  After a photo shoot, I love to make a Photo Story with some of my favorite photos.   sm photo story template

I made this easy photoshop template that you can use too!  You can print any size up to 20 x 20.  I love the ones especially of babies.  You can change the border to black, white or even a color.

First download the template below.  (Personal Use Only.  Do not share or sell….copyright Crafting Chicks)

When you open the .psd file in Photoshop, and your other photos  (choose 9 of your favorites)…the next steps are easy.

Drag a photo onto the file.  You will want to move the picture in your layers bin to just above the square layer you want your photo to be in.  When the photo is directly above that square, hit ctrl g.  That will make the photo attached to that square.  You can drag the photo to resize it and fit perfectly in the space.

Continue this with 8 more pictures and you have a very cute Photo Story.

These turn out so adorable…and it’s fun to showcase more than just one photo in your frame.   Or even print on a canvas.  Have fun! xo
sm ellie 2 sm kids 1 sm ellie 1 sm hallie 3 months sm logan 3 months
50 Free Prints 728 x 90


We are so super excited to introduce to you…..drum roll please…..i’m not sure if you know how big of a deal this is….it’s a big deal…the NEW CRICUT EXPLORE machine!!!!  This lovely baby was unveiled in Salt Lake City, Utah Monday evening at an event hosted by Cricut.  We were lucky enough to be in attendance and were able to see and USE this beauty first-hand.  It’s everything other cutter machines are NOT and we are so excited to tell you about it so here it goes…..



10.  It’s the FIRST machine that CUTS, SCORES, and PRINTS all in the same simple machine. YES, it’s TRUE!!!  This is truly groundbreaking and when we heard about it just last night, we couldn’t believe what we were hearing.  We got to see it in action and it’s AAAAHHHmazing!  Down below, you see a picture of this in action…at least the cutting and printing part.  As you can see, it’s cutting around the letters and the letters are being drawn right on the card.

Cut & Write

9.  YOU don’t have to change the SETTINGS!!!!  You just turn the dial.  In machines similar to this one, the depth of the blade has to be set, the thickness of the materials being cut, etc etc.  With this new machine, you just turn the dial and the machine knows how deep and how fast to cut.


8.  You can go from Inspiration to Creation in just a few clicks.  There is a project library that you can go through and choose a project and with a couple clicks, you can create those projects, the machine and software know exactly what to do!! How many times do we look on Pinterest and NEVER make any of the projects we pin?  Now you can choose the project and create it FAST!

Design Space 2

7.  It’s NOT JUST FOR PAPER & VINYL CRAFTING anymore. While this machine cuts paper and vinyl like a champion,  the fact that it cuts a variety of other materials, makes it perfect for home decor, jewelry, accessories, and many other things.  I think in the past, similar machines have been more focused on paper and vinyl.  This machine is focused on the whole DIY spectrum and is much more versatile.


6.  PRECISE cut, big or small!  WE love that IT WORKS!  It’s precise and cuts tiny tiny pieces that are 1/4″ up to 23 1/2″ tall.  The well-engineered blade is astounding.


5. CUT OUT THE IMAGES YOU DESIGN!!!  Upload .jpg, .png, .bmp and .gif files for free, or use .svg and .dxf files as part of a monthly subscription. I’m not going to lie, i’m SOOOO happy about this.  This is AWESOME!!!

Explore System Shot

4.  You can now use fonts already installed on your computer & any Cricut cartridges you already own.  Better yet, once you upload them to the design software, you don’t ever have to upload them again and they are there for your use as you need them!

An Idea is Born Photo

3.  Designed for a lifetime of use!!!!  The German engineering is precise, compact, and well-made.  They didn’t mess around when making and designing this product.  I want to know that when I buy something, it’s going to last me a very long time and be reliable, duh don’t we all!

Cut Smart

2.  The design software is EASY. TO. USE & you have access to 25,000+ images for just $.99 or do a lovely monthly subscription to have all access….AWESOME.  It’s very user friendly and designed for the consumer.

An Idea Is Born Canvas

1.  I would have to say the #1 reason for me to use the Cricut Explore  and my 1st favorite thing besides all the awesome features, all the possibilities, and all the bells and whistles….what is it, what is it?  It’s their staff, their people, their employees that are down right delightful.  I’ve never met a group of people that are so focused on the consumer and what to know EXACTLY WHAT WE WANT & NEED.  I kid you not, we deal with a lot of companies in the industry of crafting and DIY and you won’t find a more delightful group of people that care so much! SOLD. SOLD. SOLD.


So watch for this beautiful baby….it will be available on HSN in February and will be available on many popular consumer shelves on March 15th!!! I can’t wait to get my hands on one….CRICUT EXPLORE.



Some of you might remember way (way) back when I posted my job charts that I made for my kids. I created them in Photoshop, added photos of their own personalized chores, and we loved it! I got such a positive response about them and had offered the layered digital templates so that people could add their own digital papers and photos in their Photoshop and customize their own job charts.



But then I realized that many of you aren’t familiar with how to use photoshop or templates to create your own personalized charts. So I decided to offer printable blank job charts as a free download!

Now all you have to do is print them, laminate them, and then you can add your photos on top using velcro or tape to stick them on, making them totally interchangeable! Use a dry erase marker or a liquid chalk marker to check off the jobs done or write the jobs instead of using photos. Easy! It would be so cute to take printed Instagram photos of their stuff and stick those on these charts.




Download the files using the button below. All are sized as 12×18 JPEGs you can have printed at your favorite printer (I print mine at Costco).

Springy Bright Colored Chart



Blue, Red and Cream Chart


and the Pink and Yellow Florals Chart


If you are Photoshop savvy and would like to create your job charts from scratch, here is the download link for the blank layered digital template that I originally offered.



Just another reminder–these files are zipped, so once you download it, you will need to right click on the file and select “extract file” in order to print them. Have fun!!! 🙂

{Remember, all printables and downloads designed by The Crafting Chicks are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Please do not alter or claim as your own. This file is not intended for resale, nor are the printed versions of this file. Feel free to send your friends and link back to if you like our printables, and we’d appreciate a comment if you download.}


Homemade Photo Ornaments 2012

Time for my annual homemade photo ornaments!  I have loved this tradition.  I love looking back on past year ornaments-such a great keepsake.

This year, while shopping at Poppy Seed Projects, I found their mini photo ornaments…and thought how perfect they would be for the 2012 ornaments on my tree!

I love Poppy Seed Projects and all of their creative ideas/crafts you can use with photos.  I could think of many ways to use these mini photo plaques…they are adorable.

I ordered 4×6 photos in black and white of each of my children and our family.  I also made a little digital design for the back sharing our highlights of 2012 and milestones of each kid.

I spray painted each plaque with Kyrlon’s Silver Foil Metallic.  I Love this paint…remember the pumpkins I transformed.

After letting the squares dry, I drilled a hole at the top-to string ribbon through.

I then cut each photo down to the right size (3.25 inch) for the front and about (3.75 inch) for the back)

While holding the photo in place on the square, I used a pen to draw a mark so I would know where to punch holes on the photos.

I then used my trusty mod podge to glue on the photos, back & front, and to give a nice sealed finish on top.

I added 1/2 inch festive ribbon and red painted chipboard letters for monograms to add some color.

I love how they turned out with the silver and bright berry red!

Every year I love seeing the photos on my tree…it makes me happy.  My kids love hanging their “special ornaments” each year.


25% off holiday greeting and invitation orders using the code FIRSTLOOK25, 8/12-8/18

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Bangle Bracelet Ornament


Valentine Photo Ornaments

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HELLO!  If you are like me, I’m always looking for ways to help my little ones learn.  This is a really easy project I made with a frame I already had, and some new scrapbooking materials from Scrapbooking Attitude, a fun new product.  SO FUN!  Supplies listed below:


  • 1 sheet of SCRAPBOOKING ATTITUDE, a new scrapbooking film that you can laminate (I didn’t laminate this one, but there are many options here)
  • Frame with glass in it-mine was an 11×14 frame from LOWE’S
  • bistro chalk markers-(I got mine at HOBBY LOBBY) I like these best because they are opaque when you write, I also like dry-erase markers
  • 2′ of lace
  • 1′ of pom pom trim (I got mine at PICK YOUR PLUM)
  • 1 patterned paper sack (I got mine at PICK YOUR PLUM)
  • 2 pieces of patterned paper
  • Hot glue gun

Scrapbooking Attitude is cool because you can personalize it and then use an iron or laminator to bond it to fabric or paper…pretty cool!

  1. STEP 1:  Choose a design.  I chose to do the alphabet so Q could practice writing her letters.
  2. STEP 2:  Print out your design with a mirror image (there are detailed instructions in the packet of Scrapbooking Attitude), this is really easy.
  3. STEP 3:  Peel back the paper on the back of the film and lay the design down so the shiny side is facing up.
  4. STEP 4:  Insert your design into the frame.  You can also take a warm iron and adhere your paper to the scrapbook paper but I chose not to do this so I could swap out the images, but I LOVE that Scrapbooking Attitude is see-through so you can see the pattern of the paper behind it.
  5. STEP 5:  Write away.  Q was writing with it today and was so proud, SO FUN!

You can find Scrapbooking Attitude in the social media realm here:

You can find my disclosure HERE.






Next month I send my oldest twins off to kindergarten!  AHHHH!  I am excited and a bit nervous too.  I have been Pinning a lot of “BACK to SCHOOL” ideas…there are so many great things on PINTEREST…You can follow me here, CRAFTING JAMIE’S Pinterest Page .  I would love to follow our readers back:)  I need to start making more and pinning less…:)

In my attempt to get “back to school” organized,  I created these Days of the Week tags to clip onto their outfits for the week.

The plan is to pick out all 5 outfits on Sunday night, clip on the tags and store them in their closets…ready to go!  Wish me luck!   I thought this could help some of you as you are getting

ready too!

Not only will they help with organization, the cards can also help your little one learn Days of the Week words!:)


I made these tags in Photoshop.  You are welcome to download mine and print them off for free…just PLEASE PERSONAL USE ONLY …us chicks have found some ladies selling our printables on Etsy and other places…this makes us sad because we work so hard to share them with our readers for free:)



Included in my download, are these mini circles with Days of the Week Letters.  I found these ADORABLE fancy bronze paper clips at PICK YOUR PLUM…I love Pick your plum and Alison!  They offer these pretty often so you can check each day, or if you live close to their warehouse, these clips are usually available.

I cut out the mini circles, glued them onto the circle part of the clip and them went over each of them with “Diamond Glaze” or an equivalent I found at Michael’s called Paper Glaze.

LET THEM DRY OVERNIGHT! and don’t do too thick of a coat…and DON’T shake the bottle (thanks Alison for the tip).


They turned out so cute!

Each clip matches the tag:)


It is easy to clip the tags on folded outfits….or ones hanging up:)

I also know that IKEA sells the closed dividers with 5 or 7 slots…that would be perfect for this…I may have to grab a few on my next IKEA visit!  Good luck to all of you getting ready for “back to school.”

xoxo  Jamie


ARISE, ARISE, ARISE…”  If you have seen the youth video from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for the 2012 Youth Theme Song, you will recognize this graphic of a mountain below, with an arrow.  Each year, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints chooses a Youth theme.


and the 2012 youth theme is…


 “Arise and shine forth, that thy light may be a standard for the nations.” (D&C 115:5). 

(You can find a LOVELY printable by BROOKE HERE.)


Since this was the youth theme for 2012, they created a VIDEO for the theme song with these graphics in it (below).

Also….drum roll please…with a QR code on the graphic that takes you right to the video link.  I love this video because it reminds us and our teens to “arise” and be their best selves that we can be.  With so much crap in the world today, it’s a much-needed reminder for all of us, right?!  The great thing about this printable, is that you can easily print them and hand them out if you would like.  I am a leader of the youth group in my area and we have handed these out secretly to the girls for the to find (like in the video), to remind them to “ARISE”.

I don’t know about you, but it seems that any reminders to look to GOD, is much-appreciated in my day to day routine.  Life is awesome, but it is tough and we have to kick and push and scramble our way through our trials to survive, so bring on the inspiration, I need it!

Here are a couple themes that have been chosen in the past…


“Be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity’ (1 Timothy 4:12).


“Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest” (Joshua 1:9).

2011:  WE BELIEVE…

“”We believe in being honest, true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous, and in doing good to all men; indeed, we may say that we follow the admonition of Paul – We believe all things, we hope all things, we have endured many things, and hope to be able to endure all
things. If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of  good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things.”


THANKS FOR STOPPING BY!!!!  PS….if you like our posts, the biggest compliment that you could ever ever ever give us would be for you to share our posts or site with your friends, share links from Crafting Chicks on Facebook or Pinterest or whatever…WE LOVE and APPRECIATE THE LOVE & SUPPORT FROM OUR READERS!!!  THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!!

You can DOWNLOAD The Page of graphics & QR codes (shown above in yellow) HERE (size 8.5×11, 8 per page):

You can DOWNLOAD The QR code alone HERE.

You can WATCH the video from HERE.

You can jump up and click your heels HERE….oh wait, there’s no link for that ;0, yes I’m a nerd.



I’m a long-time fan of one of our newest sponsors,, so I’m excited to highlight this awesome website today (along with a fun giveaway)! Jessica Sprague and her team of extremely talented digital designers are well known in the digital scrapbooking world and beyond, and help you take memory keeping and technology to a whole new level. I love how her home page says “Use technology to beautify, enhance, record, celebrate, and tell the stories of your life. I’ll show you how.” And Jessica does it so well and has the ability to teach us all how to do it too.

I’m super impressed with the quality and the variety of products and classes available on I mean, there is something there for everyone, whether you are a digital scrapbooker like many of us Crafting Chicks and rocking Photoshop or Photoshop Elements,  or looking to improve your photo editing skills, or have the desire to take on Adobe Illustrator! (That’s the one I’m interested in next!) The prices are very affordable, especially for the quality of education, some of the shorter courses being offered for only a few dollars.

There’s a new FREE (yes, free!) Photoshop class that I wanted to tell you about, since we get A LOT of questions about Photoshop. It is called The Photoshop Top 5: Five Techniques Everyone Should Know, and it runs all next week! To register for this FREE class all you have to do is enter in a code and you will be automatically registered!

And click here to register and here is the code you enter on that page: PSTOP52012

Woo hoo! Free is awesome! So be sure to check that out.


Today I am going to highlight three of the online classes available at, and they all have one thing in common: SILHOUETTE! 🙂 If you have a Silhouette, whether you are a beginner or a pro, you will love these classes and videos. I just recently got my hands on a CAMEO and thought this post and giveaway came in perfect timing!! I’ll tell you a little bit about each of these classes and then I’ll share my thoughts on them after.

Silhouette: Getting to Know You $24

This is the first class in the Silhouette series, and they are all taught by the talented designer/teacher, Kerri Bradford. This class is an excellent place to start, and even seasoned Silhouette-ers would probably learn a trick or two! Kerri gives you a basic overview of how to use the library for Silhouette shapes + shapes from outside sources as well as show you the basic tools and menus to help you get on your way to making your first cuts! And not only will you make your first cuts, but you’ll walk away with an adorable mini album as the class project! For more detailed information about this classes you can click on the title above.

Silhouette: Oh, The Places You’ll Go $30

Once you are comfortable with your Silhouette, more adventures await! 🙂 In this class Kerri will teach you:

Getting more from Weld. Understand more about the Weld tool as well as point editing and start making shapes of your own.

Beyond the Words. Look at other fun ways to manipulate your text using paths and fills.

Align+Replicate. Learn how these features can help you to better designing as well as simplify your process.

Make Your Own Backgrounds. Now we’ll be using these tools to make our own background designs.

Print+Cut. See exactly how to do a Print+Cut and learn to make your own. It’s one of the finest features of Silhouette, in my humble opinion.

Trace. Learn how to take an image from a JPEG and turn it into a Print+Cut or even a brand new a cuttable shape.

Design your Layout. Learn how you can use Silhouette to lay out your entire project, from start to finish.

Silhouette: Designer Edition 1: on sale for $25

This is the newest Silhouette class offered at, focusing on the new Designer Edition software. You get caught up in the excitement and the possibilities right along with Kerri as she takes you through the ins and outs! In this course Kerri teaches:

  • What You See – We’ll talk about all that’s new in Silhouette Studio’s Designer Edition.
  • Importing SVGs – So many outside sources for great shapes. I’ll show you how to get those SVGs into your Library and how to work with them.
  • Fill Patterns – Ohhhhh boy. That’s all I can say about this baby! Just you wait.
  • New Tools – Sooo much more that you can do with the new Shear, Knife + Eraser tools!
  • Rhinestones – It’s more than just a bling-thing.
  • Sketch – You can look like an artist without really drawing a thing.
  • Use What You’ve Learned – Now let’s take what you’ve learned and make some cool things!

I had the opportunity to take all three of these classes and I learned a TON from them! I really enjoyed them and can’t wait to do more and use my CAMEO to its fullest potential! 🙂 Or at least attempt to! Here’s what I liked about the classes:

  • Each class has FIVE SETS of video lessons that are divided into bite-size, doable tasks. The lessons are super clear and easy to follow. I love how the classes are self-paced—meaning, you can watch the videos and print out the notes anytime you want! You can rewind the videos as many times as you need to. You can access the information today and 3 months from today—they never expire!! SO GREAT.
  • Kerri provides you with a ton of great products that are included in the class, so that you are able to follow right along using the same shapes and files and even fonts that she is using. Plus you have all the tools you need to actually create a darling project at the end of the course!
  • In addition to the videos, you are given DETAILED PDF notes for each lesson! I loved that if I had a question about something I could either track it down on the video or look it up in the notes.
  • Kerri has a sense of humor and it shows in her videos. It feels like she is teaching you from the comfort of your own home as a good friend! She’s so down-to-earth and extremely knowledgeable.

Now for the GIVEAWAY!

Our friends at have generously offered to give a spot in ALL THREE Silhouette online classes to one of our readers!!! Here is how you can enter, and good luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway will end Sunday June 17, 2012 at midnight EST. A winner will be chosen and notified via email on Monday 6/18/12 and will have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen.

This is a sponsored post on behalf of My thoughts and opinions are my own, as always.

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