DIY Farmhouse Style Wood Box

Hello, Crafting Chick friends! I’ve missed you guys! If we haven’t met yet, I’m Shelly from Dolen Diaries where I share my love of all things creative and creating with the ones I love. Today, I’m sharing arguably the easiest {no joke} DIY project you’ll ever do! I’m completely obsessed with this DIY Farmhouse Style Wood Box and you’re going to fall in love, too!

DIY Farmhouse Style Wood Box


  • 1 fence board 1 x 6″ x 6′ {we used reclaimed fencing we found on the side of the road}
  • hammer
  • galvanized roofing nails
  • tape measure
  • pencil
  • carpenters square
  • chop or cordless saw

reclaimed box pieces


  • 4 – 11.25″ {2 sides & 2 bottoms}
  • 2 – 12.75″ {sides}

diy wood box

Take one of the 11.25″ and both of the 12.75″ sides and set them up to be nailed together.

galvanized nails and reclaimed wood

Put two nails in each end of the 11.25″ board.

box sides

Nail one more the 11.25″ boards to the other end of the box to create a frame.

bottom of reclaimed box

Lay the last 11.25″ boards next to each other to create the bottom of the box. Slide the frame over the top of the “bottom”. The bottom will fit really tightly so you can set it up on end.

shabby chic decorative box

Nail through both of the longer sides of the box to attach the bottom to the frame.

farmhouse style wooden box

How much do you love this little farmhouse style wood box!?! I love the rustic personality of reclaimed wood, don’t you!?!

diy reclaimed boxes Collage

I loved this DIY Farmhouse Style Wood Box so much that I had to have 2 more!! These farmhouse style wood boxes are a must have for the summer! They make for a dreamy country summer chic buffet.

country summer treat photo

Or a sweet background for a sweet summer photo. They would be darling filled with a mason jar herb garden or even used as a planter. I have a hard time NOT thinking of ways to use them. Hmmm…I may be becoming a crazy farmhouse style box lady.

Pop on over to Dolen Diaries and check out my other DIY projects & crafts! See you next time!




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Indoor Herb Garden with Minc Gold Foil Touches

sm herb garden 1

We have loved using the Heidi Swapp’s Minc Machine to add Gold/Color Foil touches to our projects and prints. It makes any craft project, gift idea, or wall print pop!  The Gold Foil adds that fancy wow factor.  Last month we shared how to use the minc machine, and an adorable free Printable.  Today I’m sharing how to make a pretty indoor herb garden with Minc gold foil touches.

sm herb garden 6

I used Heidi Swapp’s Mini Cardstock Pinwheels and gift tags to spice up the indoor herb garden gift.  I love her kits because they are ready to go!  All you have to do is cut your foil to size and run it through your  Minc Machine.

sm herb garden 8

Here is the before and after (adding the foil) of the pinwheel designs.

sm herb garden 7

Fold the corners in and make the pinwheels.  All the instructions are in the kits.
sm herb garden 5 sm herb garden 4

I found pretty herb plants at Home Depot.  Cilantro, Sweet Basil, and Oregano…my favorites.  I potted them in silver pots from Ikea…the darling blue rectangle tray is from the Dollar store!

sm herb garden 3

Now add your fancy pinwheels and gift tags!  Such a cute indoor herb garden gift!  And the Minc machine helped me take it to a new level! sm herb garden 2

Here is a great video from Heidi Swapp on how to use the amazing Minc Machine!

*This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are 100% mine.
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Fresh Spring Centerpiece

Nothing says Spring quite like fresh flowers and…asparagus! Ok, maybe not asparagus, but look how great it looks in this Fresh Spring Centerpiece!

Fresh Spring Centerpiece

Here’s what I used:

-Rubber bands
-Jute Twine


I got the tulips from Walmart for less than $5! First, I arranged the flowers how I liked, put a rubber band around them to hold them in place and trimmed the stems to the height I wanted. Make sure that your ends are all the same length so it will set evenly on a table.


I used a toilet paper roll to add a little structure and to keep the tulips in place. Next, I trimmed all the asparagus. I used another rubber band around the toilet paper roll to hold the asparagus in place. Then I started adding the asparagus around the toilet paper roll.



Once all the asparagus was in place, I tied jute twine around the top and bottom and removed the rubber band.


I love tulips, but you could use any kind of flower and it would look great! I can’t wait to use this on my dining table! Heck, I might even cook! Make sure you come over to life preKARIous and see what other fun stuff I’ve got for Spring!


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Thanksgiving Hostess Gift Idea


Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year?  I know that a lot of time and hard work go into making this meal the best of the year.  I rarely host, but know that the hostess deserves a gift for everything she puts into this day. That’s why I decided to make a special gift for our hostess this year.

I found this tin at the Target dollar section and had to have it.  They had a few colors and I chose black because I wanted to use a gold Painters to accent it.

I jumped into my Cricut Design Space and found this fun one that is a “Make It Now” project.  I chose it and then chose the “Make it My Own” option so I could alter it to what I wanted.  I deleted the 4 extra layers and then cut it out on heavy card stock so I could use it as a stencil.


I took my Elmer’s Painters in Gold and began painting my design onto my tin.  I love these Painters.  They are so easy to use and very convent for projects like this.


Then I went and got some fun bring fall-ish flowers for the main gift.  I love the contrast between the yellow and black!


I think this gift will be a hit!

Do you take a gift to your hostess? What will you take this year?

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Chalkboard Herb Garden

This post is sponsored by Michaels but all opinions are my own.

Wanna know a secret?  I actually really enjoy cooking. Yup. I hate cleaning up the mess, but sure love throwing a bunch of things together and eating the outcome.

Because of my fun hobby, I swear I spend a fortune on fresh herbs. I decided to remedy that by making my own herb garden.  Now I know this isn’t anything new or earth shattering, but I was searching for a fun idea on the Michaels website.  They now have online shopping and my new favorite feature is the one-click shopping lists.  This is where you see a project you want to make and you click a button and it loads EVERYTHING you would need for that project into your cart.  You can go through your cart and delete something you may have already, or change paint colors, but you don’t have to search or think about all those little things you might need!  I think this is genius! 

So I found the chalkboard clay pots and decided these would be so fun for my herb garden.  I added in an extra paint color and I was done!  It was that easy to get everything ordered! Now I just had to wait for the box to arrive at my house. (I love that I didn’t have to leave my house to do this!)


The instructions for the project are right on the Michaels website too.  The projects are so fun and easy that you can throw your own twist to it and make it exactly what you want.

I wanted to add in a bit more color so I added Sea Glass from Martha Stewart Multi-Purpose Satin Acrylic Paint. I love how the Sea Glass paint makes the green of the herbs pop.

I also added a the Sea Glass around the chalkboard picks.  I loved that pop of color on there too!



So what herbs do you use most?

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11 Ideas to Help Your Garden Grow


Over the years I’ve learned that people are on either side of the yardwork fence, you either love it or you despise it. I’m a yard work junkie and find great satisfaction in having a weed free yard with a trimmed lawn and blooming flowers. Yesterday, I mowed our lawn for the first time this year! So to kick off the growing season here are 11 posts from around the web with information to get your yard and garden looking great!

5-Tips-for-First-Time-Gardeners If you don’t know where to begin, check out these tips from Cottage at the Crossroads


Sherelle has beautiful photos of her garden and the produce she raises. Even those with a black thumb will be wanting to grow garden produce like she does. They even have their own greenhouse–which I’m pretty envious of.


This potted wall is a great way to bring color into a small space by Better Homes and Gardens

RMS-kmphelps_window-box-coleus-Supertunias-geraniums-Superbells-fuschia_s3x4_lg Find tips on how to plant amazing container gardens from HGTV.


This seed book by Lovely Greens is a great way to keep your seed packets organized, and help you know what you already have when you go to the seed store.


Sara from Our Best Bites shows how to create raised garden beds from start to finish.


The family Handy Man shows how to bring your grass from neglected to the greenest on the block.

PicMonkey Collage Creating curb appeal by Love of Family and Home.

90 Included in HGTV’s top garden trends of 2014 are gardening apps that let you plan before you do. This looks like a fun way to plan before you head to the nursery.


When choosing plants for your yard don’t focus so much on the color that you forget about the smells! Read more about planting a fragrant path on

100684120.jpg.rendition.largest The hot summer heat can leave yards looking sad. This post on shares a plan for heat-resistant plants that will look great all summer.

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DIY Monogram Mug Succulent Garden:: Guest Post from Entirely Eventful Day
Hello Crafting Chicks fans! I am so happy to be here guest posting on one of my favorite blogs and some of my favorite girls. My name is Aly and you can find me at my blog, Entirely Eventful Day. I love sharing my interior styling tips and easy projects to make your home more beautiful.
Today I am sharing a project I am super excited about. Seriously, the whole time I was taking these photos I was giddy. I couldn’t believe how much I loved it!  I hope you love it too.
I’m sure you have see the adorable monogram mugs from Anthropologie. I have been wanting some but didn’t want to pay the price, you know what I mean? So I found these cute white mugs for $1 each and made my own.  Here’s how…
I used this glass paint marker (I found it at Hobby Lobby).
BUT it took me a little while to figure out the best way to paint the mugs. At first I applied a stencil with adhesive spray but that didn’t work because the paint bleed under the stencil. Luckily, the best part about this pen is that if you mess up you can just wipe it off (I may have done that a few times).
I finally decided that the best way was to just free-hand the letters. I sort of used the stencils, I just looked at them and went for it. There was some trial and error. I was really happy that I could wipe it off. Also, when the paint dried a little I used my fingernail and smoothed out any rough edges.


I let the paint cure for 8 hours and then I followed the directions on the pen and baked the mugs for 40 minutes to set the paint. Now it’s even dishwasher-safe.


To add a fun, Fall flair, I planted some succulents in the mugs. They make such a pretty Fall display. When I get tired of them, or when I kill them (it’s inevitable) I will use these darlings for coconut milk steamers.
Oh, these would look super cute with my latest Fall Printable.


The Anthro mugs are much more detailed. I was just not good enough with the pen to pull it off (I tried) but I really like the simple monograms that I ended up with.
The best part about these “FALL” monogram mugs is that the monograms actually work for the initials of my family members (what a coincidence).


I hope you will try this project yourself!
And I hope you come over to Entirely Eventful Day and spend some time with me :)


DIY wrinkle releaser

How to Make a Custom Desk Pad

How to build a custom frame.

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Chicks Picks: Yard Favorites

Disclaimer: We are Amazon Affiliates, so if you buy from Amazon through us, we receive a small kickback. CHICKSPICKS
Things are finally warming up here and we are thinking about yard work! So today we are sharing our favorite things that we use in our yards!



Preen is necessary if you have flower beds and don’t want to weed every week.  Just follow the directions and you will have a lovely flower bed in no time at all!

gardenhopper Garden Hopper

This is a great way to keep all your gardening tools at hand, and also gives you a little seat. :)




I have always loved this kind of flower since I was walking one day and there was a whole field of them in someone’s yard.  I had to knock on the door and ask what they were called.  I have always loved the colors and textures that they offer.

Hardy Hibiscus

When we moved into our house, they was this AMAZING plant that sprouted these HUGE flowers that looked like they were straight out of Hawaii.  I have loved this plant in my yard ever since.  Mine are a bright fuschia color and I LOVE THEM.




My mom uses this and passed it on to me. :) It’s “plant food” that you can spray onto your plants and flowers or just sprinkle it into your watering can. It helps your plants to have deeper roots and grow healthier, larger flowers. It works!



Nitrile Garden Gloves

These gloves are thin and not bulky like most garden gloves. And they have nitrile on the fingers and palm of the hand that prevents water and punctures from getting through.


Pocket Pruner

I’m a stickler about dead heading flowers, so this little guy is perfect to keep in my pocket when I’m out in the yard, in case I see a rogue plant that needs cutting back.

osmocote vegetable and bedding


Osmocote is a slow release fertilizer. I put it in my planters at the beginning of summer and it continues to release nutrients throughout the summer.

CraftingChicksPicks-jamie garden_tools Garden Tool Set

kid_garden_tools Kids Garden Tools

Let’s get kids in on the action!

What’s your secret weapon to keep your yard looking awesome!

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Ideas Up the Whazoo! “Or so she says…” Guest Post

Hey there, Chickadees!  I’m Mariel, co-author of the women’s blog “Or so she says…” (found at  I’m a mother of 4, almost 5 (I’m scared!) I love to write, golf, learn, garden, spend time with “The Beard Man” and tots, and do anything that requires creativity.  Oh, I’m starting homeschool this year (pray for me!) and I can usually be found in sweats, no makeup, and up to my ears in laundry and dishes.  I’m guessing we have quite a bit in common :) I have Ideas Up the Whazoo! “Or so she says…”

So, it’s always fun to stop by other fun blogs, like this one (darling!)…especially when they share my love for IDEAS!  Cause really, couldn’t we all use ideas!?!  “Or so she says…” is all about ideas:  parenting, marriage, recipes, crafts, activities, you name it!  It’s updated every single-dingle day by myself, Jessica, and our readers.  It’s so neat to read about some of YOUR favorite ideas and get to know y’all.

Today I wanted to give you a little idea of some of the ideas you’ll find on our site…some of our most favorite…

Learn about determining the amount of sunlight in the rooms of your house, watering plant, and what kinds of houseplants are the easiest to raise.

Overwhelmed by housework?  Jessica shares her favorite plan for organizing all of the tasks.

Why??  Because men are gross…and we love them. (Viewer discretion is advised) :)

One of our readers, Roberta, shares how to make these adorable wind chimes out of silverware!

Putting together a fancy-looking, yummy dessert s easier than you think!

What in the schmell does that mean?!? One of our readers, Kate, who is also a fabulous hair dresser, teaches us all about the fascinating concept of…get ready for this…NOT shampooing your hair to make it healthier!  If you must do the poo, she also recommends products that align with the concept and are great for the hair.

Seriously, this post could go on forever…we’ve got hundreds of ideas for everything under the sun.  Come on by, we would love to have you!  (A big “thank you” to the Crafting Chicks for letting me blab over here!)


Gardening Tips

This may be too late for most of our readers, but if you have been slacking and haven’t gotten around to planting your flowers (ahem. me.) then this is for you! I have some nice Gardening Tips for you!

A nicely planted flower box is made up of the same design elements used in all forms of design–interior, graphic, fashion, floral and of course landscape!

The Rule of Odds:: Our brains like to see odd numbers. Even numbers look like they are fighting to balance each other. 1 spike, 3 geraniums, and 5 lobelia will result in a balanced basket.

Color:: Pick a color scheme, any color scheme you can’t go wrong. Monochromatic (one color), Analogous (colors next to each other on the color wheel), Complimentary (2 colors opposite on the color wheel) or Polychromatic (any and all colors).

Mix Textures:: Just like fabric has a texture, so do plants. Some plants have feathery leaves, and others have spiky. Texture will add another dimension to your container when the flowers aren’t at their best.

Height:: Plants grow different heights and it is important to know which is going to be your tallest and which is going to trail. The tags that come in the plants will tell you this. Plant the tallest in either the center of the pot or in the middle back depending on where the pot will be. Make sure your trailing plants go along the edge and fill in with medium sized plants.

Other things to consider::

  • plant flowers with the same light and water needs together
  • don’t plant deeper than the plant is already (in the container from the nursery). if you do it can cause the plant to die
  • don’t over water. plants like to go through wet and dry (but not too dry) cycles. roots need oxygen and they can’t get it when they are sitting in soggy soil all the time.

And there you have it, an extremely quick crash course in how to plant beautiful containers!

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