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If your kids are anything like mine they love to get a little dirty. I’ve been trying to think up ways that they can learn how to take care of plants through out the winter season but make it easy enough that they don’t get discouraged. I decided that a terrarium was the way to go.

I did some research and found that a succulent terrarium would be perfect. We went on the hunt for all the supplies.


You’ll need:


The first step is to have the kids scoop the small pebbles carefully into the jars. You just want to cover the bottom of the jar.


Next have the add the activated charcoal. Just enough to mostly cover the rocks. Make sure you have them use a scoop for this. The charcoal will make a mess.


Now have them scoop some potting soil into the jar.



Next add clippings of the succulents to the jars. I let my oldest cut her own to give her some more experience. Make sure to use adult supervision closely with this part.



Let the kids place the succulents inside the jar wherever they choose.


Add the figurines and spritz with water until moist.


And there you have it. A fun kid-friendly terrarium. They will love watching it grow.

Do you have your kids help with planting and gardening? What ways have you found are best to teach them?

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Hi! I’m Kimbo from a girl and a glue gun and I’m super excited to be here! I’ve got a super fun craft for you today–Kid painted garden markers…made from paint sticks! Kid Painted Garden Markers squash I did not steal these. I’m just a hoarder….(and it’s not limited to paint sticks.) So slowly and surely I’ve saved these….but I’m sure Home Depot would let you have some. Our store has the nicest workers! paint stick

I gave each a coat of spray paint to cover up the designs. (kids could do this with regular paint!) painted paint sticks

Then it was time for them to decorate! Here’s the things with letting your kids paint. They love it…and they start out decorating and making designs and then it slowly becomes covered with all the paint mixed together.

And that’s fine. I don’t like to micro manage–I want the kids to be able to create without me over their shoulder!

But I do have a little secret.–I don’t let them use any dark colors. One drop of brown or black and no matter what colors you have it’s going to look like poop (the color)

I try to use bright fun colors. And white is a great color! You could use any color and white and get many different shades!

Here is the color palette we used: paint colors

I have three kids so each one got to decorate 2 sticks. kid painting

After they get them all decorated…and those clumps of paint dried…I added some Expressions vinyl! Cut it out of Permanent outdoor vinyl with my Silhouette — supplies Added some transfer tape-

garden vegetable vinyl

Cut eat vegetable apart and peel up transfer tape with vinyl attached. peel up transfer tape Lay on project and rub to get a great stick.

rub vinyl with applicator tool

Then peel up the transfer tape and your vinyl will be on your paint sticks!

peel up expressions vinyl

(you can also have your kids write it with a sharpie!)
garden markers from paint sticks

They turned out so fun and colorful! I want to have them paint big canvas’s now! fun kids craft idea with paint fun fact: I had to ask on facebook if any of my neighbors had a garden that I could take pictures in…cause I don’t have one! ha! Thanks to my friend Jillian for letting me tromp through her yard! tomato garden maker corn plant marker diy

If you are looking for more fun kids crafts you can go here

and You can always follow me here: II twitter II facebook II bloglovin II instagram

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In the Garden with Kids - Activities and Printables - So many ideas!  Perfect for keeping the kids busy this summer!

To kick off our In the Garden with Kids Themed Week, we’ve got a great round up for you!  Printables, activities, games and more!

In the Garden with Kids


5 cool plants for kids from The Typical Mom

In the Garden with Kids - Activities and Printables - So many ideas!  Perfect for keeping the kids busy this summer!

Bean Teepee from Joyful Toddlers

In the Garden with Kids - Activities and Printables - So many ideas!  Perfect for keeping the kids busy this summer!

Seeds Mini-Book from Spell Out Loud

In the Garden with Kids - Activities and Printables - So many ideas!  Perfect for keeping the kids busy this summer!

Garden Hobbit House from Imagine Childhood

In the Garden with Kids - Activities and Printables - So many ideas!  Perfect for keeping the kids busy this summer!

Quick and colorful kids’ garden from K.I.S.S.

In the Garden with Kids - Activities and Printables - So many ideas!  Perfect for keeping the kids busy this summer!

Fairy garden from See Jamie Blog

In the Garden with Kids - Activities and Printables - So many ideas!  Perfect for keeping the kids busy this summer!

Soda bottle watering can from Mess for Less

In the Garden with Kids - Activities and Printables - So many ideas!  Perfect for keeping the kids busy this summer!

Easy plants to grow with children from Nurture Store

In the Garden with Kids - Activities and Printables - So many ideas!  Perfect for keeping the kids busy this summer!

Imaginative play garden from Frugal Fun for Boys

In the Garden with Kids - Activities and Printables - So many ideas!  Perfect for keeping the kids busy this summer!

Checklists and Printables from Lemon Lime Adventures

In the Garden with Kids - Activities and Printables - So many ideas!  Perfect for keeping the kids busy this summer!

Growing sunflowers from The Golden Gleam

In the Garden with Kids - Activities and Printables - So many ideas!  Perfect for keeping the kids busy this summer!

DIY Watering Can from One Creative Mommy

In the Garden with Kids - Activities and Printables - So many ideas!  Perfect for keeping the kids busy this summer!

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Mondays: We will be sharing the best learning ideas, crafts and more from our favorite sites that tie into our weekly theme.

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Fridays: Make sure you join each Friday to see what activities, supplies & other things you will need to plan your themed week at home.  We also will be having really cool giveaways each and every Friday of this series.

Hello, Crafting Chick friends! I’ve missed you guys! If we haven’t met yet, I’m Shelly from Dolen Diaries where I share my love of all things creative and creating with the ones I love. Today, I’m sharing arguably the easiest {no joke} DIY project you’ll ever do! I’m completely obsessed with this DIY Farmhouse Style Wood Box and you’re going to fall in love, too!

DIY Farmhouse Style Wood Box


  • 1 fence board 1 x 6″ x 6′ {we used reclaimed fencing we found on the side of the road}
  • hammer
  • galvanized roofing nails
  • tape measure
  • pencil
  • carpenters square
  • chop or cordless saw

reclaimed box pieces


  • 4 – 11.25″ {2 sides & 2 bottoms}
  • 2 – 12.75″ {sides}

diy wood box

Take one of the 11.25″ and both of the 12.75″ sides and set them up to be nailed together.

galvanized nails and reclaimed wood

Put two nails in each end of the 11.25″ board.

box sides

Nail one more the 11.25″ boards to the other end of the box to create a frame.

bottom of reclaimed box

Lay the last 11.25″ boards next to each other to create the bottom of the box. Slide the frame over the top of the “bottom”. The bottom will fit really tightly so you can set it up on end.

shabby chic decorative box

Nail through both of the longer sides of the box to attach the bottom to the frame.

farmhouse style wooden box

How much do you love this little farmhouse style wood box!?! I love the rustic personality of reclaimed wood, don’t you!?!

diy reclaimed boxes Collage

I loved this DIY Farmhouse Style Wood Box so much that I had to have 2 more!! These farmhouse style wood boxes are a must have for the summer! They make for a dreamy country summer chic buffet.

country summer treat photo

Or a sweet background for a sweet summer photo. They would be darling filled with a mason jar herb garden or even used as a planter. I have a hard time NOT thinking of ways to use them. Hmmm…I may be becoming a crazy farmhouse style box lady.

Pop on over to Dolen Diaries and check out my other DIY projects & crafts! See you next time!




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sm herb garden 1

We have loved using the Heidi Swapp’s Minc Machine to add Gold/Color Foil touches to our projects and prints. It makes any craft project, gift idea, or wall print pop!  The Gold Foil adds that fancy wow factor.  Last month we shared how to use the minc machine, and an adorable free Printable.  Today I’m sharing how to make a pretty indoor herb garden with Minc gold foil touches.

sm herb garden 6

I used Heidi Swapp’s Mini Cardstock Pinwheels and gift tags to spice up the indoor herb garden gift.  I love her kits because they are ready to go!  All you have to do is cut your foil to size and run it through your  Minc Machine.

sm herb garden 8

Here is the before and after (adding the foil) of the pinwheel designs.

sm herb garden 7

Fold the corners in and make the pinwheels.  All the instructions are in the kits.
sm herb garden 5 sm herb garden 4

I found pretty herb plants at Home Depot.  Cilantro, Sweet Basil, and Oregano…my favorites.  I potted them in silver pots from Ikea…the darling blue rectangle tray is from the Dollar store!

sm herb garden 3

Now add your fancy pinwheels and gift tags!  Such a cute indoor herb garden gift!  And the Minc machine helped me take it to a new level! sm herb garden 2

Here is a great video from Heidi Swapp on how to use the amazing Minc Machine!

*This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are 100% mine.
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Nothing says Spring quite like fresh flowers and…asparagus! Ok, maybe not asparagus, but look how great it looks in this Fresh Spring Centerpiece!

Fresh Spring Centerpiece

Here’s what I used:

-Rubber bands
-Jute Twine


I got the tulips from Walmart for less than $5! First, I arranged the flowers how I liked, put a rubber band around them to hold them in place and trimmed the stems to the height I wanted. Make sure that your ends are all the same length so it will set evenly on a table.


I used a toilet paper roll to add a little structure and to keep the tulips in place. Next, I trimmed all the asparagus. I used another rubber band around the toilet paper roll to hold the asparagus in place. Then I started adding the asparagus around the toilet paper roll.



Once all the asparagus was in place, I tied jute twine around the top and bottom and removed the rubber band.


I love tulips, but you could use any kind of flower and it would look great! I can’t wait to use this on my dining table! Heck, I might even cook! Make sure you come over to life preKARIous and see what other fun stuff I’ve got for Spring!


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Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year?  I know that a lot of time and hard work go into making this meal the best of the year.  I rarely host, but know that the hostess deserves a gift for everything she puts into this day. That’s why I decided to make a special gift for our hostess this year. I am excited to share this DIY Thanksgiving Hostess Gift Idea!

I found this tin at the Target dollar section and had to have it.  They had a few colors and I chose black because I wanted to use a gold Painters to accent it.

I jumped into my Cricut Design Space and found this fun one that is a “Make It Now” project.  I chose it and then chose the “Make it My Own” option so I could alter it to what I wanted.  I deleted the 4 extra layers and then cut it out on heavy card stock so I could use it as a stencil.


I took my Elmer’s Painters in Gold and began painting my design onto my tin.  I love these Painters.  They are so easy to use and very convent for projects like this.


Then I went and got some fun bring fall-ish flowers for the main gift.  I love the contrast between the yellow and black!


I think this gift will be a hit!

Do you take a gift to your hostess? What will you take this year?

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This post is sponsored by Michaels but all opinions are my own.

Wanna know a secret?  I actually really enjoy cooking. Yup. I hate cleaning up the mess, but sure love throwing a bunch of things together and eating the outcome.

Because of my fun hobby, I swear I spend a fortune on fresh herbs. I decided to remedy that by making my own herb garden.  Now I know this isn’t anything new or earth shattering, but I was searching for a fun idea on the Michaels website.  They now have online shopping and my new favorite feature is the one-click shopping lists.  This is where you see a project you want to make and you click a button and it loads EVERYTHING you would need for that project into your cart.  You can go through your cart and delete something you may have already, or change paint colors, but you don’t have to search or think about all those little things you might need!  I think this is genius! 

So I found the chalkboard clay pots and decided these would be so fun for my herb garden.  I added in an extra paint color and I was done!  It was that easy to get everything ordered! Now I just had to wait for the box to arrive at my house. (I love that I didn’t have to leave my house to do this!)


The instructions for the project are right on the Michaels website too.  The projects are so fun and easy that you can throw your own twist to it and make it exactly what you want.

I wanted to add in a bit more color so I added Sea Glass from Martha Stewart Multi-Purpose Satin Acrylic Paint. I love how the Sea Glass paint makes the green of the herbs pop.

I also added a the Sea Glass around the chalkboard picks.  I loved that pop of color on there too!



So what herbs do you use most?

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Over the years I’ve learned that people are on either side of the yardwork fence, you either love it or you despise it. I’m a yard work junkie and find great satisfaction in having a weed free yard with a trimmed lawn and blooming flowers. Yesterday, I mowed our lawn for the first time this year! So to kick off the growing season here are 11 posts from around the web with information to get your yard and garden looking great!

5-Tips-for-First-Time-Gardeners If you don’t know where to begin, check out these tips from Cottage at the Crossroads


Sherelle has beautiful photos of her garden and the produce she raises. Even those with a black thumb will be wanting to grow garden produce like she does. They even have their own greenhouse–which I’m pretty envious of.


This potted wall is a great way to bring color into a small space by Better Homes and Gardens

RMS-kmphelps_window-box-coleus-Supertunias-geraniums-Superbells-fuschia_s3x4_lg Find tips on how to plant amazing container gardens from HGTV.


This seed book by Lovely Greens is a great way to keep your seed packets organized, and help you know what you already have when you go to the seed store.


Sara from Our Best Bites shows how to create raised garden beds from start to finish.


The family Handy Man shows how to bring your grass from neglected to the greenest on the block.

PicMonkey Collage Creating curb appeal by Love of Family and Home.

90 Included in HGTV’s top garden trends of 2014 are gardening apps that let you plan before you do. This looks like a fun way to plan before you head to the nursery.


When choosing plants for your yard don’t focus so much on the color that you forget about the smells! Read more about planting a fragrant path on

100684120.jpg.rendition.largest The hot summer heat can leave yards looking sad. This post on shares a plan for heat-resistant plants that will look great all summer.

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