2016 Scripture Reading Charts

It’s become a tradition of sorts started by Kirsten about 5 years ago to share these scripture reading charts with our readers. And we know you look forward to them because the emails have been coming in! If you are new to the chart, the goal is to read from the scriptures every day. The 2016 Scripture Reading Chart let’s you mark the days that you read. You’ll soon find that you don’t want a blank day on the calendar. The hearts are to track Family Home Evenings, and the months at the bottom are to track temple attendance. This year I created 1 with the primary theme for the year on it and another with this year’s mutual theme. Both are available in 8.5×11″ or 16×20″ so you can choose which will be best in your home.

Primary Version

2016 Scripture Reading Chart with Primary Theme

primary_smallbutton primary_bigbutton

The “consistency is the key” quote at the bottom is taken from a conference talk by Elder David A. Bednar. In the talk he addresses regular family prayers and scripture study. He says that often it seems that it isn’t making a difference, but consistency of our intent and work was perhaps the greatest lesson. And that if you asked there sons they most likely won’t remember a defining moment, but they will remember that they had scripture study and family prayers.

We use the foil stars stickers to mark our days with.

Mutual Version


2016 Scripture Reading Chart with Mutual Theme

mutual_smallbutton mutual_bigbutton

With all of the Holiday craziness, it is so easy for all of us to get distracted from what the real meaning of Christmas is…Christ.  We are sharing 5 ideas and ways to bring the true spirit of Christ into your home this Christmas.

5 Ways to Bring Christ in Christmas…

Soft Enough for a King

We love this sweet book and set.  It is called Soft Enough for a King and is a Christmas Tradition of Service that you can begin with your family.  We started this with my family this week and my kids are so excited to do acts of service.  Our family read the sweet story of little Abe who is doing acts of Service for others…and ultimately Jesus.  This is a great way to kick off the Christmas season this week.  You can read more at

5 Ways to Bring Christ into Christmas soft enough 1 soft enough 2

Family Traditions

Love is what I think about when I think about Jesus.  He was the perfect example of Love.  A way we bring LOVE into our home during the Christmas season is through family traditions and activities.  I love bringing our family together for fun outings & activities.  Here are a few of our favorite traditions.

Seeing the Lights

Our family loves to go see the lights in our city and other nearby cities.  It is often to cold to walk through the lights, so we go for lots of “hot cocoa and Christmas lights” drives.   Here is a fun Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt that you can add to your Christmas drive this year.

Christmas-Lights-Scavenger-Hunt-Printable Gingerbread Houses with Cousins.  My kids LOVE this and especially sharing this fun activity with their cousins.  sm gingerbread house 4

The White Stocking for Jesus.

Not sure where we first heard of this tradition, but it has been such a great thing for our extended family on Christmas Eve.  We each write down a few goals or things we need to work on in the coming year.  We add these slips of paper to the “White Sock” as a gift for Jesus on Christmas Eve.  Our family also looks back on the last years’ goals.  We love this! sm stocking 6

Service Countdown

‘Tis the Season to Serve.  Most families have some sort of Christmas Advent or Countdown that they do together each year.  Try slipping these little Service Ideas into each Advent pocket or Box.  We did this service countdown last year and it really helped our family to remember Jesus and how grateful we all for all we have.  My kids loved getting in on the service action!

sm service list
Christmas Service Countdown sm service countdown 1

12 Days of Christmas for Someone

We just shared gift ideas for the 12 days of Christmas this week.  My family finds an older woman in our neighborhood, and we leave them little goodies 12 days in a row.  We love to find someone who could use a little extra love this Christmas season.

Can you imagine how happy this 12 days idea could make someone you know?  Maybe someone who needs to be uplifted and loved this Christmas season.  We are excited for our round this year!  The kids love getting in on it…and they LOVE being my secret elves.

sm 12 days all 3 sm 12 days all 1

Display a Nativity

Our family has a Nativity we display each year.  We put it in a place for all to see…and so we can remember each day what Christmas is about.

King of Kings from kiki and company 1 King of Kings Printable  You can download this free printable from our Kiki & Company to add to your Nativity Display this year. King of Kings from kiki and company 2


This post is sponsored by American Crafts. All opinions are my own.

I'm Going There Someday Foil Temple Print

I’m Going There Someday Foil Temple Print

I’ve been playing around with the Heidi Swapp™ Minc™ machine and I’m in love with it! It is so much fun! My girls watched in amazement as I would place a piece of paper covered in foil in the sleeve, run it through the machine and voila! A beautiful foiled picture would emerge! Too fun!

I decided to make a temple print for my daughter’s rooms so they can see it everyday.


I found a clipart silhouette of the Salt Lake City, Utah Temple. I then added the “I’m going there someday,” to the bottom in a script and also a fun block font.


It was tricky to decide on the foil color so I did a few different ones and ended up loving them all but the silver with the turquoise stole my heart.


Block Font Script Font


Encircled in the Arms of My Love Inspiring Printable


You know that we love to share an inspiring printable with you the first Sunday of each month and I’m so happy it’s my turn so I can wish you Happy Easter Sunday!    I sure hope that your Easter has been wonderful so far.  Mine has been spent with family and friends being reminded of the amazing gift our Savior gave to us.

I found this quote:

“At this Easter season we are reminded of why we love Him and of the promise He makes to His faithful disciples to become His beloved friends. The Savior made that promise and told us how, in our service to Him, He comes to us. … ‘Be faithful and diligent in keeping the commandments of God, and I will encircle thee in the arms of my love’ (D&C 6:20). I experienced the joy of coming closer to the Savior and of His coming closer to me most often through simple acts of obedience to the commandments.”

—Henry B. Eyring, ““Come unto Me”

I loved the scripture quoted and wanted to have it to remind me that I can be encircled in the arms of His love.  That thought is so beautiful to me.  I hope you enjoy it too and have made the printable available below.



All printables are property of The Crafting Chicks, LLP.  For personal noncommercial use only.

Here are some other prints that will help inspire you.

General Conference Cash from Somewhat Simple for all those participating in LDS General Conference.


The Most Important Work printable from Lil Luna


True Happiness Printable from Jamie

sm true happiness quote


Jellyfish Friendship Bracelets

Back in the day I was the queen of friendship bracelets. I remember spending my summers sitting with my sister and best friend working on the coolest bracelets ever! But this is one style of friendship bracelet we didn’t know about back then – the Jellyfish Friendship Bracelet. It’s call the Jellyfish Bracelet because the embroidery floss hangs down, like jellyfish tentacles while you’re making it.

Jellyfish Bracelets

It’s a little different type of bracelet because it uses this handy dandy wheel. I designed one and cut it of cardstock out on my Cricut Explore (using the pen and cut).

Jellyfish Bracelets

You can download the svg template to import into Cricut Design Space or use in Silhouette Studio.


Jellyfish Bracelets

You’ll need 7 strands of embroidery floss, each 20″ long


Tie the strands together, leaving a tail so you’ll be able to tie it once finished, and run them through the center hole.


The wheel has 8 slits, so leaving the one with START above it empty, run 1 strand through each of the slits. Then, beginning with the Start slit, or the empty one, count left 3 strands. Which is the left mint strand here.


Take that strand and move it into the empty slot.



Then rotate the wheel so the empty slot is once again at the bottom, and count up 3 strands.


Move it down to the empty slot, and continue turning the wheel and counting up 3 strands. That’s all there is to it!


Soon you’ll have a bracelet emerging in the center of the Jellyfish!

Jellyfish Bracelets

My cute niece made her  first YouTube video showing how to make these. Please hop over and show her some love!

Jellyfish Bracelets

Jellyfish Bracelets

sm album 1

Add this image/quote to any photo album or scrapbook! It is the perfect quote to go with documenting your sweet life! This is also a great gift idea for loved ones.  I made this in Cricut design space and cut out the vinyl with my Cricut Explore. It’s the perfect DIY Photo Album Cover!

sm album cover 3 sm album cover 2



-Cricut Explore Machine

-Cricut Design Space software

-12×12 standard grib cutting mat

-Vinyl (your choice of color)

-Mini Photo Album

-scoring blade


Find your album and decide on the size for the front. My design is 6×6 inches. Load your vinyl onto the cutting mat and into the cricut explore.


Cut the vinyl using the appropriate settings.


Remove the vinyl lettering and image and place on the front of your album.


I’m here today sharing our inspirational quote!

I think this quote is perfect for the first Sunday in January.  Most things in life don’t happen immediately.  I know the internet has made us want everything now, but the most important things in life are build, “Slowly by slowly, small by small.”  Don’t get discouraged, and don’t be hard on yourself.  Just do your best and work everyday and soon enough you can reach your goals. I am excited to offer this Slowly by Slowly, Small By Small Free Printable!


This download is for 4 smaller prints on an 8.5x 11 page.


And this one is for an 8×10 size.


And if you missed last month, Nikkala shared her Family Scripture Reading Chart.


And our friend Kristen Duke is sharing these fun Scripture Memorization printables!



All printables are property of The Crafting Chicks, LLP.  For personal noncommercial use only.

You can read more about What We Believe here!



This is the 4th year we’ve shared the Scripture Reading Chart and many of you have been asking for one for 2015!

You can read Kirsten’s experiences and advice for 2012, 2013, and 2014. If this is your first year using the chart, here are some tips to help it become successful for your family!



  1. BE ACCOUNTABLE: This is the BEST SECRET of them all, I tell ya…use this one page CALENDAR CHART that represents the whole year!!!!!! A gap on our reading chart iss enough to muster up the umph to read each night, and how we didn’t anticipate that we would be motivated by that, but it worked.
  2. USE COLORED STICKERS & make it a game: This was also a main key for us. The child that was the most well-behaved got to choose the sticker for the chart that night. This was a major motivator for our kids.
  3. CHOOSE THE SAME TIME EACH DAY TO READ: For us, the time of day we chose wasn’t exactly at a specific specific time, but right before bed which was around the same time each night. If you can choose the same time each day that works best for your family, you are really setting yourselves up for success.
  4. KEEP YOUR EXPECTATIONS LOW: Ok this is one of those times that low expectations are GREAT. The kids are going to be rowdy, mean, ornery, and not want to do it at times…hang in there :). There should be a level of respect while reading, from my point of view, but it’s not going to be perfect. Sometimes the best things are HARD, until it’s a habit.


Besides daily scripture reading you can also keep track of your Family Home Evenings with the hearts and temple attendance with the months at the bottom.






2016 Scripture Reading Charts 2016 Scripture Reading Chart is now available!

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