Cooking & In the Kitchen Books for Kids

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Cooking & In the Kitchen Books for Kids

Cooking & In the Kitchen Books for Kids

Cooking-in-the-Kitchen books for kids

I’m excited to kick off In The Kitchen Week with all these fun books for kids. This might be one of my favorite weeks because I love to be in the kitchen cooking with my kids. I love to teach them skills that come with cooking. It’s also a great time to have fun chats here and there about life and what’s going on with them.

Snag these books online or grab them at the library and get ready to have fun in the kitchen.


cooking cook a doodle doo

Good Enough To Eat

cooking good enough to eat

On Top of Spaghetti

cooking on top of spaghetti

Peanut Butter and Jelly

cooking peanut butter and jelly

Pizza at Sally’s

cooking pizza at Sally's

The Doorbell Rang

cooking the doorbell rang

The Food Parade

cooking the food parade

The Little Red Hen (Makes a Pizza)

cooking the little red hen makes a pizza

Cooking with the Cat

cooking with the cat

Betty Crocker Kids Cook!

cooking kids cook

Better Homes and Gardens New Junior CookBook

cooking new junior cook book

The Children’s Step-by-Step CookBook

cooking children's step by step cook book Do you have any books to add to our list? Leave a comment and let us know what your favorites are.

Time Machine App


I’m trying really hard to teach my kids to look outside of themselves. Often (like always) we (including me) get wrapped up in our own problems which quickly leads to feeling sorry for ourselves. And while we all face challenges, it is easier to deal with our own if we are able to help others dealing their own problems. Which is probably why I was so excited to learn about Time Machine.


Time Machine is free app that let’s you support causes and raise awareness, while performing simple acts of services. You can choose your cause and from there check off tasks to earn minutes. Every cause also gives out prizes for participating. So while you are helping them, there is also an incentive to keep going. And these aren’t your school carnival prizes–we’re talking hotel stays, Cafe Rio meals for a month, Imagine Dragon tickets, and lots of other cool stuff!



The tasks are simple and some are even fun! I chose “Life is for Living” which is for Team Ashlee. Ashlee is a young mom of 3 kids who was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Instead of giving up, Ashlee is on a journey to live life to it’s fullest and wants to raise awareness who are on the same path. Here are some of the tasks you can do to earn minutes.  One task was to read an article of how to support friends with cancer, which was a really, really good article. My kids are super excited to do the cookie bandit challenge!

The app makes it easy to think of others! All I have to do is pull out my phone and click for a great idea.


From now until July 28, we’re going to start spending time and making change. Download Time Machine on iOS for free to get the most of out of your minutes and qualify to win a VIP experience with Imagine Dragons.
1. Get the App. Time Machine is free on iOS. Go get it in the App Store.
2. Do the Time. Create real change, learn through experience, have some fun. This is your time.
3. Share the Love. Share your Time to support the Tyler Robinson Foundation, the Progeria Research and our other charity partners.
4. Enjoy the Karma. Learn something, help someone, create a memory or win rewards. When you give Time, you get Karma.

Disclosure: We were given Imagine Dragon tickets in exchange for this post. All opinions are mine, and I wholeheartedly support helping others.


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Forest Animal Shadow Puppets

Hi everyone! My name is Cindy and you can find me over at Skip to my Lou. I blog about kids crafts, easy sewing projects, handmade gift ideas and recipes. I hope you will come visit me if you are looking for more fun crafts and activities.
skip to my lou blog

Shadow puppets can be the perfect camping activity. Can you imagine flashing these animals on the side of your tent?

animal shadow puppets for flashlights

These shadow puppets are super simple to make. Download the animal silhouettes. Print on cardstock. Gather some skewers, tape, scissors and a flashlight.

{Animal Silhouettes}
flashlight shadow supplies Cut out the silhouettes and tape them to skewers.

animal silhouettes for shadows

Once it is dark take the flashlight and shine it on the paper silhouette. You will see the silhouette displayed on the wall. The further away the bigger it gets.

shadow puppets

A fun way to keep kids entertained once the sun goes down!

animal shadow puppets

It is easy to keep these simple supplies on hand so they could be made at any time. What a perfect sleepover activity too! You might like to browse this list of 50 Boredom busters crafts and activities to also keep kids busy and engaged.


Lets keep in touch! Sign up to get crafty ideas, recipes, sewing tutorials and more delivered right to your inbox. Follow Skip to My Lou on FB and Google+ to find out the latest news! Join me at Pinterest and Instagram for an extra dose of fun!

Camping Activities and Printables

Camping Activities and Printables - So many summer activities for the kids!  Love these!

To kick off our Camping Themed Week, we’ve got a great round up for you!  Printables, activities, games and more!


Natural Paintbrushes from Learn Create Love

Camping Activities and Printables - So many summer activities for the kids!  Love these!

Camping Themed Story Stones from Playdough to Plato

Camping Activities and Printables - So many summer activities for the kids!  Love these!

Dramatic Play from Pre K-Pages

Camping Activities and Printables - So many summer activities for the kids!  Love these!

Pinecone Owls from Crafts By Amanda

Camping Activities and Printables - So many summer activities for the kids!  Love these!

DIY Solar Oven from I Can Teach My Child

Camping Activities and Printables - So many summer activities for the kids!  Love these!

Walking Sticks from The Crafting Chicks

Camping Activities and Printables - So many summer activities for the kids!  Love these!

Glow in the Dark Jars from A Girl and A Glue Gun

Camping Activities and Printables - So many summer activities for the kids!  Love these!

Tabletop S’mores from The Crafting Chicks

Camping Activities and Printables - So many summer activities for the kids!  Love these!

Camping Scavenger Hunt from The Creative Homemakers

Camping Activities and Printables - So many summer activities for the kids!  Love these!

Leaf Rubbing Collages from Mama Papa Bubba

Camping Activities and Printables - So many summer activities for the kids!  Love these!

Silly Stories from Classy Clutter

Camping Activities and Printables - So many summer activities for the kids!  Love these!

Camping Preschool Unit from A Teaching Mommy

Camping Activities and Printables - So many summer activities for the kids!  Love these!

Camping Pack from Homeschool Creations

Camping Activities and Printables - So many summer activities for the kids!  Love these!

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DIY Sunglasses and Accessories Bag

DIY Sunglasses and Accessories Bag – personalized pre-made (or you can sew your own) muslin bag with fun bright paint colors.  It’s the perfect bag to store your sunglasses and girly accessories.

DIY Sunglasses and Accessories Bag - great for on the go or in the car

Hello there!  It’s Katie from The Casual Craflete blog.  I am excited to share how to make your own DIY Sunglasses and Accessories bag.  These bags are super fun and easy to make.  I have a tendency to throw my sunglasses in my purse or in the car and they always end up getting scratched.  The worst is whenever you put your sunglasses on and there’s a big ol scratch right in the middle of your vision.  Also, my accessories are always at the bottom of my purse and I can never find what I am looking for.  So, I made a cute solution to my problems using a pre-made muslin bag, fun paint colors, paint brushes and Q-tips.  These DIY sunglasses and accessories bags are the perfect bag to keep in the car or in your purse.

Use supplies around the house to make a fun bag for your sunglasses and accessories

Here are the supplies I used:

  • Pre-made 3 x 5 muslin bags (I buy mine here) or you can sew your own
  • Scrap cardstock
  • Paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Q-tips

Here is how I made the bags:

Personalize a small bag with fun pops of color - perfect for storing your sunglasses and girly accessories

 First, I started by placing a piece of scrap cardstock inside the bag.  The paint will bleed through and you want to make sure to protect the other side of the bag when painting.  Next, I made a cross design and an arrow design using fun acrylic paints and a paint brush.  I just free-handed the designs.  These bags are supposed to look hand painted and fun, so perfection is not required.  HAVE FUN!

Add a painted confetti look to a muslin bag using paint and Q-tips

Another technique I wanted to show you, is what a call confetti.  You simply dab Q-tips into the paints, then dab the bag where you want.  This is a fun and random way to make the bag look like it is covered in confetti.

DIY hand painted sunglasses and accessories bags

Here is the final look of the bags.  I choose some bright summery colors, but you can use whatever colors you like or have on hand.  I think they turned out super cute!

DIY Hand Painted Sunglasses and Accessories Bag

 Put your girly accessories in the bags to keep from getting lost in your purse and car.

DIY Sunglasses Pouch

Now your favorite pair of sunnies will be protected with a super cute bag.  I painted a geometric wood bead and tied it to the strings on the bag.  This just added another fun pop of color and texture to the already adorable bag.

I hope I have inspired you to create your own DIY Sunglasses and Accessories Bag!  Have fun this summer!!!

I Whale-y Love You Notebook

I Whale-y Love You Notebook

I think I’m in love! My daughter was wearing some whale pajamas this week and I kept saying, “I Whale-y Love you!” We both laughed and then I had to do something about that cute little saying. So here you go. My answer is this “I Whale-y love you!” notebook.

I used my Cricut to cut out the vinyl and it was so super easy. I’ll even share the Cricut file here for you so you can jump in your Cricut Design Space and make one too.


First off you’ll need to snag a cute notebook with a plan cover.  I found these cute craft paper ones at Michaels. They came in a 3 pack so you can make some for gifts.

Next, I used the Brights Sample pack of vinyl from Cricut. I loved the Teal and Pink together. Such fun bright colors.


Use the Cricut to cut it all out. Use some transfer tape to place the vinyl on the notebook in the way that you like. I would like to mention how much I LOVE my Cricut Tools especially the weeder tool. It’s my favorite.


And there you have it. A cute notebook dressed up with a little vinyl. Ready to write in or gift to a friend.

If you have been wanting a Cricut now is the time! Make some eggnog and hang some lights because it’s Christmas in July at Cricut! In addition to great sales on Cricut Explore machines and digital items, it’ll make you very merry to know that Cricut is also re-releasing retired cartridges in limited quantities, including: Songbird, Very Merry Tags, Christmas Cards, Dinosaur Tracks and 50 States.

They are also offering an  extra $10 off Cricut Explore Air Everything Set with code EVERYTHING10 and an extra 20% off any digital item with code 20DIGIT15.

Take advantage of this huge sale today and have all your crafting projects ready to go in time for the winter holidays! Plus, you’ll get free shipping with the code JULYSHIP!

Happy crafting!

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DIY Moon Rocks

As a child, I always wanted to see a Moon Rock. There’s just something fascinating about the moon and outer space. So when my son started asking questions about that big ol’ rock in the sky, I decided to make our own version with these DIY Moon Rocks.

This easy play recipe takes some Moon Sand and adds a bit more moisture to make it moldable to form into rocks. We made them black with some shiny glitter to simulate the sun reflecting off the surface of the moon.

DIY Moon Rocks

DIY Moon Rocks

What you need to make DIY Moon Rocks:

  • 4 cups baking soda
  • 1/4 cup water
  • Gold and Silver glitter
  • Black food coloring

In a large plastic bin, mix together the baking soda and water. Add lots of glitter and some food coloring and stir together.

You can let your kids explore this easy Moon Sand for a bit (warning: their hands will get messy because of the food coloring!), or you can go right to making your rocks.

Mold the sand with your hand to shape it into rocks. We pressed our fingers into it to form craters on the surface.

Allow to dry overnight.

DIY Moon Rocks 3 copy DIY Moon Rocks 2 copy

The rocks will be brittle, but kids will love examining them!

They’re much prettier than the Moon Rocks retrieved by astronauts aboard the six landing Apollo missions. Those rocks are stored at the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

My son loved learning about the rocks, and how they have to be kept in Nitrogen so that they won’t get moisture. We talked about how adding moisture to the Moon Rocks would change their composition and cause them to fall apart. We even tried adding some water to our own DIY Moon Rocks!

Now that you’ve made Moon Rocks, share photos with us on our Facebook page. Then, head over to our blog for even more space activities for kids!

sm mother hen space


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DIY Moon Rocks

Rocket Skewers

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Crayon Resist Space Art

We Love Steph from Crafting in the Rain.  Today she is here sharing a fun art project for Space week.

I knew right away what I wanted to do for my post in Space Week here on Crafting Chicks. This crayon resist space craft is great for all ages. You’ll want to join right in with your kids!

You just need a few supplies:
Crayons (name brand works best)
White cardstock
Black water color or watered down craft paint
Paper towels

Start by coloring a space scene on the cardstock. Stars, planets, shooting stars, rockets, aliens, etc. Color them in completely with the crayons.

Brush over the whole paper with the black water color. The waxy crayon won’t absorb the paint and it beads up a little.  

Pat with a paper towel to clean off paint that beads up on the crayon.

Let dry, and display your beautiful space picture. 

This is how Asher’s turned out! Notice how he used a white crayon to make the moon?

Thanks for having me and I hope you’ll have fun with this space craft! And you might also like this bright and colorful planet mobile I made a while ago.

Image Map

sm mother hen space


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Crayon Resist Space Art

DIY Moon Rocks

Rocket Skewers

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Summer Slimdown Giveaway

Summer is here and that means it time to pay more attention to our health and fitness – and get our bodies in shape for those pretty bathing suits, shorts and fun summer dresses we love to wear!

To celebrate being healthy fit this summer, we joined forces with some of our favorite bloggers for a fabulous

Summer Slimdown Giveaway!

with some fun workout gear and a complete exercise and nutrition program to keep us healthy and in summer slimdown shape.

Summer Slimdown Giveaway


Prizes 1

3 piece workout outfit from Fabletics

(Winner chooses the size and color of their workout tank, capri, and headband!)

Sports bra from Victoria’s Secret

(Winner chooses the size and color of their sports bra!)

Nike Free training shoes

(Winner chooses the size and color of their shoes!)

Prizes 2

Fitbit Flex Wristband

Yoga Mat

(Winner chooses the color of their yoga mat!)

Contigo Water Bottle

(Winner chooses the color of their water bottle!)


(Winner chooses the color of their FlipBelt!)

Wireless Earphones


Prizes 3

21 Day Fix Challenge Pack

(Includes a 30 day supply of Shakeology, 6 30-minute workouts on 2 DVDs,

AND a 21-day portion control nutrition system- including 7 color-coded containers.)

That’s OVER a $500 value!


1. Click to follow each blogger on Pinterest…

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Setting for Four

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The Crafting Chicks

Lil Luna


The Idea Room

Oh Sweet Basil

Lauren’s Latest

2. Then enter using the widget below…

Summer Slimdown Giveaway

Good Luck!

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Back Yard Bug Snacks

Hi there! I am Laura from Inspiration for Moms and I’m thrilled to be visiting you today! I have the perfect snack for our Bug themed week. My Back Yard Bug Snacks have a little something for every bug lover. Your kids will totally enjoy creating these easy eatable butterflies, caterpillars and ladybugs.

Back Yard Bug Snacks


Let’s start with those nutty Butterflies. Slice a few celery sticks, fill with peanut butter and top with some pretzels. Finish it off with a few candy eyes to make these flying bugs complete.

Butterfly Bug Snack

Who doesn’t love a sweet caterpillar? This crawling bug is simply made with a wood skewer, some grapes, two candy eyes and a little icing gel. Love that smile! 😉

Caterpillar Bug Snack

And of course, every back yard has a ladybug or two. A cracker topped with provolone cheese holds a cherry tomato with a black olive and a few candy eyes. I speckled the tomatoes with icing gel. Tip: If you don’t think the sweetness would compliment this snack you could always use an edible black marker instead.

Ladybug Snack

I have to confess that out of all the Back Yard Bug snacks, the ladybugs are my favorite. They’re so cute!

All are great for “sneaking” more fruits and vegetables into your little ones diet. (Your kids will never know.) They’ll just be thinking about how their mom is so cool because she lets them eat bugs! 😉

Back Yard Bug Snacks1

Happy Bug Snacking everyone!

I would love for you to stop by Inspiration for Moms and say Hi! And be sure to check out my most popular posts:

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Back Yard Bug Snacks

Prep Time: 10 minutes Total Time: 10 minutes

For Butterflies

  • celery stalks
  • peanut butter
  • mini pretzels
  • candy eyes

For Caterpillar

  • grape
  • wooden skews
  • candy eyes
  • icing gel or edible black marker

For Ladybug

  • crackers
  • cheese
  • grape tomatoes
  • black olives
  • candy eyes
  • icing gel or edible black marker


For Butterfly

Rinse and cut your celery into 3-4 inch slices. Apply peanut butter into the middle and insert two mini pretzels. Then add two candy eyes.

For Caterpillar

Rinse and dry about 20 grapes. Carefully skew the grapes. Using the icing gel, draw a smile. Then add two candy eyes.

For Ladybug

Use your cracker as a guide to size your cheese. Place the cheese on top of the cracker. Cut grape tomato almost in half, leaving a tiny connection at one end. Open and lay flat on the cheese. Cut a black olive in half and place upside down at top of the tomato. Place the eyes in side the black olive and add the spots with icing gel.


sm mother hen bugs


Be sure to check out the other bug projects from this week!

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