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Father's Day Handprint Tree 2016 It seems like every year I get an email earlier and earlier to see if we are posting a new Father’s Day Handprint Tree. Well, no need to email or worry because here it is, Father’s Day Handprint Tree 2016.


All you’ll need is:


Begin by painting your child’s hand with the green paint of your choice. It’s tricky with little ones, so make sure you have wipes on hand.


Carefully place their hand on the tree and press gently on each finger so that the print is nice and shows up.


So cute huh! Since I have 3 girls, they each get a branch. If you have more kids, you can add more handprints and make a bigger tree. If you have less kids, have them do more hands.


I’m kinda in love with these and so are my girls. They love to give them as gifts. And I think the grandpa’s love them too.

Here’s another link to the download. Remember all printables are property of The Crafting Chicks, LLP. Please do not alter or claim as your own. It’s good karma to leave a comment when downloading.
Each download will open in a new window. You can print from that window, or save by right clicking and saving there.

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Mother's Day Handprint Flower 2016

I’m a sucker for anything handprint from my girls. I love seeing the growth from year to year through their hands. You probably know this because I like to post project and gift ideas using handprints. Of course I had to make another Mother’s Day Handprint Flower Printable for 2016.

These always make a fun gift for grandmas too because it’s one of a kinda artwork from their favorite children.

They are quick but can be messy so I suggest having some wet wipes nearby. Also, clothes that are okay to have paint on them, and a surface that could get paint on it. 😉


Other then the suggestions above, you’re going to need the free printable, which you can download below, some paint, a paper plate to put the paint on, and a paint brush.


Paint your child’s hand so that you can control the amount. Then they can place the hand on a stem.


You can also let them use their creativity to make flowers with their fingers or thumbs.


This can get on the messy side so beware and have your wipes handy.


I loved watching how she made each flower.



A fun little action shot of her showing me her painted thumb.


And there you have it. You can have each child complete one page each, or have each child do only one flower. This project is so fun and each one is unique.

To download the 3 stem option click below

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And to download the 4 stem option click below

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All printables are property of The Crafting Chicks, LLP. Not for resale or commercial use. If posting please link back. And if you download it’s good karma to leave a comment.

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Hello, if you are coming over from Skip to My Lou, please scroll down for the download!

Science Teacher Gift Idea - Periodic Element Thank You

Teacher Appreciation week is coming up and I’ve been trying to think of a thoughtful gift to give when I saw these Method Pink Grapefuit Cleaners caught. These are my all time favorite cleaner (they’re even on my Amazon subscribe and save). Nothing freshens up a room like a citrus scent! And well, kids are messy and smelly so I figured teachers will appreciate it as much as mom’s do. When giving teacher gifts I aim for a consumable, something they can enjoy and use up so it doesn’t create clutter. And I try to not give treats or food, unless I know what their favorites are.

Science Teacher Gift Idea - Periodic Element Thank You

Pick up a couple bottles of this, get one for you and one for the teacher! Download the printable of choice, I have a Thank You and a Best Teacher one to choose from, have your student write a sweet message, tape it on and your Periodic Element Teacher Appreciation Gift is ready to go!

Science Teacher Gift Idea - Periodic Element Thank You

The made up Periodic Elements go right along with the fun science pattern on the back and sides of the wrapper.

Science Teacher Gift Idea - Periodic Element Thank You

Download the Best Teacher Tag Below:

Download Black

Science Teacher Gift Idea - Periodic Element Thank You

Download the Thank You Element (as seen on Skip to My Lou below:

Download Black

Periodic Element Teacher Gift Idea - Scientific Thank You Printable

Find more teacher appreciation ideas below:

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RedBox Teacher Gift

sm teacher kit pinnable

Teacher Emergency Kit

Pencil Posies Flower Topped Pencils

Vintage Trailer Remodel - Retro Trailer - This is SO cute! Love this glamper!!

I’m Amy.  I work with The Crafting Chicks on the back side of their blog.  Years ago my cousins and I had a little blog to share all of our crafty projects.  We got busy and the blog disappeared.  But I still love to craft.  And I still get to work with the wonderful Crafting Chicks!

My parents have a piece of property that they stay at over the summers.  The grand kids just LOVE to go camping out there too.  Think…. 4 wheelers, zipline and archery range… yep.  The kids (and adults) LOVE it!

Last summer my parents were given a 1972 Rancho el Rae Camper Trailer.  The idea was to slap some paint on it and turn it into a guest house for their property.  As soon as I saw this trailer, I knew it needed to become a Glamper!  Let me show you what we did… (with links to tutorials that will help you to do the same!)

Retro Camping Trailer Remodel


The base of the trailer was in fairly good condition.  But boy oh boy, was it dated.  (Don’t you just love that carpet?!  Yikes!)  We liked the aqua trim.  But the dark paneling, carpet and floral print just had to go.

Vintage Trailer Remodel - Retro Trailer - This is SO cute! Love this glamper!!



What a difference!  Oh it turned out SO cute!  The color.  The light.  The retro feel.

Love. Love. Love!

Vintage Trailer Remodel - Retro Trailer - This is SO cute! Love this glamper!!

Vintage camper trailer

Vintage Camper Trailer

Retro Camper Trailer

Patching Holes

If you’ve got an old trailer, you know that you’ve got to do some repairs.  We had some water damage.  So my amazing Dad jumped in and started patching holes.  Here is a great tutorial to walk you through the process:  Patching Holes.

Camper Trailer Remodel - Patching holes


A little bit of paint makes a HUGE difference.  The white opened up the space and gave it a completely different feel.  The red drawers gave it that pop of color we were looking for.

Painting a Camper Trailer


The first thing to come out was that carpet. Yikes!

We just fell in love with the black and white checkered tiles!  So much easier to clean and so fun!

Here is a great tutorial for installing new flooring:  Trailer Flooring.

Camper Trailer Remodel - Flooring

Reupholstering Cushions

Our polka dot cushions turned out beautiful!  We used Riley Blake Fabric.  The cushions are a Home Decor fabric called Medium White Dot on Black.   If you haven’t used their fabric before, you are missing out!  Oh my!  It’s like sewing with clouds.  Truly.  (I just did another project without Riley Blake Fabric… it was like working with sand paper.  Awful!  I’ll be sticking with Riley Blake.)

Luckily, the kitchen table cushions were in great condition once we flipped them over.  Now the Aqua color shows beautifully.

My Mom tackled the bedroom cushions.  And they were a beast.  But she’s a miracle worker and they turned out adorable!!  The couch that folds into a bed was super complicated.

Here is a tutorial to help you with cushions:  Cushion Tutorial.

Camper Trailer Cushion Remodel


The curtains are Riley Blake fabric as well.  We needed to double the material on the curtains, since the windows don’t have blinds.  We wanted the trailer to be light and bright during the day, have privacy at night, and keep the sun from peaking in during the early morning hours.  We made curtains ties to hold the curtains open during the day.  We attached the ties to the curtain on one side (so they don’t get lost) and they just velcro together in the back.

In the bedroom part of the trailer we used Four Corners Teal, Medium Dots Black, and White Swiss Dot on Black.

In the kitchen part of the trailer we used: Small Red Gingham, Medium Dots Black, and White Swiss Dot on Black.

We also made some accents pillows with Medium Dots Aqua/Red.

Camper Trailer How To Curtains

Before and After

What a difference!

Vintage Trailer Remodel - Retro Trailer - This is SO cute! Love this glamper!!

Painting the outside of a trailer

At first we had visions of a bright white trailer with a red stripe down the side.  Maybe a few polka dots here and there.  Then we decided NOT to paint the outside of the trailer.  Let me tell you why…  This trailer is, right now, sitting on mountain property surrounded by 5 feet of snow.  We can’t access the trailer for a good portion of the year.  That means that we can’t check on it to make sure that it hasn’t been broken into or being lived in (yikes!) as often as we would like to.  So we decided that it would be best to keep the outside of the trailer looking a little run down.  We don’t want the whole mountain to know what a darling trailer it has become!

If you want to paint the outside of your trailer, here is a great tutorial:  Painting the outside of a trailer.

Vintage Trailer Remodel - Retro Trailer - This is SO cute! Love this glamper!!

The circle stick-on mirrors are from Amazon.

The adorable red teapot is from  Bed, Bath and Beyond.

The plates, table runner and vase are from IKEA.

The furry animal friends were added by the grand kids and are from KOHLS.

Vintage Trailer Remodel - Retro Trailer - This is SO cute! Love this glamper!!

Do you have a trailer that is just begging for a little TLC?  What are you waiting for?  It isn’t as hard as you think and it’s so rewarding to transform an entire space!

Happy Glamping!


With bright eyes, a sweet pink nose and mischievous whiskers, these Bunny Face Strawberries are the cutest no bake Easter treat ever!

Bunny Face Strawberries! Dip bright ripe strawberries in white chocolate and create sweet faces with sprinkles! This is the cutest Easter dessert!

Hi everyone! If we haven’t had a chance to meet yet, I’m Keri from Shaken Together!

So, now that the introductions are out of the way – is anyone else sort of stunned that it is already March? And Easter is right around the corner? Well, if your life has been on fast forward like mine, then you will love this super easy Easter treat!

I mean … look at those sweet little faces?! Chocolate covered strawberries have never been cuter!

Bunny Face Strawberries

Bunny Face Strawberries are the cutest no bake Easter treat ever!

With a few supplies from your kitchen, you can make a whole herd of these Bunny Face Strawberries in no time! And just in case you are wondering, Google confirmed that a group of rabbits is called a herd 🙂

Anyway, here is what you need:

  • Ripe strawberries
  • Vanilla Candiquik or white candy melts
  • Flat candy sprinkles – blue and black for eyes
  • Chocolate jimmies – these are the whiskers
  • Mini pink Sixlets – or any other small pink candy for a nose
  • A large baking sheet lined with parchment paper
  • Food tweezers (optional but a set makes placing the sprinkles easier)

I like to set up a dipping station right on my baking sheet so everything is close at hand. It also helps keep drips on the parchment paper and makes clean up a breeze!

Set up a dipping station to make dipping strawberries (and clean up) easy while making Bunny Face Strawberries!

Once you have your dipping station ready and you have melted your Candiquik or candy melts according to package directions, get ready to dip!
Step by step instructions for making Bunny Face Strawberries from Shaken Together at The Crafting Chicks!

  1. Dip the strawberry in the melted Candiquik, allow some of the excess to drip off and move it to your parchment lined baking sheet.
  2. Allow the Candiquik to set just a bit and add the pink candy nose. You may need to hold it in place for a few seconds so it doesn’t slip down the strawberry.
  3. Add two flat sprinkles for eyes. I used both black and blue sprinkles.
  4. Use the tweezers to place three chocolate jimmies on either side of the nose to create whiskers.
  5. Allow the Bunny Face Strawberries to set. You can speed this up by popping them in the fridge.

These are best served within a day and can be stored in the fridge until you are ready to serve these sweet little berry bunnies. If you ask me, these Bunny Face Strawberries are almost too cute to eat.

Almost 😉

Bunny Face Strawberries are an easy no bake Easter treat that are almost too cute to eat ... almost!

How about a few more sweet treats for Easter?! Snack mix, cupcakes and cookies cups! 

Easter Bunny Snack Mix from Shaken Together

Easter Bunny Snack Mix

sm easter basket cupcakes header

Easter Basket Cupcakes

Carrot Cake Cookies Cups from Shaken Together

Carrot Cake Cookie Cups

DIY Easter Baskets - fabric baskets, wood baskets, personalized baskets, pails, buckets, easter tags and party favors - Love these simple Easter baskets!

DIY Easter Baskets

Easter is sneaking up on me this year!  Time to pull out those baskets!  For those of you looking for that special Easter basket, we’ve got some of the best in this post!  These baskets are for everyone.  We’ve got some darling baskets to sew, an adorable one made of wood, one made of crepe paper, personalized baskets and an egg shaped one that the kids will love to help with.

Egg Shaped Easter Basket from HMH Designs

DIY Easter Baskets - fabric baskets, wood baskets, personalized baskets, pails, buckets, easter tags and party favors - Love these simple Easter baskets!

DIY Easter Bucket from The Pinning Mama

DIY Easter Baskets - fabric baskets, wood baskets, personalized baskets, pails, buckets, easter tags and party favors - Love these simple Easter baskets!

Fabric Easter Basket from V and Co.

DIY Easter Baskets - fabric baskets, wood baskets, personalized baskets, pails, buckets, easter tags and party favors - Love these simple Easter baskets!

Easter Basket Cupcakes from The Crafting Chicks

DIY Easter Baskets - fabric baskets, wood baskets, personalized baskets, pails, buckets, easter tags and party favors - Love these simple Easter baskets!

Mini Easter Basket Favors from At Home on the Bay

Mini Easter Basket Favors

Crepe Paper Easter Basket from Smile Mercantile

Crepe Paper Easter Baskets

DIY Decoupage Avengers Easter Basket from Oh So Savvy Mom

DIY Decoupage Avengers Easter Basket

DIY Tutu Easter Basket from Paging Fun Mums

Tutu Easter Baskets

Personalized Easter Baskets from The Daily

Personalized Easter Baskets

Wood Easter Basket from Ana White

DIY Wooden Easter Basket

Mini Easter Basket Place Card Holders from The Crafting Chicks

Mini Easter Basket Place Card Holders

Bunny Baskets from Going Star Fishing

Bunny Easter Baskets

Fabric Easter Baskets from Sew Me Some Love

Fabric Easter Baskets

Paper Plate Easter Bunny Basket from The Girl Creative

Paper Plate Easter Basket

Personalized Easter Pails from Simply Kierste

Personalized Easter Pails

Easter Basket Name Tags from The Crafting Chicks

Easter Basket Name Tags

DIY Easter Baskets - fabric baskets, wood baskets, personalized baskets, pails, buckets, easter tags and party favors - Love these simple Easter baskets!

Hello! My name is Crystal Wilkerson & I’m so excited to have this opportunity to guest post for the Crafting Chicks!  I’m a stay-at-home mom, graphic designer, scrapbooker & organizational enthusiast. I’m also just trying to make it through the daily maze of home, work, & family responsibilities like the rest of you. In my constant effort to try to stay on top of the chaos (always a work in progress), I’ve discovered a binding system that I absolutely love. Today I’m excited to share that system with you!

This system is often referred to as the “rollabind” system, however it can actually be found under several different names/brands. You may have heard of a few of them: Martha Stewart’s Discbound SystemStaple’s ArcLevenger’s Circa, & Rollabind. While I am not affiliated with any of these brands, I’ve experimented with all of them & definitely have my favorites that I’ll be sharing with you.

My Favorite Binding System


This is made possible through the combination of their unique punch & circular discs. You can easily add, remove, or rearrange your papers at any time!

One of my favorite punches is the Arc Desktop Punch (pictured above) from Staples. You can easily punch up to 8 pages at a time.

If you’re looking for something that can punch through laminated material or plastic, then you’ll want to go with Levenger’s Circa Leverage Punch (15-page capacity). I recently purchased this & have loved using it to create laminated covers like the ones seen below.

Levenger also has a slim Portable Punch that is great for traveling (1-3 page capacity).

My Favorite Binding System


The reason for this is because you add the discs individually. This gives you the ability to make it as big or small as you’d like depending on how many discs you use. I have made binders of all sizes for all kinds of purposes!

You can find ready-made covers in a variety of colors & materials. One of the most popular covers seen all over Pinterest (and one of my personal favorites) is the Martha Stewart Discbound Notebook in Faux Leather (pictured below on the top right). It comes in a beautiful light turquoise color. It was unavailable for a while but is finally back in stock again! Staples & Levenger also have a variety of quality covers to choose from called Arc Notebooks & Circa Notebooks.

You can also make your own covers by laminating your own design or you can use a cute piece of scrapbook paper! Below are some notebooks I made to keep on my desk while I’m working. I’m including the download for you to make your own! Just print out on a piece of white cardstock, laminate, bind, & enjoy!


My Favorite Binding System


The smallest discs can hold up to 50 papers, while the largest discs can hold up to 450 papers! There is also a variety of styles & colors to choose from. My favorite discs are from the ones pictured below from Levenger. They are made out of 100% lightweight aluminum & look beautiful!! You can find them HERE. They are a little pricey, but keep in mind that you will never need to throw these away. You can literally keep reusing them for years to come.

Martha Stewart & Arc have more affordable discs that come in a variety of colors. The quality isn’t as good as Levenger as they are made out of plastic, but they still work great & look good too! Hobby Lobby has also recently come out with a fun line of discs & planner accessories called Create 365 by “Me & My Big Ideas”.

You can also find lots of accessories that work with your binders like tabs, page protectors, rulers, notebook paper, etc! The possibilities really are endless!


Last year I created my life planner utilizing this binding system. I’ve been working on a new version for 2016, but have yet to finish it due to the craziness of my life lately.  However, If you’d like to try out my planner from last year, I’m doing something I’ve never done before & it’s just for Crafting Chicks readers! From now until my new planner becomes available (which should be very soon), you can grab last year’s version for 90% off! And the best part is, 90% of the pages are not dated, so you can use them forever! I’ll post a picture of the cover of my planner below, but you can see it in it’s entirety by clicking HERE & HERE. And you can purchase it HERE. Be sure to enter the coupon code: CRAFTINGCHICKS to get it for only $3.99!

My Favorite Binding System

Super easy, super adorable 2 ingredient Fluffernutter Cookie Cups!

With just two ingredients, I was inspired by one of my favorite childhood sandwiches to make these two bite, unbelievably yummy Fluffernutter Cookie Cups!

Hi friends! If we haven’t met, I’m Keri and I blog over at Shaken Together where I love to share simple crafts and easy recipes. And believe me when I say, it doesn’t get much easier than today’s recipe!

I firmly believe that the best part of dessert is eating it. Which means that I don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen making it. So these Fluffernutter Cookie Cups start with pre-made refrigerated peanut butter cookie dough and a mini muffin pan.

Fluffernutter Cookie Cups start with premade cookie dough - what could be easier?!

I use a small cookie scoop to portion out about a tablespoon of dough and roll it into a ball. I was able to fill two 12 well mini muffin pans with one tube of dough.

Roll pre-made peanut butter cookie dough into 24 balls - such an easy start to these Fluffernutter Cookie Cups!

Once the cookie cups are baked and slightly cooled, grab a tart press or the back of a rounded measuring spoon.

A tart press (or the back of a rounded measuring spoon) is our secret weapon for easy Fluffernutter Cookie Cups!

This is my secret weapon to making perfect cookie cups! Just press the tart press into the center of the cookie. Don’t press all the way to the bottom of the pan (that could cause a hole in the bottom of the cookie) but create a good sized “well” to fill with our second ingredient.

Want the perfect cookie cup? Use a tart press to create a shallow well in each cookie. Use this technique for our two ingredient Fluffernutter Cookie Cups!

Allow the cookie cups to cool completely and then gently move them to your serving tray, cake stand or pretty platter.

Our Fluffernutter Cookie Cups are ready to fill - with sticky, ooey gooey marshmallow fluff!

Fill each cookie cup with sticky, ooey gooey oh-so-sweet marshmallow fluff! This is the “fluffer” part of our fluffernutter cookie cups 🙂 Don’t worry if it looks jagged and gloppy when you first fill each cookie cup. Give it just a minute and it will smooth out into a gorgeous, shiny dollop!

Fluffernutter Cookie Cups filled with marshmallow fluff!

Add then add sprinkles … because everything is cuter with sprinkles!!

Super easy, super adorable 2 ingredient Fluffernutter Cookie Cups!

Fluffernutter Cookie Cups
  • One tube refrigerated peanut butter cookie dough
  • One 7.8 oz jar marshmallow fluff
  • Sprinkles (optional but so fun!)
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F for shiny metal pans or 325 degrees F for non-stick or dark metal pans.
  2. Use a small cookie scoop to portion about one tablespoon of cookie dough.
  3. Roll it into a ball and place in one well of a mini muffin tin.
  4. Repeat until you have 24 cookie dough ball.
  5. Bake for 10-13 minutes or until cookie cups are baked through but not too brown.
  6. Allow cookie cups to cool slightly.
  7. Use a tart press or the back of a rounded measuring spoon and press a shallow well into each cookie cup.
  8. Allow cookie to cool completely.
  9. Fill each well with marshmallow fluff and add sprinkles!
  10. Store any leftovers in an air tight container.
Two bites, the fab combo of peanut butter + marshmallow fluff and done in about 20 minutes … Fluffernutter Cookies Cups are pretty much heaven!!

Super easy, super adorable 2 ingredient Fluffernutter Cookie Cups!

More Bite Sized Sweet Treats!

Rocky Road Brownie Bites! Take the chocolate, marshmallow and walnuts in rocky road ice cream and pile them on soft chewy brownie bites for brownie bliss!

Rocky Road Brownie Bites

Key Lime Pie Cookie Cups from Shaken Together

Key Lime Pie Cookie Cups

Mini Cherry Pie Tarts from Shaken Together

Mini Cherry Pie Tarts

I can’t wait to see you all again next month … until then, stay sweet!!

Childhood Photography: Capturing the Details

Hello The Crafting Chicks readers! I’m Michelle from Michelle Lea Creative. I spend my days as wife, mom to 3 awesome kiddos, photographer, graphic designer, and chauffeur. I’m so excited to be sharing a little post on photographing your little ones today.

I have been in love with photography since I was very young. I love to get lost in the story of an image and a few years ago, I realized how much I love my snapshots that capture the details of the moment or the current stage.

It can be hard to remind ourselves to get the details, but I promise you once you start looking for those moments they will appear without having to think about it. When you look at a photo you are naturally drawn to the eyes first and then the connection between the subjects… so we can miss some of the amazing little details of a moment. I love to document my little ones in a way that will tell the story of their childhood. My children are constantly asking “what was I like at x age, what did I like, or say, or do?” I think of my photos as a way for my children to know their story…. long after I am gone and can no longer tell it to them. I want my images to speak when I can’t… and now I’m crying haha. So what do I mean by the details?

My daughter had talked her Granny into buying these Crimson (cause we are OU fans and it’s crimson and creme of course!) hightop Converse for Christmas. She just loves them and this was the perfect day to capture them flying through the sky with the bright blue Oklahoma sky and whispy clouds behind them. Her shoes are the first thing that pop out at you in this photo.
IMG_9932 copy
Think outside the box when you are pressing down the shutter. I will get down on the ground, roll around, climb on top of something…. or even lay on the ground under my child swinging if it will get the shot that I want.

Childhood Photography: Capturing the Details

Another type of details shot that I like to capture are our daily routines… small glimpses into their lives and what they like. Here we are at breakfast with my youngest. You can still see his face in the reflection of the glass. I purposefully had his reflection in the frame, but it isn’t what you are drawn to first. It’s his little hands concentrating on eating his waffle. When I am inside my home, I open all of the windows and I will guide the kids to an area where the light is flowing in. I will raise my ISO and adjust my settings to get as much light into the image as possible.
IMG_8099 copy
We are in a little bit of a Thomas the Train obsession these days… just a little. He adores this Christmas present. I will use a wider aperture to keep in focus what I want to highlight in the photo.
IMG_8156 copy
This is my oldest, with his cell phone… in the middle of a photoshoot with Mom. I would kill for a photo of the big cell phone my parents had when I was little, or that big flip phone that I took to college with me!! Who knows what technology will look like when he is in college or taking photos of his children.

DSC_2102 copy

Let me say that life is not perfect! You’re house will not be perfectly clean or put together for the magical photo all the time. I challenge you to look back at your childhood photos that mean the most to you. They are probably slightly out of focus, bad angle, lighting… a million things, but they represent you and that is all that matters. My house is not perfect (reference the desk below), but it has love and that is the overall emotion that I want my children to remember. They won’t see the imperfections that I see. So take photos, as often as you can and write your history for your children to remember, when you are no longer here to tell them.

IMG_8432 copy

And get yourself in the details Moms and Dads, holding the hands of your children!

IMG_0516 copy

DSC_9113 copy

Thank you for letting me stop by and share a little bit of photography love with you today! Come visit me at Michelle Lea Creative or on Instagram. I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark iii that is my fourth baby and all of these images were shot with my 50mm 1.4 lens.
50 Free Prints 728 x 90

Strawberry Heart Man Kid Snack This is such a fun, cute and slightly healthy snack for kids this Valentine Month of love!  This is such a fun after school snack to make this week…or if you are planning a class party or Valentine party for kids, they will love these!

Strawberry Heart Men!  You just need a to grab a few items to make these.  My kids loved making their own Strawberry Heart Man and we loved seeing how they turned out!
sm strawberry heart man 4 What you will need to make the Strawberry Heart Man Snacks:



Wilton Candy Eyes

-Pretzel Sticks

-Mini Marshmallows

-Conversation Hearts sm strawberry heart man 1 Start by cutting off the green strawberry top and then cutting the strawberry in half lengthwise.  Using your toothpick…attach the sides together to form a heart. sm strawberry heart man 5 Add pretzel sticks for the arms and legs…attach mini marshmallows for the feet and hands. sm strawberry heart man 3 Top of the Strawberry Heart Men with candy eyes and a heart conversation mouth!  Such a fun snack that the kids can help make!  You can use small dots of honey to stick on the eyes and conversation hearts.  Especially if they will not be eaten right away.

Try bringing a tray full of these Strawberry Heart Man Kid Snacks to any Valentine Party!  They are a hit!

sm strawberry heart man 2 Check out these cute Valentine Cupcakes!  Love those chalkboard toppers! sm valentine cupcake 2

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