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Camping Activities and Printables

Camping Activities and Printables - So many summer activities for the kids!  Love these!

To kick off our Camping Themed Week, we’ve got a great round up for you!  Printables, activities, games and more!


Natural Paintbrushes from Learn Create Love

Camping Activities and Printables - So many summer activities for the kids!  Love these!

Camping Themed Story Stones from Playdough to Plato

Camping Activities and Printables - So many summer activities for the kids!  Love these!

Dramatic Play from Pre K-Pages

Camping Activities and Printables - So many summer activities for the kids!  Love these!

Pinecone Owls from Crafts By Amanda

Camping Activities and Printables - So many summer activities for the kids!  Love these!

DIY Solar Oven from I Can Teach My Child

Camping Activities and Printables - So many summer activities for the kids!  Love these!

Walking Sticks from The Crafting Chicks

Camping Activities and Printables - So many summer activities for the kids!  Love these!

Glow in the Dark Jars from A Girl and A Glue Gun

Camping Activities and Printables - So many summer activities for the kids!  Love these!

Tabletop S’mores from The Crafting Chicks

Camping Activities and Printables - So many summer activities for the kids!  Love these!

Camping Scavenger Hunt from The Creative Homemakers

Camping Activities and Printables - So many summer activities for the kids!  Love these!

Leaf Rubbing Collages from Mama Papa Bubba

Camping Activities and Printables - So many summer activities for the kids!  Love these!

Silly Stories from Classy Clutter

Camping Activities and Printables - So many summer activities for the kids!  Love these!

Camping Preschool Unit from A Teaching Mommy

Camping Activities and Printables - So many summer activities for the kids!  Love these!

Camping Pack from Homeschool Creations

Camping Activities and Printables - So many summer activities for the kids!  Love these!

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DIY Sunglasses and Accessories Bag

DIY Sunglasses and Accessories Bag – personalized pre-made (or you can sew your own) muslin bag with fun bright paint colors.  It’s the perfect bag to store your sunglasses and girly accessories.

DIY Sunglasses and Accessories Bag - great for on the go or in the car

Hello there!  It’s Katie from The Casual Craflete blog.  I am excited to share how to make your own DIY Sunglasses and Accessories bag.  These bags are super fun and easy to make.  I have a tendency to throw my sunglasses in my purse or in the car and they always end up getting scratched.  The worst is whenever you put your sunglasses on and there’s a big ol scratch right in the middle of your vision.  Also, my accessories are always at the bottom of my purse and I can never find what I am looking for.  So, I made a cute solution to my problems using a pre-made muslin bag, fun paint colors, paint brushes and Q-tips.  These DIY sunglasses and accessories bags are the perfect bag to keep in the car or in your purse.

Use supplies around the house to make a fun bag for your sunglasses and accessories

Here are the supplies I used:

  • Pre-made 3 x 5 muslin bags (I buy mine here) or you can sew your own
  • Scrap cardstock
  • Paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Q-tips

Here is how I made the bags:

Personalize a small bag with fun pops of color - perfect for storing your sunglasses and girly accessories

 First, I started by placing a piece of scrap cardstock inside the bag.  The paint will bleed through and you want to make sure to protect the other side of the bag when painting.  Next, I made a cross design and an arrow design using fun acrylic paints and a paint brush.  I just free-handed the designs.  These bags are supposed to look hand painted and fun, so perfection is not required.  HAVE FUN!

Add a painted confetti look to a muslin bag using paint and Q-tips

Another technique I wanted to show you, is what a call confetti.  You simply dab Q-tips into the paints, then dab the bag where you want.  This is a fun and random way to make the bag look like it is covered in confetti.

DIY hand painted sunglasses and accessories bags

Here is the final look of the bags.  I choose some bright summery colors, but you can use whatever colors you like or have on hand.  I think they turned out super cute!

DIY Hand Painted Sunglasses and Accessories Bag

 Put your girly accessories in the bags to keep from getting lost in your purse and car.

DIY Sunglasses Pouch

Now your favorite pair of sunnies will be protected with a super cute bag.  I painted a geometric wood bead and tied it to the strings on the bag.  This just added another fun pop of color and texture to the already adorable bag.

I hope I have inspired you to create your own DIY Sunglasses and Accessories Bag!  Have fun this summer!!!

DIY Paper Camera for Kids

DIY-Paper-Camera-for-kids As many of you know we are honored to work with Michaels as part of the Michaels Makers. Michaels is offering a kids’ summer crafting program, Passport to Imagination, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10 am – noon from June 14-July 31 at every Michaels location across the U.S.  Passport to Imagination takes kids on an imaginary seven-week summer road trip from the beach to main street and more! We were excited to join in celebrating Main Street Week. micheals-passport-to-imagination

Main Street USA reminds me of fun street shops and great photo opportunities with family.  My girls are always wanting to take pictures and would love to have a camera of their own.  I decided to make DIY Paper Cameras with them and we even added some pictures that they could stick inside so it feels like they are taking real pictures.


To start you will need to download a Paper Camera Template.


I found this template online but could never find a source. I pulled it into Photoshop and enlarged and added a few touches that I wanted, like the picture window and top button.  My girls couldn’t wait to get their hand on these.


And Pictures for your Paper Camera. These are some stock images that reminded me of fun places around the world. You could also use family or neighborhood photos.  The size is 3×2 if you would like to make your own pictures.


Once the you have downloaded, print each paper on a nice heavy card stock. I like using Image Plus card stock for color printing at home.


Hand the DIY Paper Camera over to your kids to color and you can cut out the pictures.


Once the camera’s are colored, have the kids cut them out.  Have them cut along the thick black outside lines.


folding-paper-camera The gray lines on the sides are fold marks. Depending on the children’s ages you may have to help fold a little more. my 6-year-old did a pretty good job, but the 4-year-old needed help.


My girls all wanted a camera strap, “like mom’s,” so I got my trusty hole punch and made the necessary holes in each side.

camera-strap-on-paper-camera Slid a piece of baker’s twine in through the holes and tied a knot and made sure the knot stayed inside the camera body.



Now comes the fun part, putting the camera together.  Now I remind you that I found this template online with no credit, just an uploaded image that went nowhere.  Well, there were no instructions on how to put them together, but I did my best. And I think each camera went together differently.  You may have to fold and use an exacto knife on some parts or cut and fold the extra long sides a bit.  I will tell you that my favorite way to secure it ended up being scrapbook adhesive mounting squares which you can snag at Michaels. They held everyone together the best and were easy to use.


To add the pictures to the back, we just used some washi tape.  I know seems really simple. But it hold the pictures in place for the 5 seconds that my girls want the pictures on, and makes swapping pics really easy.


You could probably put some velcro on the back and do it that way but we liked the ease, and look, of the washi tape.


Now let them at it.

taking-pictures-with-paper-camera Watch the creativity blossom as your kiddos take picture after picture.  We went on a walk and I loved to hear their snaps and clicks.





Aren’t their camera’s so cute? I love how each one captures the personality of it’s owner. My oldest, all grown up and wants a camera like mom’s. Middle daughter still loves pink. And my baby is so colorful and full of life.

I also love how their outfits fit their personalities too.  Each outfit is from Gymboree  which offers cute, coordinate looks that help your little ones enjoy the little and big moments this summer—from craft time to beach time. 

I also love that Gymboree has proudly watched kids learn and grow through the power of play and has seen firsthand the desire from Mom for cute, comfortable, long-lasting, coordinated style at an everyday great price.

#CraftInStyle Instagram Weekly Sweepstakes

We’re hosting a 7-week weekly Instagram sweepstakes, encouraging Mom to share a photo of her family getting crafty and inspired by each week’s summer destination. The weekly winner will receive a $100 Gymboree gift card, a $100 Michaels gift card and craft supplies!

All you have to do is:

  • Follow @Gymboreeand @MichaelsStores on Instagram
  • Post a picture of how your family crafts in style
  • Tag your photo with #CraftInStyleSweeps
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How To Plan a Family Reunion

Disclaimer: Whispering Oaks Lodging traded part of our stay in exchange for this post. All feelings on reunions and opinions of the cabin are mine.


I love family reunions! I grew up on family reunions and have learned that not every family will reunion the same. Family reunions can be as simple as an afternoon of eating (always eating!) and catching up in a park, a week long reunion of camping at the lake, a themed reunion full of activities and games, or a few days with everyone together under the same roof. The size of the family and the proximity of family members have a big role in how you reunion. But it doesn’t matter how you reunion, it just matters that you do! Here are 4 tips to planning the best family reunion ever.


This year we were in charge of my husband’s reunion. With family spread between 4 states, we chose a new location and headed to Moab, UT. We chose Moab because it was between the Idaho and the Arizona family, and is full of things to see and explore. The best part of a destination reunion is that seeing the sites is the reunion. I didn’t spend any time preparing games or activities because Moab is full of hiking and biking trails. With 2 national parks and a ton of red rock to explore there was more to do than we had time for.


1. Location

Depending on how big your family is, and how close to each other you may decide to reunite away from the homestead. When looking for a location, I recommend picking a family favorite or trying something new. The tradition of going to the same place each year gives you something to look forward to and let’s you really get to know a location. Picking a new-to-you place adds a fun vacation element to your family reunion.



2. Lodging

If you’ll be spending a few days together, finding a place where you can all be together is important. Depending on your budget your lodging could vary from camp ground to rental house. If staying in a rental house, I would recommend finding one large enough that every individual family can have their own space. Family togetherness can quickly become too much if you are on top of each other with no place to retreat.

With our family spread out, the reunion is the only time we see some family members for the entire year. Staying under the same roof let’s the adults talk and catch up late at night after the kids have gone to sleep.



The best rentals we have found have activities already there. A pool table, hot tub, and even story books for younger kids help keep cousins interacting without a rigid itinerary. The last thing you want at a family reunion is complaints of bored kids!



Photo Credit Whispering Oaks Lodging

We stayed at Whispering Oaks Lodging, in the mountains above Moab. The Cedar Bend Lodge was perfect for our family. It was originally built to be a bed and breakfast, so each bedroom had an attached bathroom. When you aren’t used to spending 3 days together, having a space to retreat to for a few minutes helps keep everyone happy. And helps with bedtimes and nap times for little ones.


Photo Credit Whispering Oaks Lodging

It also had a big kitchen, 2 refrigerators, and a huge dining table which made meal time a breeze. Two fridges may not seem like a big deal, but when you are packing food for 24 people for 3 days fridge space is in high demand! Whispering Oaks also has smaller cabins on the property, which would be great for a really big reunion.



3. Plan Early

Don’t wait to plan! The sooner you can secure a date and place the wider your selection will be, and the sooner family members can put it on the calendar to make sure they can be there. We chose to hold our reunion over Memorial Day Weekend so letting family members know 9 months in advance let them keep that weekend free.



4. Have Fun

Remember things don’t always go as planned. The weather doesn’t always cooperate, and activities may take longer than planned but don’t let little hiccups ruin your reunion. You are probably the only person with expectations of how it is supposed to go – so let it go and have fun!



Some of our favorite reunion activities are our Larry Loot Auction and the video contest. And matching reunion shirts. Let’s not forget those reunion t-shirt!

For the Larry Loot Auction everyone brings a few items to auction off using “Larry Loot” which is just play money with my father-in-law’s (his name is Larry) pictures on it.

The video contest was new this year, but provided a way to keep tech savvy teens involved. The rules were to make a video using photos and video clips from the weekend. Not only were they fun to watch, but everyone took home a little souvenir to remember this year’s reunion by. My kids my or may not watch them on repeat.

Do you have any other tips for how to plan a family reunion?

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10 Tips for Traveling with Kids

Summer is almost here!  Vacations, road trips, plane rides… always a good time!  To help your vacation go smoothly this year, we’re giving you 10 Tips for Traveling with Kids.  We’ve got printables, games, activities and so much more!

For more ideas, come over to our Road Trip Pinterest board.

10 tips for traveling with kids - printables, games, activities - this has it all!

Travel Activities for Kids

Pocket Sized Fishing Set from Doodlecraft

Traveling with kids - printables, games, activities - this has it all!

Kids Size Travel Pillow with Carrying Case and Pocket from It’s Always Autumn

Traveling with kids - printables, games, activities - this has it all!

Lego Travel Case from The Pleasantest Thing

Traveling with kids - printables, games, activities - this has it all!

Ticket Time from Grays Harbor Deals

Traveling with kids - printables, games, activities - this has it all!

Road Trip Travel Trays from Somewhat Simple

Road trips with kids - printables, games, activities - this has it all!

Traveling with kids - games, activities - this has it all!

Travel Printables for Kids

Road Trip Scavenger Hunt from Mom’s Minivan

Traveling with kids - printables, games, activities - this has it all!

Road Trip Activity Pack from Playdough to Plato

Traveling with kids - printables, games, activities - this has it all!

Read and Write on the Road Printable from Small Types

Road trips with kids - printables, games, activities - this has it all!

Slug Bug Printable from Prepared NOT Scared

Road trips with kids - printables, games, activities - this has it all!

License Plate I Spy from 3 Boys and a Dog

Road trips with kids - printables, games, activities - this has it all!

Traveling with kids - printables, games, activities - this has it all!

Don’t forget these travel tips:

5 Carry-On Must Haves from The Crafting Chicks

5 Carry on Must Haves

10 Tips for Traveling on a Budget from Tastefully Frugal

10 tips for traveling on a budget

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Cruise Travel Tips

Disclaimer:  Royal Caribbean and Southwest Airlines were sponsors of the Click Retreat and cruise, and Del Sol provided my ticket  for this adventure.  All opinions are my own Cruise-Tips-and-Tricks

This past January I had the opportunity to attend CLICK Retreat, A bloggers retreat focusing on photography and building your skills. Now this wasn’t any old retreat or blogging conference.  It was held on the the World’s Largest Cruise Ship, The Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas.  The ship was amazing! The Conference was amazing!

I did learn a new trick or two when it comes to cruising that I wanted to pass along to you. So here are my top Cruise Tips and Tricks to help you either save money or make your money go farther.

Research your Ship

The Oasis of the Seas was an amazing and very large ship.  I’ve cruised before and never had problem with my sense of direction.  On this ship,however, I could never get my bearings.  They had amazing resources to help you find where you were, like large touch screen-tv’s near every elevator so you can find a place to eat or to show you your location.  And also large models of the ship to help you too. Of course, I had my trusty roommates, Amy from Super Healthy Kids, and Stacy from Kid Stuff World, who made sure I was going the right direction. They had a better sense of where things where. 😉


Research Port Excursions in Advance

Make sure you plan your excursions in advance.  There is nothing worse then walking off the ship and not knowing what to do.  You don’t have to plan the excursions on the ship or do any excursions at all if you want.  But just make a plan before hand.  On my last cruise to Alaska, we missed out on a few things because we were too slow in planning.  You don’t want to miss out believe me.

We were lucky to have Royal Caribbean offer the CLICK Retreat attendees some amazing excursions. You could attend these excursions if you wanted, or find something else you’d like to do. I opted to stay with the group and see the amazing places Royal Caribbean had set up for us.


Take Advantage of On-Board Activities

Cruise ships have a little of something for everyone.  Research before you go and see what there is.  You will also get the daily schedule showing what is happening on the ship that day.  From Karaoke to games, there’s bound to be something to for everyone. Have fun and join in.

We were lucky enough to had Sabra sponsor some yoga classes for us.  I’ll let you guess how hard yoga can be on a swaying cruise ship. But it was tons of fun.


There are also a lot of quiet places where you can relax if you aren’t into all the socializing.  If you make yourself acquainted with your ship earlier on, you’ll be able to find these great spots to return to often.

Eating on the Ship

So cruise ship food is suppose to be top notch.  Eat as much as you can in the main dinning room is my best advice.  Breakfast and lunch are served here, not just dinner.  If something doesn’t taste like you wished, order something else.  They are always happy to give you what you want.  If you have food restrictions make sure you let your server know from the start.  Stacy was waited on hand and foot by the awesome staff because of her gluten allergy.  They brought her all sorts of specialties because she let them know and was so sweet to them.


Don’t be afraid of spending a little money on the specialty dinning as well.  For a cover charge you can get a most exclusive environment to eat in.  We were treated to a couple specialty restaurants and the food was amazing. I would rather skip the beverage package and eat at one of these dinning areas instead.

Don’t fall in the Souvenir Trap

Yes, this is a real thing.  You want to take something back to your family and friends and so you buy them some magnet or spoon because it shows where you’ve been.  If that’s your thing, great, but I was so tired of looking at the same thing in every store and it all seemed like junk that would be tossed out in no time.

That is until we walked into the Del Sol store.  This place was a goldmine.  I knew right off my girls would LOVE it.  Everything changes color in the sun. There are Disney and Marvel superhero shirts, nail polish, frisbees and the list goes on.  I got them a shirt for each girl and some finger nail polish.  I really love the polish myself.


Since Del Sol was one of my favorite stops on the cruise I’ve partnered with them to give you, our readers, and exclusive coupon code to save 25% off a purchase.  Just use code CRAFTINGCHICKS to receive the discount. (Expiration Date: 9/30/15, 1 use per customer.)


I hope that I’ve given you some great Cruise Tips and Tricks. Do you love cruising as much as I do?  Tell me your thoughts.


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Amusement Park Must-Haves: When Going With Kids



This post may contain affiliate links

It’s the season for roller coasters and ferris wheels!  You know I love to go to Disneyland, but I also love going to the local amusement park, Lagoon, and all the water parks nearby as well.  I’ve developed my list of go-to items that are easy to pack but are things that are good to have on hand.  Since I go so often, I have people ask me all the time what they should pack and take with them so I thought I’d share it with you all too.

Water Bottle:

I like to have a water bottle for each member of the family.  Our family favorites are these Camelbak ones for kids


and these Camelbak ones for adults


First-Aid Kit:

It never fails that someone, either that’s in your group or not, will need a bandage.  I have found taking this little first aid kit saves a lot of time and stress.


Jogging Stroller:

This is one of my FAV-OR-ITE purchases EVER!  I love this stroller and it is a must for going anywhere with kids.  We take this to the zoo, swim parks, Disneyland, and any other amusement park we may go to.  You really don’t have to spend a lot of money, but the BOB Revolution was the stroller that had everything I wanted in a jogging stroller.  We fit all three girls on this.  One just sits on the foot rest part. It’s probably not something that’s suggested but it sure makes it easy to take everyone where you need to go. 😉



I like to pack a variety of healthier snacks so we aren’t spending so much time, money, and calories on park junk food.

I’ll throw in a protein bar for everyone.


Some string cheese


and some fresh fruits and veggies




You’ve gotta have something to pack all those snacks in.  I love to pack it all up in this great little cooler.  You’ll want to make sure you can pack in snacks, but most places will let you. 91wBrZgyD+L._SL1500_


You do not want to be caught out in the sun without a pair of sunglasses.


Make sure your kids have some too.



Sunscreen is a must for being outside. Make sure you pack it with you so you can reapply.



It’s always a good idea to have a small, compact umbrella with you.  Not only does it stop rain from ruining your day, but it can also block out sun when standing in lines. 319Nl1eNUjL

Lip Balm with Sunscreen:

If you are out in the sun you for sure need to make sure your lips are protected and so taking a lip balm with sunscreen is the answer.


Autograph Books:

If you are going anywhere there are characters, like Disneyland, you’re kids will probably want to visit and get an autograph. Autograph books can get a bit pricey at the parks, so shop early and bring one your kids can pick out before hand. Make sure you bring a pen as well.


Photography Essentials:

I hopefully don’t have to remind you to pack a camera. But don’t forget the fun extras you can pack to use with your cell phone.

I just saw this Extended Selfie Arm all over Disneyland on my last trip and thought it was amazing! People were walking and recording video and taking picture with ease.


There are also these great cell phone lenses you can snag.


Then you don’t have to lug around your huge, nice camera.

Glow Sticks:

I learned this trick from my cute friend Amy.  If you have any kiddos that are scared of those cute rides that are dark, just throw a glow stick on them.  They will be so excited to have the glow stick that they will forget about being scared of the dark.  These also come in handy for those night parades or parties.


So that’s my list of amusement park necessities.  What do you take that I missed?

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K-O-A  All the Way!  GO…Camping!


Today we are rounding up some of our favorite camp kid crafts and sharing why we love camping KOA.  Kids love camping and it is always fun to bring a craft or two with you when you go!  Plus there are many fun “Craft Supplies” you can find in nature…like pinecones, rocks, leaves etc.  Here are some kid approved camp crafts!

Summer Walking Sticks @ the Crafting Chicks


Paper Lanterns @ the Crafting Chicks

small paper lanterns 5

Homemade Musical Instruments @ the Crafting Chicks  (How fun to make music around the campfire)

music makers crafting chicks 1

Pine Cone Animals @ Crafts by Amanda


Wind Chimes @ Fun Family Crafts


Rock Art @ Aesthetic Outburst

rock art

DIY Bug Catcher @ Somewhat Simple


A God’s Eye @ She Knows


DIY Scavenger Hunt @ Nest for Less


Paracord Bracelets @ The Crafting Chicks


I had the opportunity to take my little family KOA camping at Lava Hot Springs, ID.  We had a great time!  I Loved spending quality time with my husband and little ones.  I’m excited to share what we loved with you and the top 5 reasons to choose a KOA campground when camping with your family.

1.  Cabins…campers…tents…YOU Choose!:  I’m not going to lie…I am not a big camper.  I love trips and vacations…but in hotels.  I like being able to shower and sleep in a comfy bed.  We chose to go with one of KOA’s cabins…because we have small children.  I was excited to be able to have the outdoor/camping fun, but sleep in a warm cabin…with easy access to a bathroom.  There is a little store in the lobby where you check in..great for when you forget bandaids, tissue, etc .  In our case it was mustard for our hot dogs;)

photo 3 photo 4

2.  Kid FUN!  They have a few parks at each KOA and other fun kid activities.  We were even invited to do a camp kid craft.  The kids made binoculars and telescopes.  It was a hit.  We even played tether ball…haven’t seen that since grade school!

photo 1

3.  Clean Campground:  The campground was clean and well maintained.  I felt safer staying with my family in a campground that was being taken care of and monitored.  Each member of the KOA staff was friendly and accommodating. photo 2

4.  Family time!  It was so nice to disconnect from work, schedules, and technology and spend time together.  We had so much fun playing board and card games, going on walks, swimming in the hot pools, making dinner and s’mores, telling stories, and just being together.  That’s what camping is about for me…spending time and not being distracted by life! photo

5.  Great Locations:  I was amazed with how many KOA campgrounds there are!  Over 400!  I loved searching through the different locations.  They even have a KOA App where you can search, book, and plan your camping trip.  I booked our cabin and location online.  The KOA website is easy to navigate, and made it easy to book our trip in just a few steps.  I love how each campsite page had pictures of the facilities, details of the campground, and family activities/food/recreation around the site.  We will be camping KOA again:)

For more information and reviews you can check out Trekeroo.

This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are mine.
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Swim Tote for Kids

sm swim tote header sm swim tote 3 Ahhh….Summertime!  WE love it!  I love swimming with my kids and all of the fun summer days and activities.

One thing I don’t love is packing all of the pool stuff…and forgetting things…being in charge of 4 kids and their swim gear is quite the feat!

My friend shared an idea with me.  She has a swim bag for each of her kids.  Brilliant!  And I love that it teaches my kids to keep track and be responsible for their swim belongings.

Each just has a small bag to carry with the following:

Beach Towel

Flip Flops (if they aren’t wearing them already)


Cover up or tshirt for the boys


We make sure to fill their bag and have it ready to go after each swim.  We have the swim totes in the mud room…so much better than me packing all of the goods!  They love it too!

I found these adorable pink “jelly” totes at H&M for $8!  Perfect for the wet swim gear!

What are some things that you do to keep organized in the summer time?  We’d love to hear!

sm swim tote 4 sm swim tote 1 sm swim tote 2

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30 Summer Fun Ideas

School is out for my kiddos which means summer is in full swing.  We’ve been pinning up a storm of some fun creative things you can do to keep those kids, and you, entertained.  Most of which won’t break the bank.  This list is a good start but make sure you check out our Summer Pinterest board for even more ideas!

The Water Blob_thumb[2]

The Water Blob from U-Create


16 Ways to Soak Up Summer from JoAnns Special


Fresh Peach Popsicle Recipe from The Idea Room


Giant Bubbles from Skip to my Lou on The Idea Room


DIY Outdoor Summer Kids Games from Princess Pinky Girl


S’more Bars from I Heart Nap Time


Orange Julius Recipe from The 36th Avenue

Summer fun chalk

Magic Sidewalk Squirt Paint from Growing a Jeweled Rose


His & Hers Summer Bucket List from The Dating Divas

Pinterest Saturdays: 6 Summer Fun Party Ideas on Style for a Happy Home

 Summer Fun Party Ideas from Style for A Happy Home


160 Summer Fun List Ideas from The Crafting Chicks


Copycat Sonic Cherry Limeade from Lil Luna


Snake Bubbles from Chompsy


Summer Fun Kit from Crazy Little Projects


7 Fun Ice Chalk Ideas from B-Inspired Mama


Printable Summer Reading Log from Simple As That


Outdoor Dominoes from One Dog Woof


24 Summer Cookout Recipes from LemonTree Dwelling


Kids Summer Fun Activity Calendar from The Benson Street


Laminated To-do list for Kids from Thirty Handmade Days


Regal Summer $1 Movies for Kids from ChaChing on a Shoestring


20+ Summer Crafts for Kids from The Crafting Chicks


37 Cheap & Easy Crafts for Kids from Chase The Star


25 Kool Aid Projects from Reason to Skip The Housework

A summer of self-reliant children--Ideas to tame the summer chaos

A Summer of Self-Reliant Children from Overstuffed Life


Walking Tacos from Saving Dollars and Cents

movie-night-main Outdoor Movie Invitations from the Caravan Shoppe

30 Camping & Dutch Oven Recipes

 30 Camping and Dutch Oven Recipes from Mandy’s Recipe Box

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