Ah!!! It feels good to be back! And a big thank you to The Crafting Chicks for having me here.

I’m Ali from Dream Crafter and I am SOOOOO excited to share my boy’s new room with you! When we first moved into our new home I was so hesitant to paint any walls or decide on any decor…because I’m wishy washy and can’t stick with anything. My boys really wanted a super hero room and if anybody knows me, they know that I LOATH character themed things. I don’t let me kids wear Mickey mouse or Disney paraphernalia. I don’t have anything against them. In fact, I love all those movies! Lets just say that its not my styyyyyyle.

Thats when I had to get creative with this room. I didn’t want anything permanent because knowing my boys they would want something different in 6 months and I also had to steer clear of the character room. So, without further adieu, I present my Boy’s Superhero Bedroom!

boys superhero room

I love how this whole room came together. Bit by bit I just pulled stuff from my house that was just laying around and I actually did the whole room for less than 40 bucks. Boom! Let me give you the tour…

First off, right behind their door when you walk in I hung all their superhero capes.

super hero capes

I actually got this little star hook at a garage sale about 5 years ago. It was originally white with brown stain so it looked like country stars. When I realized I’m not a “country-style” kinda person I put it in my basement. When this project came up, I remembered the little star hooks and immediately went downstairs and dug it out of a box and painted it red.

Next, obviously, we have the polka-dot wall.

boys superhero bedroom 1

When I told my husband I wanted to put polka dots all over my boys’ wall he just about had a heart attack. I think he was picturing some girly dots in his sons’ room but I had a different vision. He told me not to, but I knew once I put it up he would see my vision and admit that I was right…and he does like it! All I had to do was start and then he was convinced it would be manly enough. Muahahaha!

These dots are actually vinyl dots that I cut using my silhouette. I literally just drew a circle about an inch and a half diameter and then copied a million of them onto my design board. Then I just cut my black vinyl! This is perfect for renters or for mind-changers like me since its not permanent and easily removed.

bunk view

I started out by measuring them every 6 inches and trying to use a level to mark where they should go. And then they were crooked anyway. Its super hard to get them straight but after a while I just started eye-balling it and they turned out to be more even then when I was actually measuring. Go figure.

I love how it turned out plus it makes for the perfect superhero photography backdrop. :)


Next is the curtains. I am not a huge fan of spending 40+ dollars on curtains. Its just fabric after all. So I got out two flat twin white sheets from my linen closet and purchased a flat navy blue one. Then I just cut a strip out of the blue one and sewed it onto the white ones. Then I just hung them using clips and a rod I already had. (Hint: hang your curtains high and wide to make your window look bigger!)

In the corner by the window I also made this mask holder:

mask board

I actually made this a LONG time ago and I got the arrow and supplies from The Wood Connection. I did a post for them about a year or so ago and I was originally using this to hold my boys bow ties and ties (see that HERE). Turns out its much cuter for superheroes. I also made the masks in a different post which can be found HERE.

On the other side of the window I hung this sign that I made:

arise from the dust

The “Arise from the dust my sons, and be men” can actually be found in the Book of Mormon in 2 Nephi 1: 21. It has always been a special scripture to me and my husband and I find it especially fitting for this superhero room where I want my boys to learn what being a man really is: Rising above what the world tells you to be and being a Godly man. Ok. Enough about the meaning.

I made this board from an old sign I had (with different vinyl lettering). It used to be bright lime green. I peeled off the vinyl, painted it red and cut my own white vinyl with my silhouette.

The little chair is something that my husbands grandma made from him when he was little. The fabric is a little 90’s but its a sentimental piece. Plus who doesn’t love little recliners for kids?!

Next is the bunk beds.

bunk beds

These were also something we already had. I got them from the Wood Connection furniture store a few years ago and stained them myself. Then my husband put them together. The bedding is from Ikea and that red plaid blanket was a D.I. find. Score!

Welp! Thats all for the tour today! If you want a little sneak peak of what the room looked like before, here is a little looksy…


Pretty sad huh? And look how tiny that window looks!

To keep up on how the rest of my house transforms follow along at Dream Crafter or on my Instagram @dreamcrafter101.


Boys super hero room

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Hello Crafting Chicks readers, my name is Shelly Dolen. I blog over at Dolen Diaries where I share my family’s adventures in creativity! Our latest creative adventure was moving into a “new” fixer upper. We have so many projects going on right now that I feel like we are in heaven! One of the bigger projects I am working on is organizing a craft room / office space for me and my husband, Micah, to share. (Yikes I have A LOT of stuff! This process has made me worry that I will soon be featured on one of those hoarders shows!)

After a trip to Ikea we had a desk with two work spaces and some cute modern chairs but no bulletin or display board. I didn’t want it to look or feel like I stepped into Ikea every time I came in here to work so I decided we needed a garage date night to make a Planked Art Display Board to make this room feel more like us!

Planked Art Display Board {Dolen Diaries for The Crafting Chicks}

To make your own Planked Art Display Board you’ll need:

  • 8 wainscot plank paneling pieces 3.5″ x 32″ *you can get a 12 pack at Lowe’s in this exact length
  • 2 1×4 cedar fence boards cut down 2 pieces 34″ & 2 pieces 23″ *we used reclaimed fence boards
  • Picture Wire 6.7 mm x 7.6m
  • 4 eye hooks
  • 2 cable crimps
  • wire cutters
  • wire crimper or pliers
  • air staple gun with 1″ staples or a drill with 1″ screws
  • hand drill with 1/16″ drill bit
  • 2 1″ screws
  • white spray paint

To start, I laid our plank pieces out so I could arrange where I wanted all the different grooves, knots, etc. to land.

Next, I looked at the 1x4s to decide which sides would show. I played around with the frame pieces on top of the planks until I was happy with their arrangement. I preferred the look of the longer frame pieces being on the top and bottom rather than the sides. Then I stacked the planks and frame pieces back up in order from top to bottom and set them aside to give us room to start assembly.

I laid the frame out front side down and Micah clamped the corners together squarely onto the work table. *It’s important to make sure that you are laying your frame out squarely or you’re going to have a wonky finished product.

Once all the corners were securely clamped, I laid out my planks centered on top of the frame face side down.

We used an air stapler to attach the planks all along the edge of the frame. We chose an air stapler for ease but if you don’t have one you could use 1″ screws.

After I had gone all around the perimeter of the planks with staples, Micah added a few extras on the top and bottom corners to give it a little more strength.

Just to make sure it was strong enough to hang and support artwork, he added a staple on each of the frame seams.

DIY Planked Art Display Board {Dolen Diaries for The Crafting Chicks}

Our planked art display was ready for paint!

Planked Art Display {Dolen Diaries for The Crafting Chicks}

Our office color is Repose Grey by Sherwin Williams. I love this color with our white desk and chairs so I thought white would be the perfect color choice for our planked art display as well! After one heavy coat of paint, I could see just a hint of wood here and there. It was just that touch of rustic that we both adore so we decided one coat was enough.

After the paint was dry it was time to add the wires! I figured that two rows of wires would allow for perfect artwork hanging room. To make it easy I lined up our wire path with the grooves in the planks. Micah predrilled the holes for the eye hooks.

The next task was to twist in the eye hooks and I have to say it was tougher than I thought it would be! I started all gung-ho and then made Micah finish because my finger tips were sore. (Girly hands!)

We decided the best way to make the wire as tight as possible was to loop it around each of the eye hooks.

Micah slid a cable crimp onto the wire and clamped a pair of pliers on each end of the wire. We each grabbed a pair of pliers and pulled the wire taunt.

While the wire was held taunt, Micah crimped the cable crimp together.


We trimmed the wire ends and repeated the process for the second row of wire.


Lastly, we snipped off more wire and secured it to the back of the board for hanging.

Planked Art Display {Dolen Diaries}

I absolutely adore how our DIY Planked Art Display turned out, don’t you!?!

The little ledge on the bottom of the frame is the perfect spot for this vintage reader board letter.

Planked Art Display {Dolen Diaries}

While Micah’s happy with just what we have on the board now, I can’t wait to fill it up with some of the works of art our boys create for us! Would you be a board filler like me or a minimalist like Micah?

Planked Art Display Board {Dolen Diaries for The Crafting Chicks}

Thank you all SO much for letting me share our Planked Art Display Board with you! I’d love it if you would pop by Dolen Diaries to say hi and don’t forget to pin this project for your next garage date night!

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sm adventure tote header

This is the perfect tote for any book lover! “Adventure is out There” A perfect quote to go with any book tote to carry your favorite reads.  Or make a library tote!  Sharing how I made this adorable DIY Adventure Quote Tote using my Cricut Explore.

sm adventure tote 2 sm adventure tote 1 sm adventure tote 4


-Cricut Explore Machine

-Cricut Design Space software

-12×12 standard grib cutting mat

-Gold Iron on Transfer Material

-an Iron

-A 11×13 white


Add the gold iron on material to your cutting mat. Choose the appropriate setting on the dial.


In design space, pull up the “Adventure is out There”. Load the cutting mat and cut. Make sure you select “mirror image” before you cut.


Iron over your tote…get it really hot. Place your image on top of the bag. Iron over the plastic. Be sure to get the tiny details with your iron. Gradually and slowly peel off your plastic top. I also like to place a thin towel on top of the image and iron once again.

Now you can enjoy your fabulous new book tote! Or gift one to a friend.


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Top 15 Cleaning Tips and Tricks - These are great!

It’s that time of year when holiday decorations are down and my house looks empty.  An empty house  always make me realize that my house needs a good cleaning!  So we’ve searched the web for the Top 15 Cleaning Tips & Tricks!  You’re going to love these!

For more cleaning ideas jump over to our Cleaning Tips and Tricks Pinterest Board!

How to wash pillows and make them white again by Inter Design Info

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How to clean glass shower doors by Ask Anna

Top 15 Cleaning Tips and Tricks!  These are great!

Homemade Granite Cleaner by No. 2 Pencil

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How to remove carpet stains by The Shabby Creek Cottage

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The world’s best homemade laundry soap by The Crafting Chicks

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Safely clean your computer keyboard by The Mamas Girls

Top 15 Cleaning Tips and Tricks!  These are great!

How to clean moldy water bottles by One Hundred Dollars a Month

Top 15 Cleaning Tips and Tricks!  These are great!

The no-scrub way to clean your stove burners by The V Spot

Top 15 Cleaning Tips and Tricks!  These are great!

How to remove water rings by Homemade Mamas

Top 15 Cleaning Tips and Tricks!  These are great!

How to remove hard water by The Thrifty Home

Top 15 Cleaning Tips and Tricks!  These are great!

How to get hairspray off walls by Somewhat Simple

Top 15 Cleaning Tips and Tricks!  These are great!

Sanitize and restore wood cutting boards by Sweet C’s Designs

Top 15 Cleaning Tips and Tricks!  These are great!

How to make your old towels like new by Passion for Savings

Top 15 Cleaning Tips and Tricks!  These are great!

How to clean your slow cooker by 365(ish) Days of Pinterest

Top 15 Cleaning Tips and Tricks!  These are great!

How to detail your car yourself by Honeybear Lane

Top 15 Cleaning Tips and Tricks!  These are great!

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post from the Mom it Forward Blogger Network & IKEA. All opinions ideas are 100% mine.

ikea 1 job charts

Last week I posted about Ikea’s First :59 Campaign and one of our morning problems.  I shared how our mornings have been so crazy and chaotic.   I wanted to find a way to motivate my kids to accomplish their morning tasks quickly so that we can have smooth mornings and make it to the bus on time!

I also wanted to be able to motivate my kids to get certain tasks accomplished in the morning so that our afternoons aren’t so crazy full!  I am excited about our new plan!
sm job chart 6

With the help of some of Ikea’s awesome organizational items, I created a little nook in our mudroom!  I call it our “Sanity Station.”  The kids are already loving it. sm job chart 4

I bought these Magnetic Boards for 4.99 each!  They were the perfect size for the individual job charts! ikea-ps--magnetic-board__0240287_PE379898_S4

I also chose this standard Notice Board (cork board) to add each child’s weekly schedule. vaggis-noticeboard__0240400_PE380053_S4

The main plan for the job/motivation charts was to split “to do” things up…some for the morning, some for the evening.  I added a few more things than normal to the morning section.  My kids are getting older and since we wake up early to get ready for school, getting more accomplished will help us simplify our evenings. sm job chart 5

When the kids finish a task or two, they love moving their magnet from the “to do” section to “done.”  I love crossing things off my to do list…and this is a great visual way for kids to see tasks accomplished!  I LOVE these magnet boards.  I love not having to search for pens, or deal with messy markers. sm job chart 1

For positive reinforcement, we count up a point for each “done” magnet.  We add these up through the week and each kids gets minutes for special activities, dates with mom/dad, or even extra minutes staying up late.  They are really excited for the new charts!   sm job chart 2 sm job chart 3

You can grab those Ikea Magnet Boards and then download my blank job/motivation chart printables.  Below you can download the boy version, or the girl version. (Personal Use Only Please)

I have loved Ikea’s First :59.  What are some items that you have found at Ikea that help you organize and simplify your day?!  Leave a comment…we would love to hear!
sm job chart boy


Boy Chart Download:

cc_download sm job chart girl

Girl Chart Download:


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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post from the Mom it Forward Blogger Network & IKEA. All opinions ideas are 100% mine. ikea 1

Don’t let these sweet back to school photos fool you…our mornings can be quite crazy!  Every year I try to think of ways to improve our week days.  This year one of my goals is to get more accomplished in the morning, so that our after school activities and evenings can go smoother.  Also, my kids are getting older and more capable of chores.  I think they feel better when they leave their rooms and spaces tidy.  We can also accomplish a few activiiteis in our morning, like reading and piano.  The goal is to check these off our list before our crazy afternoons.  Plus my kids are more alert and eager in the mornings (I’m the one who needs to work on morning alertness, oh to have their energy!)

Being an educator and mother, I know that kids need a good routine in the mornings and fun ways to keep them motivated.  I love rewarding my little ones for being responsible and helpful.  I’m excited to share with you next week how I use some of IKEA’s best organization products to get our Morning Motivation in gear!

We are excited to be apart of Ikea’s new FIRST :59 campaign.  I loved reading about how they want to help families have better mornings.  There is nothing worse than sending off my kids frazzled and annoyed in the morning.  We all have a much better day leaving happy.   survey1a-700x344

IKEA’s research for the  first 59 minutes of the day found:

-72% of survey respondents said that a stressful morning affected the rest of their day

-3 in 4 people do not have a regular weekday morning routine

-49% of adults over 35 that get stressed in the morning identified getting kids prepared for the day causes the most stress

I’m excited to share with you my solution using IKEA products…to get my kids MOTIVATED in the MORNING!  Wish me luck!

IKEA has made a dedicated pinterest board to First :59.  You can find more info on this campaign there:)  Be sure to check out their FIRST :59 page for lots of helpful tips and insights.  We can all use a little help getting our mornings off on the right foot!

ikea 2

Here are some fun Job Charts from our site that I will be getting some inspiration from:

Brooke’s Job Chart Templates


Kirsten’s No Fail Charts


Jamie Job Chart Printable job-chart-header-sm

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Back to School Scrapbook Paper Notebook by for

Hey everyone!  It’s me again, Katie from The Casual Craftlete blog.  I can’t believe summer is coming to an end and we have to start thinking about back to school stuff.  With that being said, I have a really simple and cute DIY craft to share with you today.  I am loving this Back to School Scrapbook Paper Notebook!  It’s a great way to customize a plain notebook into something that fits your style.  And, we all know expressing yourself makes life more fun.  It’s also a  inexpensive and easy project for the kids to do, to hopefully get them excited about the new school year if there not already.  Just a side note about myself:  I really love paper a lot!  It’s my favorite material to use when it comes to making crafts and cards.  Plus, the pattern paper is so pretty to look at.

Let’s get started!

Materials for making a DIY Scrapbook Paper Notebook by for


  • Notebook
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Cutting mat
  • X-Acto  knife
  • Adhesive tape

DIY Scrapbook Notebook by for

 Step 1

I started by using an adhesive tape runner along the sides and in the middle of the front cover of the notebook.  You can use any kind of adhesive you like, I just prefer tape runners.

Back To School DIY Notebook by for

Step 2

Place a piece of 12″ x 12″ scrapbook paper on top of the front cover over the adhesive.  I left the black binding of the book exposed because I was afraid it wouldn’t open if I covered it.  I really like this gilded gold paper.  The colors almost look like they are hand painted.  It really is beautiful double sided paper.

DIY Notebook using scrapbook paper by for

Step 3

Open up the cover on the cutting mat and use the X-Acto knife along the edges of the notebook removing excess paper.  Make sure to be very careful while using the knife, it is very sharp.  I like this method for cutting the excess paper the best.  There’s no measuring involved and the knife cuts better than scissors or at least I think so.

Back to School Scrapbook Paper Notebook from for

That’s it!  You can leave your notebook like this or I repeated the steps on the inside cover and back of the notebook.  I also added some embellishments for more character and fun.

Inside of the Scrapbook Paper Notebook by for

I added a chalkboard sticker on the inside cover page with my daughter’s name on it.  That way if it is ever lost they will know who the notebook belongs to.  Also, there was a cute tab sticker with hearts on it that I placed on the inside page.  It was too cute not to add.

Back of the Scrapbook Paper Notebook by for

This pretty floral pattern is the back cover of the notebook.  I think it looks vintage and modern at the same time.  That’s my favorite combinations ever!

Back To School Notebook by for

I also added a tag to the front cover using coordinating scrapbook paper and stickers.  It’s just a sweet reminder.  I adhered the tag to the front cover with the tape runner.

Scrapbook Paper Notebook by for

 Hope you and your kiddos enjoy this back to school project!

Happy 2014-2015 School Year!!!

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art caddy 1 sm We are getting our ART on this summer.  My kids love to create and I love having supplies readily available.  I love being able to turn off the t.v., pull out our art supplies and let them get creative! This week we created a special ART SUPPLY caddy.  This has made clean up a cinch and our supplies super easy to find.

I was able to get a sneak peak of Michaels new Raw Bar line coming this August.  These chalkboard front galvanized totes are part of that new line.  I thought this would be perfect for our art supplies.  This also a great way to get those homework bins ready for back to school! art caddy 7 sm I also found these Chalkboard Table Picks at Michaels to use for supply labels.  I used some small galvanized buckets I had on hand…to hold crayons, glue, markers and paint in our bin. art caddy 2 sm Have you guys ever tried Chalk Markers?  I love writing with these.  They were perfect for writing on the bin and labels.  They also have the chalk markers available in bright neon colors.

art caddy 4 sm art caddy 3 sm Can’t wait to see what my little ones create!  The possibilities are endless! art caddy 6 sm Here is a little sneak peek of the Michaels new line inspired from nature…you will see burlap, cork, chalk board, wood, metal and canvas coming this August. art caddy 5 sm art caddy 8 sm

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sm swim tote header sm swim tote 3 Ahhh….Summertime!  WE love it!  I love swimming with my kids and all of the fun summer days and activities.

One thing I don’t love is packing all of the pool stuff…and forgetting things…being in charge of 4 kids and their swim gear is quite the feat!

My friend shared an idea with me.  She has a swim bag for each of her kids.  Brilliant!  And I love that it teaches my kids to keep track and be responsible for their swim belongings.

Each just has a small bag to carry with the following:

Beach Towel

Flip Flops (if they aren’t wearing them already)


Cover up or tshirt for the boys


We make sure to fill their bag and have it ready to go after each swim.  We have the swim totes in the mud room…so much better than me packing all of the goods!  They love it too!

I found these adorable pink “jelly” totes at H&M for $8!  Perfect for the wet swim gear!

What are some things that you do to keep organized in the summer time?  We’d love to hear!

sm swim tote 4 sm swim tote 1 sm swim tote 2

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School is out for my kiddos which means summer is in full swing.  We’ve been pinning up a storm of some fun creative things you can do to keep those kids, and you, entertained.  Most of which won’t break the bank.  This list is a good start but make sure you check out our Summer Pinterest board for even more ideas!

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30 Camping & Dutch Oven Recipes

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For more Summer Fun go follow our Summer Pinterest Board.

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