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We are so excited to announce our Valentine Party Pack! This pack is full of fun and games that will help you become the star of Valentine’s Day just by hitting PRINT!

We know how much you love our Valentine Printables so we wanted to put together something super special for all of you.

Valentine-Printable-pack from the Crafting Chicks

This pack includes 6 games that are sure to provide fun for hours. You could use this pack for a Valentine’s Class Party, a Valentine Party at your home, or just for fun around the house. Our kids have loved to play each of the games and we know yours will too.




Each Valentine Party Pack contains:

  • A special Valentine’s edition of the Memory Game–Kids will want to play this game over and over even after Valentine’s Day is over.
  • Roll A Heart Man: This game is a hoot to watch and see who can build a Heart Man the quickest.
  • Valentine’s Headbands game: See who can guess the quickest, who/what they are. This game is a hoot.
  • Musical Hearts: Get out some fun music about love and watch the kids jump from heart to heart to land on the number that is called out.
  • Valentine “I Spy”: This game is a fun for everyone. Race to see who can count the correct number of images in the quickest amount of time.
  • Don’t Eat My Valentine: This is our spin on “Don’t Eat Pete,” with fun Valentine images.
  • And the BONUS: Heart Attack: Have fun showing someone how much you love them by decorating their space with hearts that tell how much you love them.



You can purchase this pack for only $2.99.


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Star Wars Lightsaber Bubble Wand Valentines

Star Wars Lightsaber Bubble Wand Valentines

Sharing a fun valentine idea for your little “Star Wars” lover! Star Wars Lightsaber Bubble Wand Valentines…and a free printable for our readers. sm lightsaber valentine 6 I found these mini bubble wands at Target in their valentine section…perfect little lightsabers. sm lightsaber valentine 3 After printing my printable…that says “May the Force Be With You!….Have your child sign their name.  Then taking a razor blade, make a slice on the right side of the lightsaber handle.  This will allow you to slip in the mini bubble wand.  Take a piece of tape and affix it to the back.  Voila!!! sm lightsaber valentine 1 My little guy is so excited to share these with his kindergarten friends.  And with all of that candy, this will be a refreshing little gift! sm lightsaber valentine 4 Download Black PERSONAL USE ONLY PLEASE.  All printables and downloads are property of The Crafting Chicks, LLP. sm light saber bubble wand valentine sm lightsaber valentines 2 sm lightsaber valentine 5

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 Each year I like to sit down and evaluate what I’ve accomplished and what I need to do better. Some people do this as a resolution, some use a Word of the Year. It hit me this past year that my girls could really benefit from setting goals and feeling a sense of accomplishment once they reached a goal. So I came up with this little printable. Helping Kids Set Goals Worksheet that is a free download for you to use with your own children.
I’m excited because this year we were able to team up with Horizon Organic, to show how easy it is to teach children to plan out goals, and especially find a way to eat healthy while doing it.
Here’s how we started!
For the first section on the printable I asked my girls, “What is 1 thing new you’d like to try this year?” We are working on eating healthier as a family, but sometimes they don’t want to try the new veggies or fruits I bring home. They decided that they wanted to try new foods. (It kinda counts as more than one new thing, but if it’s helping them eat healthier, hey I’ll go for it.)
 The second question I asked is, “What are 2 ways you can serve others?” I love incorporating service into their thoughts. So much of a child’s mind revolves around themselves. I’ve learned that as a parent, if I ask them to serve they are more than happy to and end up LOVING the resulting feelings. It’s never too young to teach them how to serve.
The third question on the sheet is, “What are 3 things I want to learn?”  We got a variety of answers from each girl. From learning to sew, to learning how to play the flute. We will see how much I can help out with those
The 4th question is, “What are 4 things I want to get better at?” I think it’s important for children to work on being better at something. Weather it’s sports, reading, writing or coloring, there is always room for improvement.
The final question to ask, “Where are 2 places you want to go?” You can keep this in reason or have them reach for the stars. Our girls settled on Disneyland and a hike we’ve wanted to try as a family.
My girls had such a fun time working on this. They even invited friends to do a sheet too. I’m having them post the goal sheets next to their beds so they can be reminded and work on their goals through out the year.

Here’s the printable for you to download a Kids Goal sheet for your children. Download Black

Remember all printables are property of The Crafting Chicks, LLP. For personal use only. Not for resale.

Make sure to visit Horizon Organics on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram to stay up to date on feeding your family healthy foods. You can even sign up for their newsletter.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Horizon Organic. The opinions and text are all mine.

HI-Chew Fruit Candy Valentine Printables

We were lucky to partner with Hi-Chew last year when Nikkala made some amazing lunchbox and love note printables. So when I started thinking about valentine’s for my girls to give to friends,I had Hi-Chews on the brain. We sure love these little treats at our house. They are the perfect for times when I need a quick sweet treat.

Not to mention that with every yummy fruit flavor I could think up a fun little Valentine pun. Are you ready for the fun?


I’ve got 2 printable sheets with 4 different printables on each. You can attach the full size packs to some of the tags,


just a little individual wrapped treat to the tag,


or I even made a printable for a mixed bag of individually wrapped ones to give to a teacher or close friend.


Lots of options with these.


Just print these off and have your kids write their names. Then tape the Hi-Chew treat of your choice to the tag and you’re all set. The giving is all up to the kids at this point. And make sure you try a few, as quality control of course. Wouldn’t want to giveaway a treat that wasn’t up to your standards  😉



Page 1
Download Black

Page 2 Download Black

Remember all printables are property of The Crafting Chicks, LLP. For personal non-commercial use.


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It's No Puzzle Valentines Printables

I found these addable mini puzzles at Michaels. I thought they were so cute and my 4-year-old daughter fell in love with them. She loves puzzles and I just knew there was a fun Valentine’s pun I could use to make these her valentines to give her preschool friends. So I snagged them, made up this fun little printable and have them ready for you and your little ones.


First off, find the small puzzles. They come in an 8 pack so it’s just perfect for a preschool class. I snagged 2 packages cause I knew my girls would want to play with them too.

Then print off the free printables below. I made one sheet with pink and one with the blue.


Blue Puzzle Valentines Printables

Download Black

Pink Puzzle Valentines Printables

Download Black

Remember all printables are property of The Crafting Chicks, LLP. For personal non-commercial use only.


After you have the printables printed and cut, you can start to have your child write their name on them. We were too excited to see how it all looked so you can add the puzzles later if you’d like. It didn’t seem like a problem for us.


Attach the puzzle boxes by using tape or glue dots. You can choose which would work best. The tape seemed to hold just fine. But if you’re worried about them traveling you could certainly throw a glue dot on the back to keep them more secure.


And there you have it. A simple and fun Valentine for your child to give.


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One of my New Year’s resolution is to plan better. To take control. To be proactive and not reactive.

In order to be proactive at home I know that I’ll need to have a plan. I used do pretty well at flying by the seat of my pants, but have recently realized that there might be a better way for me. So I’m going to give planning a chance. I made up this simple chart to help me. There is so much packed into this bad boy that I’m actually giddy over it! I’ve taken some ideas I know will work and some I think may work for me and combined them on one sheet of paper to hang on my fridge. The idea is that Sunday mornings I’ll print a new one and start plotting out my week.

Week at a Glance

week at a glance scheduling help

There’s a box for every day of the week, duh. And a box for notes. Right now it is being used as my shopping list.

There’s a line for me to plan a menu in advance. I’ve never been a meal planner and I know even trying to plan a week at a time is setting myself up for failure, so as long as I have the next day filled out before I go to bed it will be doing its job. By having a dinner plan before 3 pm will put me in control of that situation.

The next line is for housework. This is my take on the FlyLady system. Everyday I’ll pick an area to spend 10 minutes working on and eventually my house will be immaculate (ha!). Even if it isn’t immaculate it will be better than it was before. Its all about the baby steps!

The dots at the bottom are to keep me accountable to myself. The top 2 are for exercise. Each dot represents a half hour, The next line of 5 is for my servings of fruits and vegetables and the bottom 8 are for glasses of water. I’ll put a check mark in the bubble to keep track. Hopefully there are no empty bubbles at the end of the day.


So there it is, my effort to plan ahead while still allowing the flexibility I know I need. Feel free to download your own weekly planner and join me in being proactive in 2016!

Download Black

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I’m LAFFY About You Valentine with FREE Printable makes for a great Valentine’s Day gift idea!

I'm LAFFY About You Valentine with FREE Printable from for

Hello there!  It’s Katie from The Casual Craftlete blog.  I am so happy to share my first post of the new year on The Crafting Chicks.  I thought I would start with a super fun Valentine’s Day project to kick things off.  I created a I’m LAFFY About You Valentine with FREE Printable because who doesn’t love a cheesy Valentine?  That’s what the holiday is all about, right?  The colors are so bright and fun!  This Valentine idea would be great for the classroom at school.

Laffy Taffy Berry Basket Valentine with FREE Printable

This year my daughter is in preschool and I needed to come up with a Valentine to give the kids in her classroom.  Laffy Taffy candy is one of her favorites, so I thought I would create something around that theme.  I started by designing a FREE Printable tag which you can download later in this post.  I choose the colors from the Laffy Taffy wrappers and I have to say, I love the bright colors.  They are so fun and grab your attention.  Next, I took a white berry basket that I bought at the craft store and painted it with the same colors as the printable tag.  I just made organic brush strokes all over the berry basket.  There is no right or wrong way to paint it.  Then I took a Q-tip and dipped the ends into black paint and made dots throughout the paint brush marks.  This would be so fun for your kiddo to do.

I'm LAFFY About You Printable

To download the I’m LAFFY About You printable, just click the link below.  I recommend printing on matte white cardstock.  There are six of the design per printable.  You can download and print as many as you like.  All printables from The Casual Craftlete are for personal use only.


I used a tag punch to punch out the printable.  Then I used a hole punch on the top of the tag and tied baker’s twine through the tag.  You can use any punch or simply cut around the image.  It’s totally up to you how you use the printable.

Valentine's Day Idea with FREE Printable

Thank you for letting me share my I’m LAFFY About You Valentine with FREE Printable.  Hope you have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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I love giving little Christmas gifts, and neighbor gifts are about as small as they come. Although, inexpensive gifts don’t have to be dumb.  When it comes to neighbor gifts 3 things make it a success, in my opinion.

1. No Calories

2. Useable

3. Nothing to store

And if it has a cute and clever tag to go with it, all the better!

These “dishes” tags make giving a practical gift easy. It says “Lets our family help your family do the dishes this busy holiday season.” There are quite a few variations you can give with the tag.


You can tie it on to a bottle of dish soap.


Tape it onto a package of paper plates. I would sure love an excuse to not have to do dishes and a stack of paper plates would help for quite a few meals!


Or clip it on a package of dishwasher detergent. I won’t load the dishes, but these detergent tabs will make sure they are clean!


Download Black


Find more clever Christmas tags here.


Hey Ya’ll! Merry Christmas to all of you. I’m Kiki from Kiki and Company here to share a quick little project and printable with you to make gift giving this year a cinch! Do you give gifts to your kids teachers, your neighbors, friends and even the dog next door? Sometimes it feels like the list is forever long, right?! Making gifts that are memorable, but quick and simple are key. This one today will be perfect to anyone you need to say Merry Christmas + Thank You to!

Polar Bear Jar and Tags



How cute are they? To make them is super simple.


  • Free printables
  • mason jars
  • twine
  • glue
  • something to put in the jars

Polar Bear Jar and Tags. Cute!



  1. Download, Print and Cut out the free printables
  2. Fill your jar with something yummy. I wanted to go along with the white and red theme, so I chose mints, but you could use anything!
  3. Place printable hearts circle on top of lid before securing closed.
  4. Glue bear to the front and then the ends of the sides in the back.
  5. Glue pouch together and punch a tab out. (This is optional.)
  6. Add card to the pouch and add twine to the back of it.
  7. Tie around jar and you are ready to give.
  8. The pouch is big enough that if you want to add a gift card, you can!

Polar Bear Jar and Tags. Love these!


How cute is that card?! These are super fun and easy to put together. I hope you find the perfect people to give them to.

Polar Bear Jar and Tags...super cute!

Polar Bear Jar and Tags. So fun!



To download this freebie, click on the link below:

Polar Bear Tags

Polar Bear tags


Hope you have the Merriest Christmas around!

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We all have stressors during the holidays and this month the Michaels Makers were asked to come up with creative and fun holiday hacks and tips to help relieve some of that stress and make holiday entertaining and prepping fun!

Quick Holiday Gift Ideas with Michaels

We were given 5 common holiday hiccups to choose from and I went with Quick gift ideas for teachers, the post man, a friend, a co-worker, etc.  I had a lot of fun coming up with clever, easy, & cute gift ideas that anyone will love.  Plus they are all quick and easy to throw together.  With just one stop shopping at Michaels…making Holiday shopping a breeze!

Gift Idea #1:

A Coloring Kit!  These adult coloring books are all the rage!  We are loving these Coloring books (but big kids can use them too…even my 6 year old likes to help me color mine).  I found the best selection of these coloring books at Micheals.  I loved this Four Seasons one.  They are all so pretty!  I think this would make a great gift to give to a friend or co-worker.

Quick Holiday Gift Ideas with Michaels I made a cute printable tag to go along with this gift!  Wishing you a COLORFUL Christmas.  You can Download it HERE. sm colorful christmas 6 Tie up the coloring book, colored pencils (I love this set I found at Michaels), and add a pretty bow with the tag. sm colorful christmas 1

Gift Idea #2:

A Hot Cocoa kit for two!  I found these burlap bags at Micheals for $1.99…and new they would make the perfect way to wrap up and deliver my Hot Cocoa kits in!

A great thing to add to the Hot Cocoa Kit gift is a yummy Chocolate Covered Hot Cocoa Spoon!  So easy and fun to make!  

Just take Wilton candy melts, melt according to package…dip your spoons,  sprinkle peppermint and sprinkles for a yummy added touch to the gift!

This would make a great surprise to leave for the mailman, the milk man, the bus driver, etc.   Its a quick treat to share:)

Add my free Printable “WARMEST HOLIDAY WISHES” tag to tie up the bag. sm hot cocoa gift 3 sm hot cocoa gift 1 sm hot cocoa spoon 5 sm hot cocoa spoon 1 sm hot cocoa gift 4

Gift Idea #3:

Cookie Kit Gift!  Sharing a sweet and quick gift idea today.  You can throw this together in seconds and add my free printable “Sweet Christmas” tag.  This would make a great gift for teachers, or a neighbor.
sm sweet christmas 6 At Michaels Craft Store I found these ceramic mini loaf dishes, cute cookie cutters and pretty Wilton sprinkles. sm sweet christmas 3 sm sweet christmas 7 sm sweet christmas 5 sm sweet christmas 4

·         Michaels has tons of holiday project ideas and instructions on their, including gift wrapping, home décor, last minute gift ideas, hostess gifts and more.

·         Check out the other four holiday hack topics and the unique ideas all of the makers came up with on Michaels’ blog, The Glue String.

AND…you can even share your own Michaels Holiday Hack using the hashtag #morejolly.

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