Stitchn_Kitchen_Christmas_Blog_Tour-01 We are so excited to be a part of the Riley Blake Stitch ‘n Kitchen Blog Tour.

Today I’m going to be sharing a fun Hand-Stitiched Berry Kissmas Pillow.

Hand-Stitiched Berry Kissmas Pillow

I have loved hand-stitiching for many years now. These are so easy to whip up in an afternoon. Here’s what you’ll need to “cook up” your own “Berry Kissmas” pillow.


Hand-Stitched Berry Kissmas Pillow
“Making” Time: 1 afternoon
Ingredients For the Hand-Stitching:
Stitchable Pattern–Download below
Emboirdery Floss to match your fabric
Background fabric, I used Riley Blake Basics in Skin color.
Ingredients For the Pillow:
4 different fabrics, I used Lost & Found Christmas

For the embroidery:

Download the pattern.

Download Black

  1. Transfer your pattern onto your fabric. I always do this by printing and then tapping the pattern to a window. Tape your fabric on top of the pattern and trace with a pencil.
  2. Use a basic backstitch to make the wording and the mistletoe steams in green.
  3. Use a french knot for each of the red berries.
  4. Once your done with your hand-stich, cut it to a finished size of 9 1/4 x 5. Set aside for now.


For the pillow:

  1. Cut out 2 strips of fabric 11 5/8 x 2 5/8, for the top and bottom.
  2. Then cut out 2 strips of fabric 7 1/4 x 2 5/8 for the sides.
  3. Attach the top and the bottom first, rights sides together, using a 1/4″ seam to your embroidery, leaving the longer ends on opposite sides. Press.
  4. Attach the sides, placing the right sides of the fabric together, using a 1/4″ seam to your embroidery. Press Merry-Kissmass-Pillow-front
  5. Cut a backing out 14 x 9 3/8. Merry-Kissmass-Pillow-fabric
  6. Place right sides of fabric together and sew pillow together, leaving a space to stuff the pillow and then hand stitch closed.


That’s it!


Now you have a really cute pillow to keep or give away!



Now since this is a Stitch ‘n Kitchen Blog Tour, I need to leave you with a yummy recipe.

I can hardly talk about “kissmas” without thinking of Herseys Kisses. We love them at our house and I’m happy to share a yummy recipe with you.

These are our Cherry Cordial Chocolate Crinkle Cookie.


So yummy and soft inside, with just the right amount of cherry.


Hop on over to get the recipe.

Thanks for stopping by!

*This post may contain affiliate links.

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Hi everyone!

My name is Sarah, and I blog over at Becoming Martha – a place where I share a lot of fun ideas for crafts, simple DIYs, parties, and since I’m a busy mom, things for the kids, too! I am so excited to be here today, showing you this great tutorial for a fun and easy way to make a Christmas play dress for your little one.

Make thie adorable Christmas dress in under an hour with just a pillow case and a tank top!

The idea came to me when I saw these fun candy cane striped pillow cases for $2. I thought they would make an adorable dress bottom, but I have such little sewing experience that I didn’t want to construct a top. Dealing with necklines and armholes seemed like a big task to me. Instead, I grabbed this plain white tank top (for $3!) to use on the top. Doing this made the dress so easy that I’m convinced even the most basic of sewing levels could complete it. I really and truly can’t sew much besides a straight line, so you can believe me on this one. But if you don’t, just read through this tutorial, and hopefully you will be convinced!

Simple Christmas Play Dress

To make your own Christmas play dress, you won’t need very much. Your supply list will look like this:

  • pillow cases (standard size) – I also used a plain white one underneath because the stripes were a little see through.
  • tank top or t-shirt
  • iron on vinyl
  • co-ordinating thread
  • wide ribbon (optional)
  • hemming tape (optional)

I took a picture of every single step, so to save space, I’ve grouped them together into main body and sleeve steps.

Make thie adorable Christmas dress in under an hour with just a pillow case and a tank top!

Step 1: Using a dress that fits your child, measure how long you want the skirt to be. Leave an additional inch for hemming. The hem of the pillow case will be the hem on the bottom of your skirt (hooray for saving time!) so make sure you cut the excess off the closed pillow case end.

Step 2: If you are using a liner, cut the liner about an inch (or a hemline) shorter than your printed fabric. You may also want to iron it, which I was too lazy to do, as you can see.

Step 3: Set your sewing machine to the longest straight stitch it has, and run the skirt (both layers) through the machine. Don’t backstitch at the beginning or end. Leave long tails at both ends so you can gather the fabric by pulling on the bobbin thread (the bottom one) until the fabric gathers. Spread the gathers out evenly.

Step 4: Cut your tank top using your dress as a guide (I always cut 3 inches down from the arm hole) and pin it to the skirt, right sides together. Run it through your sewing machine again, cut any loose or long threads, and flip the right way out. (PS – see the holes along the bottom of my top? Yeh… I kinda ran it through with the wrong side of the shirt facing the skirt… My seam ripper and I got pretty close that afternoon. But no biggie, it was covered up by the new seam.)

Make thie adorable Christmas dress in under an hour with just a pillow case and a tank top!

When you are finished these steps, your dress will look like the image above. If your shirt has sleeves or you want to make a tank dress, you could stop there, but if you want simple flutter sleeves, just follow these three simple steps:

Make thie adorable Christmas dress in under an hour with just a pillow case and a tank top!

Step 1: Fold the excess fabric from the pillow case in half and cut a small shape like the image above. When unfolded, it will look like a really skinny C. Use your first cut as a pattern for your second. I cut my sleeves to be the height of the arm hole.

Step 2: Sew a straight stitch along the curved side of the sleeve, backstitching both ends. The straight edge will be gathered, so follow the process above for gathering. (If you aren’t sure how to gather, I highly suggest watching a YouTube video – that’s how I learned.)

Step 3: Pin to the inside your shirt, lining the center of the sleeve up with the shoulder seam. Run it through your machine one last time.

Make thie adorable Christmas dress in under an hour with just a pillow case and a tank top!

And ta-da! You have a dress! You could stop here, but while we’re at it, I wanted to dazzle mine up a bit. I used some red iron on vinyl and cut out the phrase “ho ho ho” with my Cricut Explore. (The image is from their image library in Design Space if you want to use the same one!)

Make thie adorable Christmas dress in under an hour with just a pillow case and a tank top!

Once the vinyl is weeded, position it on your shirt, and using an iron on with the steam off, adhere it to the top of the dress. Always follow the iron on instructions, because usually they call for a layer of thin fabric between the iron and the vinyl. I use a (wait for it…) pillow case.

Make thie adorable Christmas dress in under an hour with just a pillow case and a tank top!

The only step I don’t have a picture of was adding the ribbon around the waist. It was a last minute addition, and not neccessary. The only reason I added it was because the tank top was quite as fitted as I had hoped – plus, who can say no to a pretty bow? I didn’t have any red thread, so I used hemming tape to fuse the ribbon to the dress.

Make thie adorable Christmas dress in under an hour with just a pillow case and a tank top!

My little sweetie just loved her dress, and she loved telling everyone that I made it even more! She even wore it to school today when she was “Ami du Jour” (friend of the day) so she could show it off.

So are you convinced? I hope you feel confident enough to make own yourself, and if you do, I would love to see it! Tag me on instagram – you can find me at @becomingmartha.

And if you want more simple ideas for Christmas, you have to see my nativity scene snow globe ornament and mini wood slice wreath. They both look so elegant, but are really easy to create.

nativity ornament 7 Create this wood slice wreath and impress the neighbours with your fancy new door decor this holiday!

Thanks so much to The Crafting Chicks for having me here and I hope you all stop by to visit me at Becoming Martha soon!

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Hexagon Wreath Tutorial

Hi everyone! I am Elizabeth, one half of the duo of sisters-in-law who blog together at Simple Simon and Company. At Simple Simon and Company we love simple sewing, quilting and craft projects that anyone can do. We have a motto at Simple Simon that “anyone can sew” and we really believe it. If you can operate a gas pedal on a car you can “drive” a sewing machine! And while today’s project is not stitching on a sewing machine—it is still simple.

If you are anything like me you are spending half the day in carpool lines and/or lessons or appointments with your kiddos….and so lately I have been taking some craft supplies with me in the car. This tutorial is for a form of quilting called English Paper Piecing but don’t be afraid of the title…it is a super simple form of handstitching or sewing.


*Green fabric square 3″ by 3″

*Hexagon Paper Pieces (6)

*Embroidery Hoop

*Red pom pom trim

*Scrap of red yarn

*18″ by 18″ white fabric square

Step 1: Make your 6 EPP (English Paper Piecing) hexagons. I actually made most of this wreath while two of my kiddos were getting their cavities filled. If you need a TUTORIAL for making the HEXAGONS, CLICK HERE. Stitch the 6 hexagons together in a wreath shape.


Step 2: After all 6 of your hexagons are sewn together, take the papers out and turn the wreath over.

PicTapGo-Image (52)

Step 3: Place the hexagon wreath onto the 18″ by 18″ white fabric and stitch it down onto your fabric.

PicTapGo-Image (51)

Step 4: Once your wreath is stitched down you can insert it into your embroidery hoop. I then used bit of a red yard scrap made into a bow at the bottom of the wreath.

PicTapGo-Image (50)

Step 5: Add some small pom pom trim to the embroidery hoop and you are done!

PicTapGo-Image (49)

To find other simple sewing or quilting projects you can join us over at Simple Simon and Company.

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We love a good challenge. So when Michaels asked us to come up with a DIY Costume you bet we were game!

Now my 7-year-old told me she wanted to be a fairy, so I went in looking for anything that could make her look magical on Halloween. But I also wanted something that wouldn’t just get set aside once October was over. Here’s what I came up with. I’m so in love with how it turned out.

DIY Fairy Costume


I walked in Micheals and began my search. I found these beautiful fairy wings and knew I hit the jackpot. A quick stop by the fabric and sewing section, (did you know they have fabric?), and I was all set.  I made 2 different color fairy costumes for 2 of my girls. I can’t decide which one I love more.


I decided that I wanted to make a quick skirt for the girls. I love this Simple Skirt Tutorial on MADE. So easy and fast, but super cute! And the best part is that they can wear them over and over. They aren’t just for dress up!


I decided to double layer the glitter tulle over top of the cotton. WARNING: You will have glitter everywhere. I think I look like a fairy after sewing these, but they are so stinking cute!


Once your skirt is done you’ll just need to add the wings, and of course the magic wand. I found these adorable wands for $1 by the foam crafts at Michaels. SCORE!


I had a hard time getting her to hold still to take pictures. She was ready to fly away.


Still haven’t decided what you’re going to be? Check out the other 49 DIY costumes from the Michaels Makers and you might just find the perfect one for you, your kiddos or your beloved pet this Halloween– they’re to die for!

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I’m so excited to join in Riley Blake’s Back to School Blog Tour! We sure love that we get to work with such an amazing company.


For my Back to School project I choose to make some cute lounge pants for my daughter. I wanted to use a soft knit and once I saw this fun aztec print from Carley Griffith I had to have it.


First off, I have to say that I am NOT a pattern designer–YET. So I went in search of the best pattern I could find that that happened to be these Lazy Days Lounge Pants from Gracious Threads found on etsy.

il_570xN.632485255_h8e0 Of course I began with printing everything out and gathering all my supplies and following the great step-by-step instruction like pre washing fabric.


I’m not going to go into deep detail in this post because I purchased this pattern and would encourage you to do the same if you’d like to make these pants. Well worth the $7.50 since you can make pants for sizes 2T-12 with this one pattern.  (I might try to even make me a pair.)


Let’s talk about this amazing fabric. Riley Blake makes amazing and high quality knit. Not that flimsy stuff you can get at some stores. This is the good knit. And the fabric designs are so beautiful.


I made these pants in one afternoon and only had to unpick once. That’s like a record for me.


And now my oldest has a comfy pair of Aztec Lounge Pants to sport around.


She honestly wouldn’t take them off.






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I am so excited to share something that I’ve been working on for months now.

Last year Hazel and Ruby came to us with their idea of making Crafternoon Kits and we thought it was genius! We jumped at the chance to work with them to create this fun Jersey Knit Scarf Crafternoon Kit. Jersey Knit Scarf Crafternoon Kit

So you may be asking, “what is a Crafternoon Kit?” It is a kit of a fun trendy craft idea from some of your favorite bloggers, pulled together in a smart little package so all you have to do it open it up and start crafting. No more searching for this or that just so you can finish a project. These kits come with it all.

Here’s a fun video clip with more info.


For my kit you will get the jersey pieces (already cut and ready to go), needle and thread.

You’ll get to make a year-round scarf by layering, braiding and combining soft t-shirt material. Pretty navy, mint and grey fabrics will allow you to make a fun and stylish scarf for anytime of the year.


There are easy step by step instructions in each kit, but if you still need a little more help I’ve made a video tutorial.

This kit is so fun and easy you’ll be able to make one up in no time at all.


Something-Turquoise-Crafternoon-Felt-Flower-Headband-1 Blog Hop

All of the blog/kit designers are doing a blog hop… so keep the fun going by jumping over to read the next post by Something Turquoise and learn all about her adorable fun Felt Flower Headband Kit! Hazel & Ruby also has a blog post up sharing more details about this new program which you can find here.



I can’t wait to have a Crafternoon girls day. In fact, we’d love for our of our readers to win a Crafternoon Day with friends!

Just enter below for you and 5 friends to win one of my Jersey Knit Scarf Crafternoon Kits!
Jersey Knit Scarf Crafternoon Party for 6


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We are so happy to be a part of Skirting the Issue today with Simple Simon and Company. We adore these ladies and this mission to make skirts to donate to local Foster Care centers. If you are needing a fun sewing project look no further!

Today I am sharing a fun twist on the maxi skirt. A Short Maxi Skirt with Pocket for Girls! (I think the pocket makes it.) It’s a quick sew (about 30 mins) and easy enough for beginners.

Short Maxi Skirt with Pocket for Girls

I got my cute fabric from Riley Blake. We are so happy to be on the Riley Blake Fabrics Design Team.  They have some amazing fabric and I was excited to sew with the knit for the first time.


I followed a Brooke’s Tutorial for the Knit Maxi Skirt. But cropped the length, added a little more fullness and added in the pocket.

knit-skirt I think all little girls should have a pocket or a place for treasures.  My girls are always trying to put their lipgloss somewhere. This ended up being the perfect spot.

What You’ll Need to Sew a Short Maxi Skirt with Pocket

  • 1 yard jersey knit fabric–depending on the size you could make a couple skirts out of 1 yard. I made this as a 4T and I could have made at least 3 more out of the yard.
  • Sewing Machine
  • Coordinating Thread (I used white)
  • Scissors
  • Cutting mat
  • Rotary cutter
  • Tape measure/ruler
  • Pins (I used ball point pins specifically to use with knits)
  • Ball point sewing machine needle–this is also specific for sewing with knits

Pre-wash fabric and tumble dry on low.

Set your sewing machine to either a stretch stitch setting or a narrow zigzag to allow for stretch. The tension is set at 4. You could also use a “walking foot” to help guide the knit through easier. For this project I used my regular foot.

To determine size of skirt, take all your measurements beforehand.


  • Waist
  • Length from waist to knee (or however long you want the skirt to be)


I followed the directions to the Girl’s Knit Maxi.

Once you have your skirt sewn together you are ready for the pocket.  I wanted my pocket to be 4″ square.  I cut out a 4.5″ x 4.5″ piece of coordinating knit and gave each side a nice 1/2″ hem. I liked adding this fun detail of a thick boarder. Then I attached the pocket with a stitch on my machine, making sure to reinforce the tops.

I think it would be fun to add another side pocket, but my little one was too excited to even let me hem this skirt.  She wanted to wear it and loves the curl of the bottom.  She thinks it makes it twirl better.


Please join us in Skirting the Issue! We’d love to see what skirts you can sew up.

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Pattern Jam

Hello all you creative friends out there! I’m so glad to have the opportunity to introduce myself and my new company to you! I design fabric for Riley Blake Designs, and have done so for about 6 years. I’ve produced over a dozen collections for them, and I really LOVE my job! I got started as a fabric designer when I walked into a local quilt shop near my home at a time in my life when I was asking myself questions like, “Who am I?” “What will I do with myself when my kids are in school?” Sound familiar? I think it’s pretty common to go through those existential moments in our lives. Well, when I walked into that quilt shop (Pine Needles in South Jordan, Utah), I had an epiphany! From the moment I browsed through the gorgeous fabric lined up in that shop I knew that I wanted to be a fabric designer. With lots of hard work and humble pie over the years, I’m finally getting a foothold in the industry! I have two new collections coming out this fall~ “Chatsworth” and “Zombie Love”. Here are a few pics:

chatsworth-Collage zombie-love-Collage

I have completely fallen in love with the quilt industry over the years~ I love the gorgeous fabric and beautiful quilts, the community of compassionate women who are quilters and I love to work from home so that I’m accessible to my 3 kids (who are growing up way too fast).



My new company, is really a meld of all the elements of what I love about the quilt industry. is an online platform that enables users to make a great quilt pattern and audition designer fabric in that quilt pattern. If you’re not a quilter but like to sew~ don’t despair! We also have children’s clothing patterns, aprons, bags, etc. that you can customize with fabric. The bottom line is this: provides the tools to preview what our projects will look like prior to getting started! No more angst over making a fabric choice that wasn’t quite right! making-shorts-on-Pattenjam


I’m pretty excited about, because I find it hard to visualize what fabric will look like in a quilt or a dress until it’s done. I hope that you’ll have fun designing and interacting with it, and I really hope that it helps you with your projects! (version 2) is on the verge of launching, and I have a sneak peek for you! Check out this quick little video to get a taste of how fun and simple it is to use…

I have an incentive for those of you who would like to be among the first users of when it goes live in a few days: Sign up at, and if you get 5 of your friends to sign up as well, I will send you a big ol’ bundle of gorgeous fabric to add to your stash! (Speaking of your stash…you will also be able to upload snapshots of fabric from your stash to use in PatternJam)!


I always love to connect with creative women, so please find me: Facebook Instagram Pinterest! And don’t hesitate to contact me at


Thank you so much to the Crafting Chicks for inviting me to share a little about myself and my new venture, These gals are really awesome!

We are so happy to have Emily stop by! She’s let us know that you can sign up for Pattern Jam using our LINK. Once you sign up you’ll be given your own link that you can share with friends and earn your own free fabric for each friend that signs up! Head on over and check it out!

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Summer is almost here!  Vacations, road trips, plane rides… always a good time!  To help your vacation go smoothly this year, we’re giving you 10 Tips for Traveling with Kids.  We’ve got printables, games, activities and so much more!

For more ideas, come over to our Road Trip Pinterest board.

10 tips for traveling with kids - printables, games, activities - this has it all!

Travel Activities for Kids

Pocket Sized Fishing Set from Doodlecraft

Traveling with kids - printables, games, activities - this has it all!

Kids Size Travel Pillow with Carrying Case and Pocket from It’s Always Autumn

Traveling with kids - printables, games, activities - this has it all!

Lego Travel Case from The Pleasantest Thing

Traveling with kids - printables, games, activities - this has it all!

Ticket Time from Grays Harbor Deals

Traveling with kids - printables, games, activities - this has it all!

Road Trip Travel Trays from Somewhat Simple

Road trips with kids - printables, games, activities - this has it all!

Traveling with kids - games, activities - this has it all!

Travel Printables for Kids

Road Trip Scavenger Hunt from Mom’s Minivan

Traveling with kids - printables, games, activities - this has it all!

Road Trip Activity Pack from Playdough to Plato

Traveling with kids - printables, games, activities - this has it all!

Read and Write on the Road Printable from Small Types

Road trips with kids - printables, games, activities - this has it all!

Slug Bug Printable from Prepared NOT Scared

Road trips with kids - printables, games, activities - this has it all!

License Plate I Spy from 3 Boys and a Dog

Road trips with kids - printables, games, activities - this has it all!

Traveling with kids - printables, games, activities - this has it all!

Don’t forget these travel tips:

5 Carry-On Must Haves from The Crafting Chicks

5 Carry on Must Haves

10 Tips for Traveling on a Budget from Tastefully Frugal

10 tips for traveling on a budget

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Ah!!! It feels good to be back! And a big thank you to The Crafting Chicks for having me here.

I’m Ali from Dream Crafter and I am SOOOOO excited to share my boy’s new room with you! When we first moved into our new home I was so hesitant to paint any walls or decide on any decor…because I’m wishy washy and can’t stick with anything. My boys really wanted a super hero room and if anybody knows me, they know that I LOATH character themed things. I don’t let me kids wear Mickey mouse or Disney paraphernalia. I don’t have anything against them. In fact, I love all those movies! Lets just say that its not my styyyyyyle.

Thats when I had to get creative with this room. I didn’t want anything permanent because knowing my boys they would want something different in 6 months and I also had to steer clear of the character room. So, without further adieu, I present my Boy’s Superhero Bedroom!

boys superhero room

I love how this whole room came together. Bit by bit I just pulled stuff from my house that was just laying around and I actually did the whole room for less than 40 bucks. Boom! Let me give you the tour…

First off, right behind their door when you walk in I hung all their superhero capes.

super hero capes

I actually got this little star hook at a garage sale about 5 years ago. It was originally white with brown stain so it looked like country stars. When I realized I’m not a “country-style” kinda person I put it in my basement. When this project came up, I remembered the little star hooks and immediately went downstairs and dug it out of a box and painted it red.

Next, obviously, we have the polka-dot wall.

boys superhero bedroom 1

When I told my husband I wanted to put polka dots all over my boys’ wall he just about had a heart attack. I think he was picturing some girly dots in his sons’ room but I had a different vision. He told me not to, but I knew once I put it up he would see my vision and admit that I was right…and he does like it! All I had to do was start and then he was convinced it would be manly enough. Muahahaha!

These dots are actually vinyl dots that I cut using my silhouette. I literally just drew a circle about an inch and a half diameter and then copied a million of them onto my design board. Then I just cut my black vinyl! This is perfect for renters or for mind-changers like me since its not permanent and easily removed.

bunk view

I started out by measuring them every 6 inches and trying to use a level to mark where they should go. And then they were crooked anyway. Its super hard to get them straight but after a while I just started eye-balling it and they turned out to be more even then when I was actually measuring. Go figure.

I love how it turned out plus it makes for the perfect superhero photography backdrop. :)


Next is the curtains. I am not a huge fan of spending 40+ dollars on curtains. Its just fabric after all. So I got out two flat twin white sheets from my linen closet and purchased a flat navy blue one. Then I just cut a strip out of the blue one and sewed it onto the white ones. Then I just hung them using clips and a rod I already had. (Hint: hang your curtains high and wide to make your window look bigger!)

In the corner by the window I also made this mask holder:

mask board

I actually made this a LONG time ago and I got the arrow and supplies from The Wood Connection. I did a post for them about a year or so ago and I was originally using this to hold my boys bow ties and ties (see that HERE). Turns out its much cuter for superheroes. I also made the masks in a different post which can be found HERE.

On the other side of the window I hung this sign that I made:

arise from the dust

The “Arise from the dust my sons, and be men” can actually be found in the Book of Mormon in 2 Nephi 1: 21. It has always been a special scripture to me and my husband and I find it especially fitting for this superhero room where I want my boys to learn what being a man really is: Rising above what the world tells you to be and being a Godly man. Ok. Enough about the meaning.

I made this board from an old sign I had (with different vinyl lettering). It used to be bright lime green. I peeled off the vinyl, painted it red and cut my own white vinyl with my silhouette.

The little chair is something that my husbands grandma made from him when he was little. The fabric is a little 90’s but its a sentimental piece. Plus who doesn’t love little recliners for kids?!

Next is the bunk beds.

bunk beds

These were also something we already had. I got them from the Wood Connection furniture store a few years ago and stained them myself. Then my husband put them together. The bedding is from Ikea and that red plaid blanket was a D.I. find. Score!

Welp! Thats all for the tour today! If you want a little sneak peak of what the room looked like before, here is a little looksy…


Pretty sad huh? And look how tiny that window looks!

To keep up on how the rest of my house transforms follow along at Dream Crafter or on my Instagram @dreamcrafter101.


Boys super hero room

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