I have had some fun lately with my Cinch with good reason.  My aunt just celebrated her 10 year sobriety birthday which is a huge accomplishment.  After talking to one of my sisters I decided to do something special for her to help her celebrate.  I emailed all our family and her friends and asked them to write her a letter.  It was so amazing to read through the letters and see how she has changed others lives.

I took an old cereal box and cut two 7×7 pieces out, Mod Podged some scrapbook paper on the cardboard, and then added the establishments like ribbon, and quotes with some inked edges.  (You can see a great step-by-step from Jamie on making a Cinch book here.)

I put all the letters I received into a Word doc. and made my page format fit the 7×7 size so I would only have to worry about cutting the paper along the bottom.  (Not just a hat rack…I’m a thinker too.)  😉

Once I printed it all out I got my Cinch out and had some fun.

I also made a journal type book for a sweet friend of mine who had just lost a baby.  I have also gone through several miscarriages and knew that sometimes you needed a book close by to write thoughts and feelings in.

I tried to keep it pretty simple and just added plain unlined paper to the inside.  This way she can place pictures, notes, cards, letters or anything else she would like to keep inside.  Many times when friends and family go through difficult times we don’t know what to do.  Just letting them know we are there and giving them a way to grieve can help.


Now when my daughter saw me crafting away and having a good time with my Cinch, she decided she wanted in on the action.  She helped me get her book all put together and then decorated it just how she wanted.

Watch out crafting world.  A new crafter is born.

There are so many fun possibilities of books you can make with a Cinch.  Here are some other ideas from past posts, and my little head.




  1. Cute books, Becky!! You are so sweet to make those for your Aunt and your friend, I’m sure it means a lot to them. xoxo

  2. Those are DARLING! Good post Beckeroo!

  3. Which cinch machine do you use? I am in the market for a book binder so I can create books of my daughters’ artwork (and eventually my son’s), but I don’t know which machine to use and what the pros/cons are. Any advice you could give me would be great!

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