The world of apps is huge and we all know our phones are capable of more than Candy Crush–but how do you know what apps are worth downloading? Today we’re sharing some of our favorites and would love for you to share your faves in the comments!




Disneyland Explorer

My kids love this app. It has been the fun flavor of the month. Their favorite part is finding the yeti on the Matterhorn!



 Kid Chatteroo


My Job Chart

This app has been so helpful in getting my girls motivated to help around the house.  Each night they login and mark off what they have done.  Sometimes they want the points and will run and do something they may have forgotten to do. Love it!


nike Nike+ Running

I’m not a runner, but it works for walking too ;). I love that it keeps track of distance, route, time, and pace. And it let’s us have a friendly competition amongst family.


Rhonna Designs

Take your Instagram pictures to a whole new level with Rhonna’s app. It’s like scrapbooking on your phone!


This is my #1 fave app. Microblogging at its finest. 😉


I love taking pictures with my iPhone, so I love PicTapGo which is an awesome photo editing app. You can edit your phone pics with a few simple touches, save your favorite editing “recipes,” and even open right in Instagram without cropping your photo to the default square. It’s my favorite way to brighten up my phone pics.


  1. My favorite besides the ones above, is C25K (couch to 5k). I love that it’s free and gets me on track for running a 5k. And swackett! Just a fun weather app.

  2. I love maxjournal!

  3. Shannon Says: July 26, 2013 at 9:21 am

    Is there an app for the Crafting Chicks yet? Searchable crafts, recipes, blog posts etc…..

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