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The Book Theif



To Kill a Mockingbird




The Traveler’s Gift


“Super Inspiring!”

Getting Thing’s Done


“Productivity awesomeness.  I love that this book shows you ways to optimize your time and energy, and set up systems that really work.”
“This is my very favorite book about being a mother.  It’s real.  It’s inspiring.  It gives you excellent tips and it fills your soul with the desire to be the very best mother that you can be and have it be a fulfilling experience for you in the process.  LOVE IT.”

Ender’s Game (Not usually into Science Fiction but Fell in love with this in Jr. High…love the twist at the end…love any book/movie with a twist at the end)



A Couple of Classics:

The Count of Monte Cristo



Adventures of Huckleberry Finn






The Hiding Place  


Corrie ten Boom tells her amazing story of surviving the Holocaust. While in a horrible situation, it is a story of courage and forgiveness. Everyone should read it.

Mount Vernon Love Story


It’s the only Mary Higgins Clark book I’ve read, and I don’t read many romantic novels, but this love story about George and Martha Washington at the beginning of America is one of my favorites.


How Do You Tuck In a Superhero


A hilarious look at raising boys! And as a mom who had all sisters growing up, I need a little insight to the world of boys!




  1. Great list, ladies! I’m always looking for something new to read. 🙂

  2. Great list I loved The Book Thief and To Kill A Mocking Bird is my all time favourite book

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