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Things are finally warming up here and we are thinking about yard work! So today we are sharing our favorite things that we use in our yards!



Preen is necessary if you have flower beds and don’t want to weed every week.  Just follow the directions and you will have a lovely flower bed in no time at all!

gardenhopper Garden Hopper

This is a great way to keep all your gardening tools at hand, and also gives you a little seat. 🙂




I have always loved this kind of flower since I was walking one day and there was a whole field of them in someone’s yard.  I had to knock on the door and ask what they were called.  I have always loved the colors and textures that they offer.

Hardy Hibiscus

When we moved into our house, they was this AMAZING plant that sprouted these HUGE flowers that looked like they were straight out of Hawaii.  I have loved this plant in my yard ever since.  Mine are a bright fuschia color and I LOVE THEM.




My mom uses this and passed it on to me. 🙂 It’s “plant food” that you can spray onto your plants and flowers or just sprinkle it into your watering can. It helps your plants to have deeper roots and grow healthier, larger flowers. It works!



Nitrile Garden Gloves

These gloves are thin and not bulky like most garden gloves. And they have nitrile on the fingers and palm of the hand that prevents water and punctures from getting through.


Pocket Pruner

I’m a stickler about dead heading flowers, so this little guy is perfect to keep in my pocket when I’m out in the yard, in case I see a rogue plant that needs cutting back.

osmocote vegetable and bedding


Osmocote is a slow release fertilizer. I put it in my planters at the beginning of summer and it continues to release nutrients throughout the summer.

CraftingChicksPicks-jamie garden_tools Garden Tool Set

kid_garden_tools Kids Garden Tools

Let’s get kids in on the action!

What’s your secret weapon to keep your yard looking awesome!

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