We’re excited to have Kiki here. You might know from her awesome printables but did you know she also knows her way around the kitchen!


Hi everyone. I’m Kiki from Kiki and Company and SO excited to be here sharing one of my favorite traditions as a child. I have loved reading the traditions that have graced the homes of everyone who has shared so far in this series!

I remember as a child sitting at the kitchen counter watching my mom bake. I always loved watching her make bread. There was always something so fascinating about watching such simple ingredients mix and rise (and of course, I LOVED eating it as well). Each December, my mom would make loaves and loaves of Christmas bread to give to neighbors, friends and co-workers. It filled our home with the sweetest smells. It’s how I learned how to braid and as a child, anything with sprinkles just made any gray day turn sunny. It was one of those traditions that made me happy as I thought about it so decided to share it with you!

I LOVE to look at that bread as it comes out of the oven:

The braiding on it is so pretty.

Don’t feel shy in putting a WHOLE lot of frosting on it. (I personally think each bite should include some frosting)

Then use your sprinkles! This could really be changed to use for any holiday by what colors you use in your sprinkles.

Then slice and eat OR wait until the frosting has dried, wrap in plastic wrap, then add cellophane and ribbon and give, give away.

It’s one of those traditions that will keep going and going because of the sweet memories (and taste) it brings!

There are so many other traditions we have started in our home as well. One of my favorites is memorizing meaningful scriptures with my kids. I have made a few in HUGE prints (think 36″x48″) and hang them with the season and my kids have loved the challenge of memorizing them.

Right now we have this one up:

and next month will put this one back up:

It’s been a really fun way to work together as a family (and my kids keep asking what the next one will be!)

I hope your holidays are filled with much family, fun and traditions galore!


  1. Hi I was just wondering what size the for unto us poster is that you have here in this picture.

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  3. We do a braided bread and frost it like yours, too. Started generations ago in my Mom’s family. Drained, halved maraschino cherries scattered as “dots” over the white frosting. Little Jelly Beans for Easter Brunch. Yours looks so divine and delish!

    • ooooh, i love maraschino cherries..i’ll have to try that one, plus..i kind of LOVE polka dots! 🙂

      • kiki – some years we’ve been able to find the green maraschino cherries so we could have both scattered on the braid. Your blog site and Pinterest Boards have so many inspiring ideas! You have such creativity and sweet enthusiasm!!

  4. I know this is a stupid question.. But are we supposed to use self rising flour with the yeast?

    • hey arica, no stupid questions 🙂 no, you can use regular flour. you could try the other and tell us how it works, but i just used regular old white flour. hope that helps. 🙂

      • Hey! I just tried it, but with just regular flour. But my dough was really sticky, so I couldn’t form the balls. So what did I do wrong? I wanted to get this downpat before Thanksgiving.

        • Arica – If you are limited for time, a Bread Braid can be made using 3 of the Pillsbury French Bread Dough tubes sold in the refrig section of the grocery store if your store has them.

        • hey arica, if your dough is sticky, add a little more flour. as long as it sticks together well, take it out and knead it a few times in some flour and then put it in a bowl to rise. hopefully that will help you out! thanks.

  5. Kiki – your art is beautiful! What do you have them printed on? It looks like thick poster board. Is that right?

  6. What size loaf would this make? Could you make smaller loaves to give away? Would it effect the bake time?

    • hey jamie, this recipe makes 3 HUGE loaves. YES! you can cut the recipe into 6 and make 6 loaves and they are perfect to give. the cooking time would be less, but just watch the bread..when it is brown on top and when a wooden skewer comes out clean, it’s done! thanks.

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