I spent a long time looking for the perfect bedding for my boys room. They are 3 and 6 years old and everything I found either looked too babyish or was very themed. (Enough with the balls already!) Or was way out of my price range, since buying 2 instantly doubles the price!

One day in the depth of the search I stumbled upon these black and white quilts on clearance at Target. Sure they look like hotel bedding from the 80’s, but check out that price tag! Just $7.48! The other side was a solid black and the wheels in my head started turning. I just couldn’t pass up a quilt for $7.50–since you can’t even buy batting for that much. And they were already quilted and bound!

I decided to add a design on top of the black in an applique type manner, to make the black a little less black and a little more like a little boy’s room. I stopped by My Girlfriend’s Quilt Shop and left with some great advice and some cute fabric from Michael Miller’s Mini Mikes line. It is boyish without being baby.

I decided to add a chevron pattern to the top of the quilts. After some time looking at chevron patterns I decided to wing it–all the patterns looked like a lot of work to me.

First, I ironed Wonder Under on the back of each piece of fabric. (Wonder Under is a fusible web with a paper backing that allows you to iron it on your fabric, cut out the shape you want, peel off the paper and iron in place.)

Then I folded the fabrics accordion style as wide as I wanted each of my chevrons to be and cut at the angle I decided to use. It was necessary to piece together the strips of chevron so they would reach the width of the quilt. You do this by sewing at a 90 degree angle, like you do when making a binding.

After I had my chevrons all cut I was able to arrange and rearrange them on the quilt until I found the pattern I liked best. Then I simply removed the paper backing, ironed them onto the quilt, and zig-zagged stitched around the edges to keep them in place.

One quilt has a wider pattern covering the entire length of the quilt, and the other has the chevrons concentrated in the center of the quilt. I have a definite favorite of the two. Which one do you prefer?


  1. Love these! I have a blanket addiction and this is my kind of quilting. Cheaper and easier, since I hate binding the edges. Great idea!

  2. Fantastic idea! They look great. I prefer the more concentrated version- but they are both awesome!

  3. Angie Dubon Says: January 30, 2012 at 9:18 am

    Number two stands out more in design

  4. So clever! Love the results!

  5. I love the boys name posters in their room. Haven’t seen those before and the are a fun addition.

  6. I love this idea – my daughters are of the age of….accidents. Would you be able to machine wash these quilts?

  7. What a terrific idea! So often you find something on clearance and ponder over what to do with it. Very clever and simple to do idea

  8. #2 is my fave!

  9. Oh my goodness, LOVE!

  10. I prefer the one with the chevrons clustered close together!

  11. Brilliant idea to use a quilt that’s already been made! I love it! I like what you did with both of the quilts – not too overtly “boy” but a nice balance of boy with some sophisticated style. I think the chevrons closer together have more pop, but it might get busy if there were two of them together so the fact that there’s one where the chevrons are farther apart makes a nice balance. Do they boys like them?

  12. They are so cute! Where did you get the posters?

    • I made them…ssshh…. I’m sure I could get in trouble for taking such popular logos without permission. But my boys are named Bentley and Lincoln and I just couldn’t resist!

      • Lol! Well you did a great job! My daughters names are Bentlee and Chanel so I understand. It is much easier and less expensive to get Chanel stuff. Anything Bentley is crazy expensive! What program did you use to make them?

  13. I think I could see that being a teen boys’ room. Nice work on the quilts and the posters. Now, if only the beds were white… 🙂

  14. They look great! Love the idea!!

  15. wow! Super cute and it blows me away how your thinking out of the box and getting such great results! A quick off the subject question, where did you get your Bentley sign? I need one:-)

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