Our neighborhood has a fun little project group that has started up. The idea is to make fun things that we can get done in one night and do it cheap!!! It has worked so far. We made these great cute magnets. They were super easy and only cost $1.35 for 6!!!

To make these, you need the clear glass “rocks”, strong round magnets, scrapbook paper or scrap material, and some Glass & bead glue.

Cut your fabric or paper to the size of your rocks.

Use your glue to dab onto the paper and add it to your rock on the flat side and let dry.

Once they are dry add a dab of the glue to your magnet and place on the paper.  Let that dry and you are all set.

They come together really fast. I just love having something that looks great on my fridge instead of a bunch of ugly magnets.


  1. Cindy Ervin Says: May 7, 2012 at 5:15 am

    I love your easy crafts! I have 5 grandchildren that visit often, and I like to have fun things ready to do for them when get here.

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