Yesterday I (Kirsten) got to spend the afternoon with some FANTASTIC ladies from the blogosphere, an event that was put on by Paige and Jo from WHERE WOMEN CREATE.  They put on the craftiest event call THE CREATIVE CONNECTION which is now a part of BLOG HER HANDMADE that is held in St. Paul, MN from Thursday, September 15 — Saturday, September 17.  I. WANT. TO. GO. SO. DANG. BAD. It’s like the mecca of craftiness.  I SO wish my fellow chicks and all of you could have been there with us.  There couldn’t be a nicer & more personable group of successful and sweet ladies.  Take a second to look at their sites because each one of their sites will just blow your mind with the amounts of inspiration bursting from their seams.

Bottom from left:

Margie from The Girls Paperie

Jo from Where Women Create

Paige from Where Women Create

Shelley from The House of Smiths

Brittany from One Charming Party

Kim and Kris from The DIYDISH

Jen from Tatertots and Jello

Tauni from It’s a Tradition

Alison from How Does She

Kari from UCreate

Ashlee of I’m Topsy Turvy

Angela from The Artists House

Jen, Jenny and Jayme from Making Memories

Meg from Brassy Apple

Carey from Little Cherry Blossoms

We also got a tour of their studios at WHERE WOMEN CREATE.  This place is filled with the coolest stuff.  They were so gracious.  This is JO, she is such an accomplished women, and SO DOWN TO EARTH.  It was so fun to meet her.

These little tiny books were one of my favorite details.  Mason (my 5 year-old date who was an absolute champ 🙂 loved these too.


Don’t mind this girl….SHELLY from THE HOUSE OF SMITHS, if you haven’t been to her blog…YOU MUST.  She is AMAZING, and she was goofy with me, that’s about all I can ask from anybody.  And I really wanted to steal her camera strap.

It was so fun to see them in their element.  She LOVES what she does, and I love that.

Ribbon never looked so pretty over the exposed brick.  LOVE.

This is MARGIE AND TAWNI….they are darling.  Who’s that nerd in the middle?

And here, the ladies from DIY DISH (in the red and yellow coats) and Shelley from The House of Smiths

and my sweet Mason and I (completely tuckered out at this point).  These ladies were so sweet.

Check out their blogs, they are just as great in person as their blogs are.  You will not be disappointed.

Cheers to our new friends 🙂


  1. Ifound your site through WWC today and can not wait to explore more. how lucky you are to spend time with suchcreayive women!

  2. They are just as great in person 🙂 What an honor 🙂

  3. Wow! I would love to be a part of something like this! What a great experience!

  4. Kirsten,
    I had such a great time meeting you and your cute li’l guy!! You took some awesome pics and I still can’t get over how many creative, unique treasures where in one studio!!

    Hope to meet again soon!


  5. Look at you! You look amazing, and what a fun time!!

  6. Hi Kirsten! It was so nice to meet you:). I hope we can do it again very soon …. Have a fabulous day~Paige

  7. It was so much fun to meet you!!! What a fun event. I had such a great time. Loved seeing your pictures!!


  8. Kirsten,

    It was lovely meeting both you and your little boy too. Your pictures are great! As much as I love my iphone, the pictures didn’t even compare 😉 It was nice to come here and see good pictures, that sparked memories from the day.


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