There’s something about girls and shoes. Especially if that girl is my 2 year old daughter. The biggest tantrum she has ever thrown was because I left a pair of (too small for her) neon pink Nikes behind. And she wanted them, dangit. It was a body flailing, ear piercing screaming hysteria which was followed by sobs as I carried her to the car. It was bad, so bad I’m sure the entire mall could hear her screaming.


So when we discovered these blank canvas shoes at Hobby Lobby and she loved them and they cost like $6 (after coupon) and they fit, I made her dream come true and bought them for her. And what does the girl love almost as much as shoes? Sparkles.

I pulled out some gold glitter and tacky glue and got to work.



Using the tip of the bottle of glue I made dots on the shoe. They don’t have to be perfect, because the glitter won’t stick perfectly. At least that’s what I told myself as some dots were bigger and a little wonkier than others.To prevent the inside of the shoe from being covered in glittered, I shoved a piece of tissue paper inside. Beside keeping out glitter I think it also helped give the shoes some stiffness when I was applying the glue, plus it was the only place I could hold onto to move the shoe once the dots went on.


Sprinkle glitter on top until the dots are covered. I did it in sections, because it made handling the shoe easier. But I don’t think that’s necessary.



Once the glue was dry I took the shoes outside and rubbed the dots with my hand to get rid of as much loose glitter as possible. Anyone know if there is something I can spray on top to hold the glitter in place?


Glittered Shoes

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  1. Wonder if the new Rust-Oleum NeverWet would work?

  2. Use modge podge to keep the glitter on. It dries clear.

  3. I work at hobby lobby, so I think either a spray adhesive or the spray mod podge would work on them.

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