Hey friends! It’s Abbey here from The Cards We Drew and I’m excited to be sharing a fun baby headband tutorial today! I have a four month old little girl at home and while there are TONS of shops that make beautiful headbands, I find that the pricetag is a little high considering I can DIY a lot of those myself. So today I thought I’d share a quick and easy tutorial for making baby headbands!

Do It Yourself Pinwheel Baby Headband

These headbands take about 20 minutes to make and you can use old fabric scraps for the material!

Tools/Materials Needed:

tools for a baby headband

Fabric of your choice (3-6 fabrics work best)

Glitter elastic (JoAnn’s carries it in their notions department in different colors and textures)


Hot Glue

Pen for tracing

Buttons or other “doo-dads” for decorating the center of the pinwheel

Downloadable Pinwheel Template (below) sized in Microsoft Word

How To:

You want to start by saving this Pinwheel Template to your computer. You can insert this template into a Microsoft Word document, right click on it and adjust the size you want. For this tutorial I sized it to 2″ and 3″ each, so I had two templates to use. **Thank you to DimplePrints for providing the template**


After you have printed off your template, cut the template off the paper and start cutting out your squares. DON’T CUT THE DIAGONAL LINES GOING IN YET OR IT COULD MESS YOU UP. You’ll want a top side and a bottom side for each pinwheel so that at all times you can see finished material. This

This is also where you’ll want to determine how many pinwheels you want on your headband. So if you want three 3″ pinwheels, you’ll need to cut six squares out. For this tutorial I cut out two 2″ pinwheels and two 3″ pinwheels…for a grand total of 8 squares.

pinwheel tracing

Once all your squares are cut out you’ll want to put a few dabs of glue on them and lay them unfinished side to unfinished side so that when you flip it over the pattern is on both sides.

cut your fabric into squares

Once they’re glued together, you’ll want to cut the diagonal lines now…this ensures that the fabric doesn’t move and your lines stay where they should so you can create nice crisp pinwheels.

cut the corners of the squares

After the lines are cut you can start creating your pinwheel. You’ll fold every other corner of the pinwheel into the center and hold it down with a dab of hot glue…see below.

creating your pinwheel Once you’re done, I added a little white button to the center of all my pinwheels with hot glue. Repeat these steps for all your pinwheels.

finished pinwheels

After the pinwheels are completed, you’ll want to measure around your little one’s head to determine the length of the elastic. I actually just took other headbands she has and used them as a guide for how long it has to be. But generally speaking you’ll want the sizes to go as follows: Newborn (13.5 in), 3m-12m (14.5 in), 12m-3T (16 in), 3T and up (17 in). Add an extra 1/2″-1″ to glue the ends together. Hot glue ends overlapping each other about 1 inch. Then add your pinwheels to the elastic.

I took some time playing around with the layout and ended up doing one headband with one 3″ pinwheel and another headband with two 2″ pinwheels and one 3″ pinwheel. I hot glued them directly onto the elastic.

DIY Pinwheel Baby Headbands from The Cards We Drew via The Crafting Chicks

This is such a fun and easy project and you can make TONS of headbands from the $10-$15 you spend on materials. Just think, you could create a matching headband for all your daughter’s outfits! You could even make headbands for your friends kids as gifts! There are so many options. I plan on making a pinwheel onesie to match her cute pinwheel headbands!

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you want to see more craft ideas like this, stop by my blog, The Cards We Drew, for more fun!



  1. Love these! What’s the best material to use? The fabric has to be fairly stiff right?

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