Hi. I’m Becky, another one of the Crafty Chicks here. I have two little chickadees, a 3-year old and a 1-year-old, both girls. They keep me running, but I love it. I enjoy cooking, crafting, having fun with my family, and girl’s nights out. I love creating and feel like we all need to create something every once in a while as an outlet. I just get so giddy once I create something and want to share it with all my friends. That’s why Jamie and I started this blog. We wanted a place to share all the fun ideas we have with each other and all our crafty friends. We are happy to have you all stop by and hope that you enjoy our crafting.As a mother of girls, I am constantly doing hair. I love finding cute, new, different things to put in their hair that makes them stand out. Enter the felt flower. I was getting tired of the same old flowers, and I love bows, but how many of those can ya have? My search ended when I saw my friend Kristin’s little girl with a cute felt peony. I was in love. I went online and found the Vermillion Rules site. Such a fun site with a few different links to all sorts of felt flowers. I went to Yoonie at home and loved the peony so much that I am up half the night dreaming of all the fun felt colored flowers I can make. I am not stopping with my girl’s hair accessories. I want some for me. They will jazz up a cute scarf. Make a hat look adorable. And who says we grown women can’t wear them in our hair? {My Silly Goose modeling her new flower}

You can make them up super fast. I made this one before church today cause my baby girl needed a cute flower to match her new dress. I cut out the pattern, ran a few stitches through it, added the button, and stitched it to this headband. (You can get these stretchy headbands in packages of different colors from Target or WalMart in the hair area. They are so nice and you can toss them in the wash to shrink them back up if they get stretched out.)I think it took almost 30 minutes from start to finish. Such a fun easy project! Enjoy!


  1. SO CUTE!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. love it!!! and i love your photo!!!

  3. loved them!! I have two girls as well and would love to make some for them! thanks for sharing the great idea!

  4. You are all soooo talented. Your little model is simply precious and I absolutely love the headband!!!

  5. Hi
    I love all your creations , kudos to all the hard work u put in..
    BTW i hav something for u in my blog Pl feel free to drop by to pick it up .

    Smita Srivastava

  6. Nice blog with nice picture of flower that is appreciated. I wish if you could share the procedure for creating it in your upcoming blog. Iflorist.co.uk

  7. So cute, I need to make some of those for my little girlie!

  8. Very cute! I have to ask though. You had thirty spare minutes before church? How is that even possible, haha?!?!

  9. Very cute! I have to ask though. You had thirty spare minutes before church? How is that even possible, haha?!?!

  10. OMG, I love these, thanks so much for sharing such a great idea! I am following you and invite you to follow us, stop by our blog and enter our “Pink Present” giveaway, it’s valued at $400 and ends November 30!

  11. Meshellyn-
    It was a miracle. My husband was done with meetings early and I just set my mind to getting it done. We were almost late, to him at least. 😉

  12. That’s what I make is felt and fabric flowers. All kinds… Little, Medium, Large, and specialty clips. http://jaidiebugboutique.blogspot.com

  13. Becky! Holy cow, I have been coming to this site for all the cute ideas for so long! And I just saw this picture of you and realized that we know each other!!! From the Dixie College Ambassador days! I hope you read these comments….If so, please email me, I’d love to get back in touch and to compliment you and your creative friends for all the super cute ideas!

  14. Super cute idea! I love headbands!

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