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I’m so excited to share these DARLING kits with you!  These are the Pom Tree Kids Kits and they are TO DIE FOR.  I have a four year-old little girl and we love to make things together.  These sets got us both very excited.

  • As a mom, I love them because they are mess-free, no glue, etc.  All the pieces are there, they are 3D and the end result is very impressive.  My cute little girl was so proud of what we created together.  Her little friends even came over and were wishing that they could also build one.
  • I also love that you can customize each set to make them just how you like them.  I love that the puzzle pieces fit together and you have to use problem-solving skills, which is an added bonus.
  • I also love that you can take them apart and since there is no glue involved, they aren’t ruined.  They are almost like Legos that you can assemble and reassemble many times.


Pom Tree Kids Crafts1

  1. STEP ONE:  Take all the foam pieces out of the kit and detach all the pieces for the treehouse.  Use the base piece and assemble the tree trunk.

Pom Tree Kids Crafts2

STEP TWO:  Assemble the walls of the cottage by putting the three walls together like so.

Pom Tree Kids Crafts3

STEP THREE:  Add the roof, fence and all other accessories to your liking.  You can add flowers, branches, leaves, cherries on the trees, and many other accessories.  Voila!

Pom Tree Kids Crafts4

We are giving away 10 Pom Tree Kids gift baskets worth $50 each! Wahoo, enter below!  Also, send Pom Tree Kids some social media love below if you like what you see.  Disclosure:  This is a paid advertisement, but our opinions are all our own.

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  1. These are adorable!

  2. I love these! My kids would have so much fun!!! Thanks for the chance to win.

  3. These are really cute! I’d love to try out the Critter Mega Kit! I’m pretty sure this would be a big hit with my 4 year old boy – he loves critters and he loves projects!

  4. My daughter would love the treehouse play set! So cute.

  5. sooo cute! i would love to try the playtown creativity kits!

  6. I love the Ice Cream Truck kit…so cool!

  7. My girls would love the swing set or the tree house! I am looking for quiet activities so they dont wake their new sibling this winter!!

  8. I lvoe their 3D playtown creativity kits, especially that treehouse! Although the mailbox is adorable, too! 🙂

  9. Oh Sticker Tub – how my son would love you!

  10. Teddie Pesch Says: September 24, 2013 at 3:28 pm

    I love the 3d play kits, especially the feathered friends one! I know my daughter would have tons of fun with these!

  11. These would make me the coolest auntie ever if I gave them to my nieces for Christmas!! Pick me!

  12. Sparkle fun play house!

  13. These are super cool!! Hope I win, my kiddies will think this is awesome!

  14. My seven-year-old would swoon over the treehouse kit!

  15. The boys life Mega sticker tub looks like it is FULL of fun things!

  16. I think my girls would love any of the 3-d kits but they also love sticker books so I’m sure the sticker story books would be a huge hit.

  17. The post office is just precious! But I do love the swing along pet playset. My daughter may just be getting that for Christmas! 😉

  18. My girls would love the treehouse because they LOVE to play with their Polly Pockets and small figurines and LOVE to make their own homes for them (which sometimes involves taking things off our shelves or absconding with tupperware or suitcases). I love the idea that when they tire of it that it can be taken apart and stashed away for the next time they need a new house!

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