Even though Easter is late this year it seems to have snuck up on me! I barely bought our first bag of Easter candy this weekend.  Easter is this Sunday people! For reals. These eggs are quick to do and bring a little of that candy feel to your decor. I really like the bright colors amid the other pastel decorations I’ve got going on around the house. Don’t they look like they’d be full of chocolately goodness with a cream center? Or maybe caramel?   But nope, what you’d find inside is a paper mache egg.

This project only uses 4 supplies and chances are you already have them. Mod Podge, tin foil, eggs (plastic eggs would work too), and some ink.

Tear off and crinkle a piece of tin foil. Then apply Mod Podge and little pieces of foil. Be sure all edges are glued down and don’t worry about the wrinkles that come–it just adds to the look.

Keep adding foil until the entire egg is covered.

Then apply a little ink to a sponge and rub onto the foil. Use another area of sponge to wipe off the excess if you’d like.

A basket of calorie free foil eggs!

The Crafting Chicks will be on Channel 2’s Fresh Living today at 1:00 sharing ides for Spring Celebrations–including Easter and Mother’s Day!


  1. I love this. Now to find time this week to do it!

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