The Crafting Chicks are moms and we know that crafting isn’t always picture perfect. And sometimes it is downright hectic and doesn’t go as planned–especially when you are in a hurry! Check out how everything went down along with the easy directions to make a Homemade Fruit Bouquet!

I was asked to make a fruit topiary for a mother/daughter tea party and honestly when I bit that hook I could not visualize what a fruit topiary was. But I thought I could figure it out – with a little help from my friend Google of course :).

After consulting Google I sat off to the produce section and came home with the smallest head of cabbage I could find (it was still rather large), cantaloupe, grapes, and a box of toothpicks.

I had read that places like Edible Arrangements use cabbage as their base. I don’t know if it is true but gave it a try. Number one, it is cheaper than a foam ball. And number two, I didn’t have to make another stop at the craft store for a foam ball.

As soon as my boys were occupied with their lunch I set about creating the topiary. First, I pounded a 1/2″ dowel into the bottom of the cabbage with a hammer. And then ran around looking for the floral foam I thought I had. Turns out I didn’t have any, and I was running out of time. So my topiary really wasn’t a topiary. I pulled the dowel out and sat my cabbage right on the pot. The cabbage was solid and held the toothpicks secure and heavy enough that I didn’t attach it to the pot.

Borrowing a tip from my days as a floral designer, I started with my largest fruit–the strawberries and randomly stuck them in the cabbage.  See that cute boy eating lunch in the background? He waited patiently for me to finish before wanting down.

I then filled in with the grapes and cantaloupe. By staggering the heights of the fruit you are able to cover up more of the cabbage.

It turned out great! I was on time and no one even cared that it wasn’t on a dowel! Next time I’m planning on attempting the pineapple flowers with melon balls. It wouldn’t be hard to appear super professional.


  1. Looks great even without the dowel:) i nevr knew what was used in making a fruit bouquet (cabbage). Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am gonna do this the next time I volunteer for a fruit tray. Everyone will think I am so cool. Thanks!!!

  3. I have done lots of this with strawberries…but I had NEVER thought to use cabbage and you are right. That is SO much cheaper. Plus you can only use the dumb foam ball once because all the poked holes make it useless for reuse. Way to go Nikkala (and Google!?)

  4. Definitely gonna take a stab at this in a couple of weeks for my daughter’s first birthday party! Thx!

  5. Love it! I really think I might use this for a family party we have coming up here soon!

  6. Love it! I’m always looking for new thngs to take to our annual picnic. I’d never heard of a fruit topiary before but I think it will be a hit at the picnic.

  7. This makes me want to jump through the computer screen and eat it all up! Looks scrumptious! 🙂 And who cares if it’s not an official topiary, esp since it looks so yummy. 🙂

  8. What a great project!! I will have to give this a shot!

    Just wanted to give you a heads up – I featured your silhouette tutorial on my blog today 🙂 I hope it’s to your liking!

    Frosted Treats

  9. It looks great!!! I may have to copy this idea for a birthday gift! 😉

  10. Awesome! I tried to make a fruit bouquet for my daughter’s B-day party using Mickey Mouse shaped fruit cut-outs. The theme was, of course, Mickey Mouse. Anyway, the bouquet did NOT work out for me. I ended up just serving the skewers of fruit. You did a great job!

  11. That is wonderful – TFS!

  12. Great Job!!!

  13. Beautiful and so simple I can do that.

  14. I might look cute with sprigs of mint filling in the holes too.
    Looks great 🙂

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