HELLO!  If you are like me, I’m always looking for ways to help my little ones learn.  This is a really easy project I made with a frame I already had, and some new scrapbooking materials from Scrapbooking Attitude, a fun new product.  SO FUN!  Supplies listed below:


  • 1 sheet of SCRAPBOOKING ATTITUDE, a new scrapbooking film that you can laminate (I didn’t laminate this one, but there are many options here)
  • Frame with glass in it-mine was an 11×14 frame from LOWE’S
  • bistro chalk markers-(I got mine at HOBBY LOBBY) I like these best because they are opaque when you write, I also like dry-erase markers
  • 2′ of lace
  • 1′ of pom pom trim (I got mine at PICK YOUR PLUM)
  • 1 patterned paper sack (I got mine at PICK YOUR PLUM)
  • 2 pieces of patterned paper
  • Hot glue gun

Scrapbooking Attitude is cool because you can personalize it and then use an iron or laminator to bond it to fabric or paper…pretty cool!

  1. STEP 1:  Choose a design.  I chose to do the alphabet so Q could practice writing her letters.
  2. STEP 2:  Print out your design with a mirror image (there are detailed instructions in the packet of Scrapbooking Attitude), this is really easy.
  3. STEP 3:  Peel back the paper on the back of the film and lay the design down so the shiny side is facing up.
  4. STEP 4:  Insert your design into the frame.  You can also take a warm iron and adhere your paper to the scrapbook paper but I chose not to do this so I could swap out the images, but I LOVE that Scrapbooking Attitude is see-through so you can see the pattern of the paper behind it.
  5. STEP 5:  Write away.  Q was writing with it today and was so proud, SO FUN!

You can find Scrapbooking Attitude in the social media realm here:

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  1. Kirsten… you know I love this…so cute:) xoxo
    Give Q a squishy hug from me:)

  2. Is there a printable available for this?

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