Recently, while playing around with my Silhouette, I found out that the leftover part of my vinyl after using the center makes a great stencil.  I have wanted to make some new decor for my mantle and this was perfect.  Sparkly stenciled glass candle holders…

They look much better in real life than in the photos.  🙂  Also, a bright colored candle would look better behind the silver snowflake and would make it show up much better.  🙂

To make these festive candle holders, you need:

A glass candle holder. ( There are so many shapes & sizes.  I found mine at Micheals for really cheap)

A stencil of some sort.  (I used the leftover vinyl from my silhouette shape) 

Paint in the color you like

Some sort of glitter(I used these really cool little silver ball glitters, they are Martha Stewart at Micheals)


First, I attached my stencil.  The leftover vinyl worked great because it is sticky and stuck perfectly onto my candle holder.  It is also super easy to peel off.  Just make sure it is stuck on super good and every little corner is down.

Next, I painted in the  stencil with my silver paint.  I think that next time, I will use a darker color.  It didn’t show up as much as I would have liked.  🙂  After I painted it in, I sprinkled on my glitter balls.  I did it when the paint was still really wet, so that it would stick really well.

And, there you go.  Oh yeah, and wait until it is pretty dry to peel off your stencil.  I got a little too excited to see my creation and pulled mine off a little too soon.  Learning experience.  🙂


I also used the shape from my stencil and put it on another glass candle holder.  I think these would make good inexpensive gifts for neighbors or friends.

Merry Christmas!!!

♥♥♥  Jen


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  2. They look great. Will any old paint work or do you need certain paint for glass?

  3. Jen those are so dang cute. I’m gonna have to try this. I love the glitter!!

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