I love the Fourth of July!!! It is my very favorite holiday! This year the Fourth of July is extra special for our family.  My husband, who is from South Africa, became a American citizen.  Some of my kids and I got to go to his Citizenship Ceremony and it was so neat.  It really makes you grateful that we are citizens of such a great country!!!:) Here are some Fun Ideas to Celebrate the Fourth of July!

This is what my sweet Lily Pearl will be wearing to celebrate the Fourth of July. I got her this fabulous outfit and had to have a cute headband to go with it! 🙂  I got three different red, white, and blue fabrics.  I cut two stars out of each of the fabrics, then I put interfacing in the middle of the two stars and stitched around it.  I put a button in the middle of each one and hot glued them onto a stretchy headband.  I love that I get to celebrate with this chunky little one!!!:) I love stars, so I had to have some hanging from the chandelier above my dining room table.  I found the stars at Hobby Lobby and I tied some cute ribbon around the top of each star after I hung them. I really wanted to do something patriotic with my kids this year,  so we decided to write letters to the soldiers fighting for our wonderful country. I was almost in tears reading the sweet, innocent letters that my children wrote.  I think doing this really helped them to understand what the Fourth of July is really all about, and how blessed we are to have our freedom.:)  If any of you would like to have the address where we sent our letters, send me an e-mail at the Crafting Chicks and I will get it to you.

Every year my family looks forward to the fireworks. We always get there early to get a spot on the grass and the kids need something to do until they start.  So, I packed us a special little fireworks basket. I filled it with all sorts of snacks and treats.  I also put in some sparklers and some glo sticks.   I can’t wait to go this year and see the reactions of my little ones, who haven’t been yet!:) I wanted to make a holiday treat with my kids that they could all make.  We made these simple star shaped popsicles. I got star shaped icecube trays at Wal-mart and we filled them with juice.  Then we covered the trays with plastic wrap and stuck a toothpick in each star.  I was so easy and my kids loved that they were so small and easy to eat!!!:) I hope you all have a wonderful Fourth of July holiday!!!


  1. So cute Jen, and those darn kids are so darn darling!!!! The 4th is my favorite as well! We missed you at EVO you little fun chick.

  2. I love it!!! I love the fun ideas and espcially the letters to the troops. What a great idea! You cute little mama!

  3. These are all such great ideas! What fun memories your kids will have of this awesome holiday. 🙂 And writing letters to the soldiers??? You are definitely SUPERMOM.

  4. Great ideas. I like the basket and the ice cubes trays.

  5. Marni Bringhurst Says: June 29, 2010 at 9:26 pm

    I love the idea with the stars! I featured you today on my blog over at Sassy Sites. I featured your baby too! 🙂

  6. Congratulations – how exciting for your family! Great ideas, and thanks for sharing those adorable photos!

  7. I ADORE the fireworks basket. I mean truly, I might marry it. We go up to a local fireworks display every year and watch it in my Aunt’s backyard. Pretty sure this year we’re gonna have fireworks kits for everyone. They will love it. So on behalf of my crazy family….THANKS!!

    • I am SO glad you like it!!!:) Anytihing to keep the kids busy while we are waiting. Have fun at the fireworks!!!:)

  8. So, I’ve been living with CROOKED popsicle sticks…now thanks to your saran wrap idea, I’m good to go. Thanks!

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