So I have to post things when crafty things happen at our house. First of all, I have to say

Mod Podge is my new favorite friend. I used this on all these projects after hearing the raves from Jamie and Brooke. It gives a nice, smooth finish that protects the papers from all fingerprints. It also is the glue that holds the pictures

For Mother’s Day I thought I would make a Fun Little Projects for Mother’s Day by using some of the projects we started at our scrappin’ weekend for gifts, and I was really excited about the results. I love the versatility of digital scrapbooking. Sometimes I get so excited about it that I almost can’t stand it and I jump up and down and make excited, high-pitched girl noises (Jamie, Brooke, and Celeste you know what I am talking about). So here are the projects. I am horrible at naming the kits I got everything from so if you have any questions about the whereabouts of any of the elements, just leave a comment and ask.
Cousin Brooke started me on the “skinny chipboard album” and also created the template for which to scrap by. Hers was so cute, she did her family story in a nut shell. Since it was Mother’s Day, by each of our pictures I listed all the things we love about our mothers (one for my mom and one for Dave’s mom). Here it is…
this is the box I decorated with just regular scrapbooking paper. Oh and by the way, this album (the chipboard without anything on it and box) can be purchased at for $3 or maybe a little more.

and made the top 2 tags on photoshop and bought the bottom tag, and I love ribbon more than words…

This crown paper was perfect for this mother’s day delight

Now for the guts…

each board has a picture of each of of our family members on it, as you will see, even the bun in the oven…

this is the back

These are the pages…

And there you have it. Project #1

Project #2 Block Puzzle I also got this idea from my scrappin’ weekend. I changed their smaller blocks to using 1 1/2″ blocks that I purchased from Hobby Lobby (Layton) for 2.99 for 6. My favorite and most proud innovation was the 5×5 picture frame to hold the whole thing, purchased from Ben Franklin Crafts (Kaysville) for 3.50, I was pretty excited about that, a little too excited. This project takes 6 pictures at 4 1/2″ and some perfect cutting (mine was NOT perfect in the least). Then I printed a 5×5 background picture for the frame to show all the pictures featured in the puzzle.

All the parts were MOD PODGED on of course and with a little “a mother’s love” ribbon and a whole lot of love and concentration, this was finished. Our mothers were very happy and lets just say that I was taking pictures of these crafty creations, seconds before leaving to deliver them on Sunday. I’ve never seen Dave laugh and roll his eyes more (oh and be a little anxious) as I snapped these photos. Just a little sacrifice for all my lovely bloggin’ babes out there.

That’s all for now.


  1. Those are so great! I love them! Is the website different because I cannot pull up Thanks!

  2. WOW!

  3. these projects look supercute!!! i love checking out this blog and seeing all your beautiful ideas and creations. i don’t know if i’ll ever feel confident sharing any of my ideas. you guys all rock!!!

  4. what is the website for those cute boxes? doesn’t work. Thanks for all of your hard work.

  5. Is the website

  6. sorry it’s really

  7. That is out of control cute (as are all the other things I have found). I haven’t nearly done a few projects from that weekend, but not completely any. You are awesome. I am going to steal that picture frame idea when I actually get to it. K? Thanks!

  8. I LOVE IT!

  9. I just found your blog through the “grape-vine” from Tip Junkie. I’m overflowing with envy. I know, it’s bad…but still. I HAVE to make one of those CUTE chipboard card things for my Mom for mothers day! I have already ordered the chipboard part, but how in the world did you do the rest? Was in a digital scrapbook program? HELP! WOW and thanks for such a special idea!!!!

  10. I love your ideas. If you had to choose one digital scrapbooking website or software what would you recommend?

    You are amazing!

  11. i found you on tip junkie! What wonderful gifts! I will for sure be using these! thanks for being so creative and sharing your ideas!

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  13. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! I did something a little similar for my mom at Christmas. Not nearly as nice as this!

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