Don’t know if you’ve heard the news, but Google is discontinuing the Google Friend Connect for non-Blogger blogs.

What does this have to do with us? And you? Well, we started out this blog on Blogger several years ago, and many of you have been kind enough to follow us and be our friends through Google Friend Connect. But we have since switched over to WordPress. This means we are officially a “non-Blogger site.” And starting March 1 , 2012 (SOON! ACK!) all of you who are following us via Google Friend Connect will no longer receive our posts in your Blogger dashboard, and we won’t be able to get new followers using that gadget in our sidebar. In fact, I’ll be removing it from our sidebar this week. I’m not 100% sure the ramifications of it all but we are concerned and wanted our readers to be aware of the change.

This also means the same thing for any other “non-Blogger sites” you follow via GFC!

So we aren’t sure exactly what will happen but we DO KNOW how much we love and appreciate all of our readers and followers and we don’t want to lose you!!!! You are what keeps us going!

That’s why before the big deadline comes I wanted to show you some other ways you can continue to follow us here at The Crafting Chicks if/when the GFC stops working for you:

In our header there are several buttons you can use to subscribe to our posts and projects easily. You can click on our Facebook and Twitter buttons to follow us, and you can also subscribe to receive our posts by email, or subscribe to our RSS feed. When you click on the RSS button this is what will appear:

This is our feed content. See the red arrows for ways to add our website to either your favorite blog reader (I use Google Reader and that is the button the red arrow is pointing to) or to be emailed straight to your inbox. When you select the Google Reader button it will take you to this page:

Simply click on the blue Google Reader button and you will get our updates in your blog reader. This is how I follow all my favorite blogs.

Also, if you look in our sidebar and scroll down a little bit you’ll see more ways to follow us, our Feedburner button (which will also take you to that same RSS feed page that I showed above) and our Facebook page.

You can also follow us on Pinterest! We each have our own accounts that we update.






There you have it! Hopefully it makes sense, but feel free to ask us in the comments if you need any help. These are several different “following” options to choose from—but whatever you do, do it soon!  Remember as of 3/1/12 you will lose our website and probably lots of other ones if you have signed up through Google Friend Connect. We’d love to keep sharing our projects and ideas with you!


  1. Hi! I want to follow via bloglovin but the link goes to facebook, please fix it so I can keep up with the good stuff!!!

    greetings from Chile!


  2. I had heard about this happening…..thanks for the reminder. Don’t wanna miss out on following your blog…..


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