Sweet Shop Gumdrop & Game (1)
Today is NATIONAL GUMDROP DAY!!  I’ll be sharing this fun creation on STUDIO 5  at 11am MST along with a handful of other bloggers who took the same challenge to make something out of gumdrops.  SO TUNE IN!!!  This segment will also be available online after the show :).

These are the supplies I used to make the Sweet Shop Gumdrop game (to make three jars full):

  • 3 Mason Jars
  • Mason jar lids with a cutout
  • striped twine
  • 2 bags of gumdrops
  • Tags that are available on
  • hole punch
This is the easiest project.  All you do is fill the jar to the top and screw the lid on.  Then you take the twine and make about 10-15 strips of 15″ twine and tie a knot around the neck of the Mason jar.  Then you go below and print out the tags and simply use a  hole punch and small piece of twine to fasten all the tags to the knotted twine around the neck of the jar.
Instructions for the game:  It’s super simple. This game is a fun conversation piece for friends & family.  There are 7 colors of gumdrops in the jar.  Each color has a coordinating tag that when you pick a gumdrop out of the jar, you answer the questions on the tag that coordinates with that color.  This makes for a fun and “SWEET” way to snuggle up and have a fun conversation full of love & laughs.
red:  “Tell me about something about 3 things you love most….”
orange:  “Tell me about something that’s smelly…”
yellow:  “Tell me about something that made you happy today…”
green:  “Tell me about your favorite things to do outside…”
purple:  “Tell me about something that was silly today…”
black:  “Tell me about something that makes you mad…”
white:  “Tell me about a time when someone was nice to you…”


  1. Such a fun idea! Tuning in to watch all of you today 😉

  2. Kirsten, I loved this idea! So cute and you did awesome today on the show!

  3. Cute idea! Thank you.
    I think I’m going to adapt this in some way for sharing time!

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