Hello Crafting Chicks friends! My name is Kristen Duke, and though I blog mostly about my photography and how to Say NO to Auto, I am slightly obsessed with all things crafty as well.

I was pleased when the Crafting Chicks asked if I’d share an idea on here.

So I’ve had these two items for a while, and just knew they could be used for something, I just wasn’t sure what…

I took a phone pic of them and sent it to my crafty friend, Lorie at Be Different…Act Normal because I knew she’d have an idea (and because she’s AWESOME at getting back to me quickly). Immediately she said, “spray paint ’em and make them Halloween guys.” I knew spray paint would be involved orginally, but I loved the idea of making them into a pumpkin, mummy, spider, and bat. So that’s what I did…The mummy was tough because I didn’t want it to look like a snowman. I started with this situation:

Then ended up wrapping some fluffy white yarn around it. Not a whole lot of explanation goes into this craft: spray paint, googly eyes and a little paper for wings/stem.

I them plopped them on my piano next to my Haunted Houses, and voila! Hehee, there I am in the mirror…using my flash late at night…;)

Super simple! I’d love for you to come say hello on my site, Kristen Duke Photography, or even join me on facebook where I have lots of fun discussions as well as Freebie Fridays!


Thanks Kristen! These are so kooky and fun and creative! Be sure to check out Kristen’s website—one of my favorite things she did recently was her Decorating with Portraits series! So many awesome ideas for filling your home with photos of the ones you love, plus she has great photo tips! 🙂


  1. Hee hee hee. I just noticed that Kristen did my girl friend’s family photos. It’s a small world!

  2. Adorable! Thank you for sharing!

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