It is time to get ready for all of the upcoming Halloween parties for the kids!  I have 3 fun ideas for you today!

1.  Make a Jack O Lantern Game:

Halloween Jack O'Lantern

For this activity, you will need:

Orange felt

Black Felt

Green felt for leaves

Black squares to place your pumpkin on during the activity

A camera

Step one:  Cut pumpkins, leaves, face parts (eyes, mouths, & noses) out of your felt.  Just free hand it and it doesn’t have to be perfect.  Remember, felt is super easy to cut and work with.  If you need to you can draw the face parts and pumpkins on cardstock and use it as a pattern.

Step two:  Take photos of your pumpkin with different faces.  I made twelve different faces to take photos of.

Step three:  Print your photos, cut or crop the edges if you’d like, and mount on cardstock.  Then laminate.

Step four:  Play the game with your little one.  Each child gets a pumpkin and pumpkin face parts to make their jack o’ lantern.  They each take turns drawing cards and creating the face they see on the picture.  This is a fun way to teach shapes, and matching skills.

My kids LOVED this game and wanted to play it over and over!  It was a huge hit and we plan on using it during their preschool party.

2.  Don’t Eat the Jack O’ Lantern:

I am sure you have all heard of Don’t Eat Pete.  Well this is a fun Halloween spin on that game & a perfect game for those school Halloween parties!

Here is a board I made using Jack o’ lantern photos found here.

Here are the directions for “Don’t Eat Pete.”
How to Play: Place one M&M on each square of the game board. Send the first child away from the game board, then have the remaining children choose which photo will be “Pete” for the round. Have the first child come back and begin picking M&M’s from the game board. As soon as the child tries to pick “Pete” everyone yells “Don’t Eat Pete!” But for the family edition, yell out “don’t eat a and then your last name.” The child keeps all the M&M’s picked up before trying to get Pete. Refill the game board and play again with the next child. Have Fun!!! (Replace Pete with Jack o’ lantern and you can play the fun Halloween spin off)

Another huge hit with my little ones!  If you would like to make your own Jack O’ Lantern board, you can download a free template by clicking on the link below.  I finished my template off with Crystal Wilkerson’s cute SPOOKY PAPERS.

Don’t Eat a Jack O’ Lantern Template:

3.  Halloween Goodie Bag Treat Toppers:

Gather some candy, spider rings, and spooky little toys, put them together in a bag and add this cute halloween topper.  The kids will LOVE it!

Halloween Treat Topper Tags

Thanks to Crystal Wilkerson, the fabulous designer of the Spooky digi kit I used to make these toppers, you can copy and use these toppers for personal use.  Just right click on the image below, save and print.  You can check out other cute kits from Crystal here.  She also has some new adorable, easy to use templates that you can find here.



  1. Super cute ideas! My son will be all over the make a jack-o-lantern game. Thank you so much for sharing these!

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  3. Just a quick idea for those goodie bag toppers – if you are trying to conserve on printer ink, just take the image, crop it down {in picasa or something like it} to just around the main “Happy Halloween” area and then use the smaller image to print 30 to a page on regular mailing labels. You can then attach these to white cardstock.

  4. Cute, cute, Cute! Jamie, you are the best! I love that bag topper, of course. The aging on the stripes is kind of to die for! We love Don’t Eat Pete. It seems to come out in some form or another every holiday. But the Jack-O’-Lantern face game? Now that’s some sheer brilliance. We will be doing that one FOR SURE! Thanks Jamie. You rule. As always!

  5. These all turned out awesomely! I love all of these you crafty cat.

  6. I love ALL of these ideas and have already made my own Don’t Eat the Jack-o-Lantern board. Thanks for sharing!! I featured this post today:

    I love your ideas!

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  8. I really like the don’t eat the jack o lantern page!

  9. Jamie! I made the build a jack o’lantern yesterday for B. He loves it! It kept if occupied all afternoon.

  10. I made the build a jack-o-lantern and my little one loves it. We aren’t doing matching yet but she has fun just making faces. I added eyebrows too.

  11. Such cute ideas! We made just “singular” build a jack ‘o lantern. But, I love the idea of the matching game–I’m planning on doing that for next year. I featured it in my post about our project!

  12. Hi Jamie! Just stopping by to let you know that I’ve gathered some no-sew felt project in a post: and included this one. Hopefully they will help parents have more fun and meaningful time with their toddlers 🙂

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