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Do you hang up lights for the holidays?  I love driving through the neighborhood and seeing all the lights and Christmas displays. There is just something about lights at night that brings a sense of awe and wonder for me.

This year I wanted to add a little twist to the regular old lighting display so I decided to write a message to everyone that passes by.


Materials Needed:
Writing instrument (I used some dry erase crayons)
String of lights (I used 2 strings)
3M Cord Organization Clips (Appr 9 packages of the 4 packs) Command™ Brand
First things first.  You will want to clean and prep the vinyl fence area you will be using.  Follow all package instructions for this.
Take a ruler and a writing instrument and draw an outline of what you want to spell out with your lights.  You could even do a simple picture.


I used a dry erase crayon that came off pretty easy. You will also want to use your ruler to make sure your letters are evenly spaced and that the height of each letter is even as well.
Place your first 3M Cord Organization clip at the top and start stringing the lights.  I started draping the lights the way I wanted the letters to look and would place a cord organizer clip where the light cords would need to be most secure.
Once you have finished a letter, use a cord keeper to move you to the next letter.  If you get to the end of a string of lights you can tuck any extra cord into the cord organizers for out of the way keeping.
Once you get to the end of your word connect to a power source and plug it in so you can see how it all looks. I made some adjustments to my letters if something looked off to me.
I also wanted to make sure the top of my fence was nicely lit so I added the cord clips there as well.
I should mention that the adhesive is strong enough for outdoor use, so get your ideas flowing!
Wait until it starts to get dark and turn the lights on for others to enjoy!
command-brand-8 Do you have your lights up yet?  What fun ways do you add a twist to your outdoor lights?


  1. Oh my goodness, how cute!!

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