Hey there, Chickadees!  I’m Mariel, co-author of the women’s blog “Or so she says…” (found at www.oneshetwoshe.com.)  I’m a mother of 4, almost 5 (I’m scared!) I love to write, golf, learn, garden, spend time with “The Beard Man” and tots, and do anything that requires creativity.  Oh, I’m starting homeschool this year (pray for me!) and I can usually be found in sweats, no makeup, and up to my ears in laundry and dishes.  I’m guessing we have quite a bit in common 🙂 I have Ideas Up the Whazoo! “Or so she says…”

So, it’s always fun to stop by other fun blogs, like this one (darling!)…especially when they share my love for IDEAS!  Cause really, couldn’t we all use ideas!?!  “Or so she says…” is all about ideas:  parenting, marriage, recipes, crafts, activities, you name it!  It’s updated every single-dingle day by myself, Jessica, and our readers.  It’s so neat to read about some of YOUR favorite ideas and get to know y’all.

Today I wanted to give you a little idea of some of the ideas you’ll find on our site…some of our most favorite…

Learn about determining the amount of sunlight in the rooms of your house, watering plant, and what kinds of houseplants are the easiest to raise.

Overwhelmed by housework?  Jessica shares her favorite plan for organizing all of the tasks.

Why??  Because men are gross…and we love them. (Viewer discretion is advised) 🙂

One of our readers, Roberta, shares how to make these adorable wind chimes out of silverware!

Putting together a fancy-looking, yummy dessert s easier than you think!

What in the schmell does that mean?!? One of our readers, Kate, who is also a fabulous hair dresser, teaches us all about the fascinating concept of…get ready for this…NOT shampooing your hair to make it healthier!  If you must do the poo, she also recommends products that align with the concept and are great for the hair.

Seriously, this post could go on forever…we’ve got hundreds of ideas for everything under the sun.  Come on by, we would love to have you!  (A big “thank you” to the Crafting Chicks for letting me blab over here!)



  1. Thanks tons Mariel! I love your fun little blog. Thanks for stopping by ours!

  2. Jamie Bare Says: July 23, 2010 at 4:58 pm

    These are all fantastic tips! Thank you for spotlighting these on Crafting Chicks Mariel:)

  3. What a fun list of ideas!! That dessert looks divine and I’m always looking for some good cleaning advice! I’ve loved popping over to your site too, it’s amazing. Thanks for sharing today!

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