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Today I am sharing a family summer favorite dessert!  Pineapple Trifles.  They are a delicious hit in our home.  We have already made them twice this summer!  They are easy and quick and the kids can get in on the action.

Pineapple Trifle Dessert

You will need:

1. carton (a small one) heavy whipping cream (When making this I only added a small amount of powdered sugar)

2. 1 jar marshmallow cream

3. 1 can 20 oz crushed pineapple

4. 1 box cake mix (yellow, vanilla, or white)  Make cake following directions

5.  Berries, strawberries or blueberries for color and flavor

Make box cake mix following directions.  After cooled completely, cut in miniature squares and set aside in a bowl.

Make your whipping cream (add little powdered sugar), mix in the marshmallow cream and pineapple chunks

There are three layers to the mason jar trifles.

1.White cake/Vanilla cake/or Yellow cake….you choose

2.Whipped cream, marshmallow cream, & crushed pineapple (mixed together)

3.Raspberries, strawberries, or blueberries to add some color and flavor

I just took clean mason jars and layered these together.  Simple simple!  1 layer of cake squares, 1 layer of whipped cream mixture, and top with berries and repeat.

These will most likely turn out messy but that is what makes a great trifle…messy layers:)  Especially when the kids get in on the action!  What counts in that they taste deliciously dreamy.

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We made these the other night as a family and pretended we were in Hawaii…even had to get out the grass skirts and luau music!  I love fun summer treats that the kids can get involved in!  I also found the cute straw toppers at the dollar store.  They are so cute!  Flamingo, pineapple and umbrella straws…I just cut off the top of the straw to use it as decor in the trifle:)

sm trifle 4

What are some of your favorite “cool treats” this summer?


  1. I am definately gonna give this a try. Looks interesting.

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