Jamie’s Shaped Photo Frame Wall Using POPPY SEED PROJECTS frames.

I am excited to share my Shaped Photo Frame Wall with you today!  As you can tell…I LOVE photo walls.  I shared my other PHOTO WALL last month.  I love photos and love to have them displayed throughout my home…I love being surrounded by all of those great memories and reminders of my sweet family and how important they are to me.

Poppy Seed Projects has adorable shaped frames.  When Holly & Kim first added these to their shelves and their online shop, I was thrilled.  I knew I NEEDED a wall with these frames!  I love the selection….circles, rectangles, brackets, & scallops!

The first step was to paint all of the frames.  I wanted to stick with neutral for my living room but I also love the walls I am seeing with the bright pops of color!  I used white, silver and black spray paint.  I sanded in between painting for a great finish, but the frames were ready to paint when I got them.

Next, I traced each frame onto butcher paper for a shaped template.  I then began to hang up each shape and move them around into a good configuration.  I used painters tape to hold up the templates.  The next trick was to trace with a pencil at the top of the shape template…right onto the wall…which made for easy hanging.

For the first time, I used the Command damage free hanging strips.  I love these!  Brilliant.  It did cost a bit to hang up the frames (around $20 for all of the strips).  I had to use about 6 for the largest 11×14 and 4 for the smaller ones.  But totally worth it…for the ease of hanging and for saving my wall:)

Of course I added my photos to the frames before hanging….I went with all black and white photos and ones that represented some very special moments in our family.  One is of the very first photo of my twins together after birth.  I love seeing these sweet photos everyday:)

Check out Poppy Seed Projects to see their other craft kits as well!


  1. I’m so glad you blogged, this, I feel special that i got to see it in person, it is such a beautiful room, and of course I am a BIG fan of decorating with portraits!!!

  2. Love!!!! What size are your frames?

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