I have been asking my husband for a Jewelry box for just about 10 years now. I keep looking to tell him what I want and just can’t find something that is big enough for what I have, but small enough that it doesn’t take up too much room. Oh, and I want it to be cute and not grandma looking. Tall order huh?

I was flipping through Real Simple Magazine when I saw this genius DIY Jewelry Frame. I just had to make it.

Here are the supplies you need:
  • An old frame
  • cardboard or foam core
  • material in velvet or another fun fabric, or textured wallpaper (which I used, and you will need to paint and glue).
  • and straight pins.

First off I cut some cardboard to make the backing in the size of the frame. I made an 8×10 for this one, but I plan on making a larger size.

I cut the wallpaper to match the size of the cardboard and glued it down with Mod Podge. Then I painted it a fun blue to match my room.

Once it was dry, I inserted it into the frame and started placing the straight pins hanging my jewelery from those. It is super fun and I can’t wait to make a bigger one. I want to head to a thrift store to find a fun old frame.

I also thought it would be so fun to make a cute one for my girl’s rooms. This might even make a fun gift for someone. You could always give them a fun piece of jewelry hanging from it. Hint, hint for those husbands out there. 😉

Have fun and let me know what you try!


  1. great idea … I want to do something similar for my walk in closet … I have one wall that is blank and I’m trying to collect a bunch of old frames to do a large grouping of them. I was thinking of displaying my jewellery into groupings (silver, gold, etc). I’ve been looking inexpensive cork boards to use inside the frame as I thought that they would last longer and allow me to move the pins for hanging easier.

  2. I have too much jewelry for this, but it’s a wonderful idea! A friend of mine uses an old thrift store children’s dresser (made over, of course) for her pieces. I’m considering doing the same once the craft room is finished and housing my jewelry making supplies in it too! Thanks for the idea, I’ll keep this in mind for gifts.

  3. I love this idea Becky!!! I like the colors you used. I think that the idea to do one for your girls rooms is a fabulous idea, I am going to make Kylie one this weekend. All of her jewelry is stuffed in a drawer and it is a mess! Super cute!!!:)

  4. Brooke, it was fun meeting you at CBC! I posted our pic on my resurrected Persnickety Blog:)

  5. WAY STINKIN’ CUTE BECKY!!! I have wanted to make one of these since I saw it in Real Simple….so darn cute.

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