I feel like a pretty cool mom this week…and I don’t usually feel like that.  We’ve been able to do some fun things this past week including crafting together…thanks to these little boxes from Kiwi Crate!  My kids were so excited when these were delivered to our door…they wanted to open them immediately.

If you are like me, I always have the best intentions to get crafty with my kids, but it isn’t always easy to throw it all together.  Kiwi Crate makes it easy for you with their monthly project box for kids, that include creative and hands-on learning activities and crafts!  These crafts for kids come ready to go!

Each box includes a set of instructions that go along with your box and supplies.

As an educator myself, I love how the Kiwi Crate boxes integrate science, math, and arts & crafts.  I loved the little information tidbits I could talk with my kids about while they were engaged in the projects.  For example the “digging into Dinosaurs” box had cards with fun facts about dinosaurs and fossils.  It’s great to be able to sneak in knowledge while having fun!!

My 5 year olds had fun with the “colorful inspiration” box.  They loved making their own little stained glass windows and especially looking through them with their fancy blue glasses!

My little 2 year olds LOVED the dinosaur themed box.  Right now they are really into dinos!  They ran around for half the day in their dinosaur feet they made!   The pictures I took say it all!

It made me happy to see them so engaged and truly enjoying crafting together-all 4 of them!

Now for the fun news!!

Kiwi Crate would love to offer our readers a special coupon to receive 25% off their first month!  This coupon is good through the week until July 31st.

Enter this code at checkout: CC25

The code will be good for 25% off the first month (excludes sibling add-on).

You can also find Kiwi Crate on Facebook & Twitter.

Disclaimer: This crafts for kids post was brought to you by Kiwi Crate.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Thanks! I’ve seen these kits around the blog world lately and I’m excited for my daughter to try it out. It might just make a great birthday present for her. Thanks!

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