My little Kylie just turned 7 in March.  She wanted to have an all pink party.  It was so fun!!!
All of the decorations were pink.  We had pink polka-dot cupcakes and pink lemonade.  Each of the girls made a flower hair clip and we played charades and freeze dance.  My favorite part of the party was the party favors.  I put a bunch of really fun girly songs (most of them from the 80’s 🙂 on a c.d.,and made a really cute label to put on them.  I also put in a pink sparkly lip gloss.   The girls and the moms loved them!
So fun, girl parties are fabulous!!! We loved throwing Kylie’s Pink Party!


  1. This is perfect timing. I am planning a pink party for my 9 year old. I love the pink cd idea. Do you mind sharing what songs you picked. ALso what games did you play?

  2. I love all these ideas! Its all so cute! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh my goodness this is too adorable! I love all the girlyness!

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  4. Letti-
    Some of the songs were:
    -Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
    -Some Debbie Gibson songs
    -Madonnas Lucky Star & True Blue
    -Catch Me I’m Falling
    -Dancing in Heaven
    We played Charades and Freeze Dance, where you dance, and someone stops the music and you have to freeze.
    Mostly the girls just ran around squealing and acting silly!:)

  5. Super fun! What girl doesn’t just LOVE pink!

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