I’m so excited to talk about the CRAFTING CHICK’S, LAGOON, FRIGHTMARES adventure.  That was a mouthful!  We were all really excited to take all the Crafting Chicks families to Frightmares at Lagoon last Saturday.  For those of you who don’t know about Lagoon, it’s located in Farmington, Utah and it’s pretty much the place where most Utahans have spent their hot summer days growing up.  Awhile back, they added the Frightmares option and started opening on the weekends in the Fall.  What a great decision that was.  We all had a total blast!

THINGS WE LOVED RIGHT OFF THE BAT:  the darling Halloween decor, spooky and non-spooky,  the cool and crisp Fall air & getting there right when it opened at 11am so we could hop on all our favorite rides like….Wicked, Wild Mouse, Colossus, and the fun kiddy rides.  I’ve noticed that Lagoon has really added a whole slew of rides for kids and families, which is a giant plus, ’cause we go for them….right….:).

TIP:  Really, if you get there early, you really can walk on most of the rides, which is pretty much awesome.  It was so fun to see the kids’ cute little smiles on all the rides, they were pretty much lovin’ it.

CRAFTING CHICK JAMIE: “I love how they had cute “Non scary” activities for kids as well as “non scary” decor near the kiddy rides.”

These darling witches were walking around the kids area handing out candy to all the kids.  The kids loved it.  During the day, there weren’t any really scary characters wandering the streets of Lagoon, it was a bit later, that they came out of the cracks in the wall.  Ok, I just have to say something about the ride BULGY THE WHALE….we couldn’t stop laughing about the name of that ride….seriously, call me immature, but that cracks me up every time.  Brooke and I had some pretty great “bulgy the whale” faces…we’ll spare you for now.

Later in the day…..these type of spooky fellows started wandering the streets….eeeeeek!  This dude had a zipper on his face, WOW.  There was also a gargoyle that looked like it was a statue (shown below) that came to life when enough people came hear it.  The boys got a curious kick out of that.

CRAFTING CHICK BROOKE:  “One of my very favorite parts, was all the Fall colors in the trees and up on the mountain.  It was so fun to be at Lagoon with all the pretty colors everywhere, as well as crisp Fall air.”
These silly girls of ours had a total blast measuring themselves as well as posing for their photo shoot.  They played in the trees nears the ferris wheel and pretended like they were fairies.  These little turkeys has a lot of fun together.

CRAFTING CHICK JAMIE:  “We loved the “TIME WARP” performance! My kids got a huge kick out of it! That was definitely our highlight!”

Even though the spooky dudes were roaming the streets as it got dark, the kids weren’t afraid.  We were able to keep them away from the scariest ones.  All of the scariest things were in the special spook allies for adults, which SADLY, we missed out on.  If we were to do it again, we would have gone to those right when they opened at 3pm because they wouldn’t have been busy at that time.

This is one of my favorite pictures of the night!  The atmosphere was SO fun as we moved into the evening hours.  The fog machines, sweatshirts, and teen PDA (blahhhh) came out as well.  The purple hearse driven by a silver skeleton was fun.  The boys loved looking in the windows and getting spooked out.

CRAFTING CHICK NIK: “We thought Frightmares would only be about scaring but are so glad we took our little boys. They loved the kid friendly Spook-A-Boo and straw maze! No scaring but lots of fun!”

CRAFTING CHICK KIRSTEN:  “I was so impressed by the Spook-a-Boo which was a kids spook ally that wasn’t spooky at all.  They went through these little decorated rooms and were able to do a little trick-or-treating.  The mini corn maze was perfect for the little ones at night.  They even walked away with lite-up rings, glow bracelets and a fun little coloring activity.  I wasn’t expecting such fun detail for the little ones.”

These little cousins had a BLAST!  I was really expecting melt downs by this time of night (9PM) but the kids held up so well.  This is not normal for kids this age after a long day of fun, I don’t know about your kids (yours are probably perfect), but mine usually are throwing fits on the ground at this point.  We really made it out of there with only some very minor incidences and some extremely happy kids & parents.
Frightmares is open for 6 MORE DAYS!  They are open for UEA this week….THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY, & SUNDAY, as well as FRIDAY and SATURDAY of Halloween weekend.  Check their schedule HERE for more details.  Whether you have young kids, older kids, or you just want to go on a hot date, you will not be disappointed!

Please comment and tell us about YOUR favorite Lagoon/amusement park memories-past or present!




  1. Joann Brown Says: October 20, 2011 at 9:26 pm

    I’m thinking of taking my family to FrightMares tomorrow (Friday) for UEA — and I’ve been stressing about the scary factor (a few of my kiddos do NOT do scary well) — thank you so much for your review! It sounds like it could still be a really fun day — but I had heard about the scary guys coming out in the evening…. Hmm. With your review, I’m leaning toward going anyway! Thank you! 🙂

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