I’m sort of really – a lot in love with these DIY National Donut Day Medallions Ribbons! It all started with the Minute to Win It prize, and has continued through the end of school and on! I don’t know if I’ll ever get enough of them.
National Donut Day is this Friday, and I think these ribbons would make a drop-by surprise of donuts to your friends even cuter. Use with just 1 donut, or go for the whole dozen if you are feeling generous!

I really wanted to share the Super Teacher one with all of you, but as far as I could tell sharing isn’t allowed with the papers I used. So I came up with this cute one using a free kit from Shabby Princess for National Doughnut Day. Does anyone know the real spelling of doughnut/donut? I couldn’t find a definite answer so I went with donut as it fits on the tag easier!

They are so simple to put together. First, you’ll want to download the Happy Go Lucky kit if you haven’t already. And you can download the template here. I added the Super Teacher option to it too, so if the end of the year is here and you need a little something to say thanks, I’ve got you covered. Shut off the donut layer and move the Super Teacher layer into its place. Here is a great tutorial on how to use a layered template if you are unsure. The dimensions are 1.5″x11″ for the 2 wide strips and 1″x11″ for the ribbons.

Let’s litter the earth with cute medallion ribbons! (Not really litter, you know what I mean…right?)

After you have your papers inserted in the template, print it out. Fold the wider strips accordion style and glue the ends together. I used a glue gun for all of my gluing here. The thinner strips will get cut in half and notches taken out to make ribbons.

This is the tricky part–flatten out the accordion ring and glue the circle on. There was quite a large hole in the back so I cut a scrap piece of paper and glued down to cover it up. You could use a large circle punch if you want and have it handy. Then I glued the 4 “ribbons” on the back. Be sure you have these centered under the tag–you don’t want all of your work to end with some sideways ribbon action.

Wouldn’t I be your best friend if I showed up on your doorstep Friday with a donut and this cute ribbon!?!


  1. Very cute! Plus they look easy enough that I can make them 🙂

  2. CUTE CUTE!!! I think this is a great idea Nikkala!

  3. So darling and FUN fun fun! I’m new to digital scrappin’ so thanks for the darling template and adorable idea.

  4. You would totally be my best friend. Love this.

  5. My friends will be getting rosettes for everything! I’ve already made a “Birthday Boy” one and the wheels are spinning for a “Bride to Be” one for a bridal shower. Thanks for the template!

  6. Love this idea!

    Stop on by my blog and pick up the award that I passed onto you! Just save the picture and then do as I did. You girls are just great!

  7. yep, you would be my best friend! so cute and yummy!


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