I was really excited to get to try the new Ink Effects from DecoArt. Ink Effects is a new paint line for use on fabrics.  The amazing thing with this paint line is that you can paint any piece of white paper and then iron onto fabric without any crusty feel.  It is truly fun and amazing.  Where has this paint been all my life?

I had a couple ideas of what I wanted to do but I settled on making a canvas monogram for my baby girl’s room. I found a really cute font, Floral, for my letter.

I used the Ink Effects paints to add the color I wanted.  In the instructions it will tell you that the paint color will not be the same as the iron on color.  The color you iron on will be brighter, so don’t be disappointed with your color when you first paint.

Since I was painting onto cotton, I used the cotton fabric spray.  I’m just gonna warn you that this spray is very tacky and needs to dry completely before you use the iron.

So I let my canvas dry and finished my picture and let that dry.  I believe it was about 30 mins for everything.

Now for the exciting part…ironing on my picture to see what the final result would be.  Eek!

Make sure to read all instructions when ironing your Ink Effects creation.

I was so excited.  I got just the effect I wanted.  It looks like an old oil painting.  LOVE it!

Now if you are wanting to try Ink Effects, it will be avaliable at JoAnn’s soon or you can order from the DecoArt site.


This was a sponsored post from Deco Arts Ink Effects.  All opinions are my own.


  1. What a neat technique! Can just see the possibilities for all kinds of projects!

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