I can’t be the only one who struggles with finding gifts for my parents and in-laws when holidays roll around? Am I right? At least in our case, if they want it, they’ve already got it. But I have learned that gifts full of memories and their favorite faces are always a smashing success. Which is why we’re so excited to offer you all $15 to use at Paper Coterie! Just use code GIFTFAVES at checkout from now until May 14th.

They have super cute items that you can personalize with the faces Grandma absolutely adores!

Take a look at the different types of calenders ranging from $17-25.

Swatch books (which start at $15, but with the code they are free!)

Memory keepers so store little treasures in to remind you of fun things that have happened ($40). And there’s a lot of other really cute products any grandma would love for Mother’s Day. Let your imagination run wild of things you can create with Paper Coterie, and if you come up with a great idea, please come back here and share it with the rest of us!


  1. This is a wonderful gift. i can’t wait to use it! I love the “Love” poster and it will make a wonderful gift for my Mom with all of her grandchildren. Thanks you!

  2. Simply an adorable card. Love it, and thank you for the freebie!

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