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I’m really really excited to share this post with all of you today, REALLY EXCITED.  I learned how to do something that was totally out of my regular realm of whipping up things on Photoshop or sewing on my Bernina…I was able to learn how to install a FAUCET!  A new kitchen faucet, something we have needed for over a year!  Even better, I got to work with MOEN on this project.  It wasn’t hard at all and the instructions made it really easy and doable.


When it comes to great design and great functionality in the faucet department, leave up to MOEN to totally nail it.  On this particular occasion, I got to work with the  Indi Pulldown Kitchen Faucet that features:

  • Features a sleek aesthetic and clean lines (AWESOME)
  • Features Microban® antimicrobial protection and Spot ResistTM finish (AWESOME)
  • The pulldown wand features Moen’s exclusive Reflex® system and offers threewater flow settings: spray, aerated stream and pause control (LOVE THE PAUSE CONTROL)
  • Exclusively available at The Home Depot (AWESOME)

So whenever I have a project that I KNOW my dad already knows how to do, and it’s Friday (his day off), I love to have him come over and work with me.  He’s always fun to work with and he lets me do silly things like photograph him lying on my kitchen floor…CLASSIC.


HERE ARE SOME OF THE TRICKS I LEARNED ABOUT A FAUCET INSTALL:  First, the idea is that you are unhooking all the pipes and things that are related to your old tap.  To do this it’s simple and the instructions that MOEN provides are VERY GREAT!  There are just a few tricks to know.

  • Start by turning off the water lines under your sink.  There is a hot line and a cold line…simple.  When they are parallel to the pipe, the water is still flowing (picture of the lower pipe). When they are perpendicular, the water is shut off (upper pipe in the picture).  That’s good to know so you don’t flood your house.
  • ***TIP:  Lay out all the parts and make sure they are all there before you pull out your old faucet.  That would be awful to be missing a part in the middle of this project.
  • ***TIP:  I put a bowl and towel down just in case there was a little extra water that trickled out.


  • After the water is turned off, all these things shown below have to be removed.  Unscrew.  There’s also a giant screw that holds the sink column in place.  This needs to be removed as well.
  • ***TIP:  Make sure you have a light under the sink to help you see what you are working on, this makes the job even easier.  There is a tool they provide that make removing the main screw come undone, way to go MOEN.
  • ***TIP:  If you have a rug handy, which I did, lay it on the hard corner your back will rest on while you are up under your sink.  This also makes the job much more comfortable.


  • When it’s all removed, this is what the hole looks like.
  • ***TIP:  Clean on and around the hole really well so when the new faucet is in place, it can adhere and not have any problems staying in place.  Dry well.  As you can see, there was work to still be done on this hole.


  • REATTACH EVERYTHING!!!  After you get the old one out, putting the new one through is easy peasy.  Since all the parts are brand new, they fit together really easily and screw in place nicely.  Screw the column in place then reattach the 2 water lines.
  • ***TIP:  Make sure the hot water line goes to the hot and cold to the cold.  They are labeled so you can tell which is which.


  • Turn your water lines on again by switching them from the perpendicular position to the parallel position.


  • TURN ON THE WATER!!! Watch it flow nicely with a happy smile on your face.
  • ***TIP:  Before you turn on the water make sure everything is dry down there.  When you turn on the water, check check check below the sink to make sure there are NO LEAKS and that it’s STILL dry down there.  If there’s water, something isn’t connected right.  If there’s not, YOU DID IT!!!


  • HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!  Installing a faucet is one of those things that may seem tricky and complicated, but after doing it, it’s really really simple.  The whole process took a little over an hour.  THANKS MOEN!!!!


  • I LOVE IT!!!  It really changes the look of my whole kitchen and makes it feel newer.  I also love that the surface stays nice-looking.  It seems on most stainless steel, water spots collect like crazy, not this one.  It really stays looking nice throughout my day.  LOVE IT!!!


I LOVE MY INDI PULLDOWN FAUCET FROM MOEN!!  Exclusively available at The Home Depot


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